Hi, I know the feeling of travelling in flight for first time in India, even other countries I know for many its like dreams come true, well today I will share with you few top instructions that's why you will not missed anything.

There are many questions going on in your mind, so I will take few FAQ's for you with answers, so here are few bullet instructions for you.

Things you need to take care-
  1. Reach airport 1:30 hours before the departure of flight
  2. Don't carry any unwanted materials like lighter, knife etc.
  3. Don't smoke inside the flight
  4. Must carried one of your valid ID proof
  5. You must show your ticket through mobile or printout
  6. Don't carry more than 15 KG's one bag and 7 Kg's another bag, which is by default allowing baggage for more you need to contact airlines company
  7. For eating something inside the flight either pre-order or carry cash
  8. Put your phone on flight mode or switch off inside the flight
  9. Fasten your belt proper, if you don't know ask cabin crew members, in general they are helping in nature
  10. Get good camera if you are flying first time and of course try to get photo in cloud would be awesome, you can awesome get window side seat by paying little extra this facility is provided by many airlines, you can get it.
Here is one of the my photo taken while travelling-
cloud photo from flight
Most important things are here to read for first time flier-
  1. While taking off you will feel little lighter don't worried about it
  2. While flying you will feel ear pain
  3. Listen & follow instructions provided by crew members when required [Follow].
Me While Waiting for Flight Announcement in IGI T3 Delhi-
igi terminal 3

How to Get Cheap Flight Ticket-
See, dear getting cheap flight tickets there are few tips and tricks you need to follow, see if the route you will travel having more number of flights then automatically ticket price will be less but beside this there are few things definitely save you good amount of money.

Here are those tips to follow-
  1. Book your flight ticket as earlier as possible
  2. If you have account various bank then they provide cash back offer so keep your eyes open for such offer
  3. Cash back offer by various app, check all of them before booking ticket
  4. Google for special offer provided by air lines 
Start Point- Basically more information you will have regarding this more money you are going to save, I mean cheap ticket you will get.

Here are Key Benefits of Travelling Through Flight-
Of course there are many benefits of travelling by flight, but yes there are always pros and cons everything so, beside cons if you will see pros then here are those for you-
  1. Time saving [Time is everything in our life]
  2. Price is not that much if you will book earlier
  3. You can reach your destination on time
  4. Less risk then any other way to reach longer distance and so on
Here Most Frequently Asked Questions with Answers by first time flier-
Is Aadhaar card valid for domestic air travel?
yes, it is valid, actually one ID proof is required like Aadhaar card.

Is Passport required for domestic air travel in India?
No not required for Indians.

Can I travel without a passport in India?
Yes, Indians can travel without passport.

What do you do first at an airport?
Security will check your ID proof and your ticket.

Here Are Steps by Steps Process You Will Go Through in AirPort-
1. First of all you have to show your ID proof and ticket, you can show your ticket on your mobile print out is not necessary so make sure your mobile must have enough charge to show at the time of this process.
2. Its time to get boarding pass from the airlines company counter, if you unable to find out ask police people.
3. Now you need to left your check in bag you will get later on while reaching your destination they will announce in which belt you will get your bag in the flight so keep attention while coming off from flight.
4. Now you need to move to security check there you need to put everything inside the bag like wallet, mobile etc and you need to put your laptop on separate box, you will get such thing there.
5. Now you need to move to gate number where you will be board on a flight there again they will check your ticket.
6. At the end you may also ask you to show your ticket.

That's It, you have completed virtual journey of your upcoming flight.

My First Domestic Flight Journey Experience-
I travel a lot for exploring new places, people as well as for getting new experience, actually first time I got flight long back, but I will share with you what happened.

Before getting air ticket I talk to my friends who already travel couple of times in domestic flight so he told me each and everything so I will did not face any problem even I enjoy during the journey, actually while travelling first time I will capture awesome look of earth at night from flight but later I captured it, here is it and eating food in flight is awesome.

Here is it-
photo taken from flight at night time

How to Reach IGI Delhi AirPort from New Delhi Railway Station in Hindi-

Thanks for reading, have questions don't forget to ask below.