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SpiralHosting is hosting services provider, providing the following-
  • Effective Hosting
  • Reliable Hosting, as well as 
  • Secure Hosting.
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There are a lot of features that are very amazing and beneficial for you guys. So please pay heed and read my blog having keen kinterest, I am sure that it will help you a lot. Already as I have ,mentioned that this service provider is the effective, reliable and so on, you must give it a try.

In this blog you will get many important information that will help you a lot to know about this very service provider. Here I am listing all the topics that I will discuss here in this article.

Spiral Hosting is one of the best service provider having different amazing features unlike others in the hosting industry.If you are looking for one of the cheap as well as reliable hosting service provider company then there no doubt dear that Spiral Hosting will be cent percent best suited for all of you.

In this article I will mention all the reasons why it is more preferable company as compared to that of others. In this blog I am going to discuss all the important products and plans that are being offered to people.

Here Things I Am Going To Share Here About Spiral Hosting 

Well here is the first section and I am going to list the names of the topics, many readers of this blog might be interested to know that what they are going to know about this service provider that is Spiral Hosting.
That is why for this very purpose I am going to mention this very section firstly so that there will be no any confusions regarding these issues, and thus you can go for the topics you are looking without having any waste of time.
  1. About Spiral Hosting 
  2. 13 things you must know about Spiral Hosting
  3. Best thing about Spiral Hosting
  4. Product and Prices of Spiral Hosting
  5. What people are talking about Spiral Hosting

About Spiral Hosting

Spiral Hosting, The Business Partner

Spiral Hosting, as a matter of fact, was established in 2006. This is an Irish Company. They are having data centers across the globe including the data centers in the UK, Ireland, France, USA, Canada, Singapore & Australia thus there a hosting company with a global presence.

Their experience started back in 1998 as the worldwide web began to flood into homes and companies began to see the advantages of having an online presence. With this extensive knowledge of the developing world of web hosting, they in real know their stuff. Also the thing includes their company has grown considerably over the years into a global brand recognized for its dedicated, friendly service and ease of use.

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Reputation of this very hosting company that is Spiral Hosting for customer service is at the forefront of their business worldwide. As a factual thing they are constantly redeveloping and re-investing in their future to help their clients develop their future too, this is really amazing for their customers. Also they know what to expect when it comes to web hosting and you will be glad to know that they promise they will strive to deliver these expectations every day.

Mission of Spiral Hosting 

They operate by the mantra ‘going the extra mile.’ Their technicians have a wide range of talents and are knowledgeable on a range of different technical issues. They want to point you in the right direction to get your issue resolved.

That means going above and beyond what hosting companies normally offer support in and finding the answer for you. They agree that policies and regulations must be adhered to, especially in the world of the web,  but if you need support with a particular part of your site, They will research also in order to help give you the answer. Truly speaking they see ourselves as partners in the decision making. Business partners for life.

Why only Spiral Hosting 

Support Service- 

Friendly, helpful advice from their professional human, here you will get  24/7 technical team, via live chat and support tickets.

Global Locations-

Spiral Hosting currently host in eight locations across the globe and will continue to expand their datacentres to more areas.

Great Value Domains-

They are offering hundreds of local, international and downright peculiar domain extensions, with regular promotions throughout the year.

cPanel partnel-

They i.e Spiral Hostng are partnered with cPanel to offer you the best in web hosting control panel systems, easy to use and packed with various exciting features.

13 things you must know about Spiral Hosting

Well if you want to know about this hosting company in a very short interval of time then this section will be more helpful for this very purpose. Well till now we have discussed about only some of the details about the effective as well as reliable service provider none other than that of the Spiral Hosting.

Here, I am going to share some of the key thirteen points about SpiralHosting. If you want to know the fact then it will be interesting to know that there are lot of important and amazing things that makes this service provider a unique in their own.

When I think about to write about the main 13 things, at that time I was in dilemma. I was a little bit confused over this issue. I came to know many amazing facts about this service provider that I got really impressed, also guys and girls if you are looking for this company and want to know about this company in a very short interval of time then this section would be the most appropriate one for you all.
After doing a lot of researches about Spiral Hosting I am here with you the best and the cheapest as well as reliable Host.. In the very starting I am not really interested to write this very blog. Later I got fully blown due to their extremely unique as well as beneficial features. When I started this section I got many more points, even more than 13 things about Spiral Hosting. Let us get started-
  1. Spiral Hosting provides effective and secure hosting to their customers. 
  2. Their mission is to provide effective, reliable as well as secure hosting with the right products and services in order to improve and enhance your hosting environment. 
  3. Also Spiral Hosting strive to give fast, secure domain registrations thus making it simple and easier to get your presence online sooner and offer a wide range of SSL Certificates to keep your website secure.
  4. The main important thing is that they i.e Spiral Hosting concentrate on their clients, this is really great for the guys who are their clients. 
  5. They guarantee that their team will do everything they can to ensure Spiral Hosting gives you the best service. 
  6. They are providing their clients the wide range of quality products. 
  7. Spiral is having currently eight data centre locations across the globe and are constantly expanding. This is all because of the reason that people are getting interested and thus they are satisfied as well. 
  8. They are also providing you 30 day money back guarantee. 
  9. They use the award winning cPanel control panel interface on all their shared servers. cPanel is the ultimate hosting platform providing security, functionality, and flexibility to your web hosting account.
  10. There includes techincal skills with friendly staffs. This is really one of the thing, many of searching for, as to enjoy best support. 
  11. Here you will get superior support facilities, as they are providing client-focused support with staff across the globe from Ireland to Australia. They are one of the few Irish companies to provide truly round the clock support 365 days a year.
  12. Their pricing is always extremely competetive. 
  13. You will get to enjoy 99.9 uptime guarantee.  

Best Thing About Spiral Hosting 

Well in this section I am going to discuss with you about the best thing of the most effective hosting service provider Spiral Hosting. I have mentioned many important points in the previous section, similarly here the only best thing about the very hosting company.

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As far as the opinion of mine is concern the best thing about this company is the to provide effective, reliable and secure hosting with the right products and services to improve and enhance your hosting environment.

They strive to give fast, secure domain registrations making it easier to get your presence online sooner and offer a wide range of SSL Certificates to keep your website secure.

Products and Prices of Spiral Hosting 

Web Hosting by Spiral Hosting 

Spiral Hosting' Web Hosting plans offer the best in optimiszed and secure servers with a great selection of plans to suit the needs of clients. Also They range from smaller shared hosting plans for a single business/organisation, to enterprise plans for businesses and this specializing in e-commerce, forums, news and media intensive sites. As a matter of fact Spiral Hosting offer an incredible range of white-label Reseller plans to fit the needs of their clients.

Shared Hosting 

  1. Really amazing for a personal blog, a small development site or for start-up entrepreneurs who need an online presence while their business grows.
  2. All plans include cPanel which is the world's leading hosting control panel.
  3. 1 free domain registration, and
  4. A basic SSL certificate for your website.
Shared, Hosting, Plans, Spiral Hosting

Enterprise Hosting 

This hosting service is built for business, and these plans provide incredible performance on premium cloud server infrastructure. E-commerce businesses, magazines and forums will benefit from optimised resources, and super-fast SSD disk storage, therefore providing a clear boost to website speed as well as performance.

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Also their cloud server guarantee - never more than 10 clients per server. This proves that Spiral Hosting is a truely reliable hosting plan for your business.
Enterprise Hosting, Spiral Hosting

Reseller Hosting 

Now here is Reseller Hosting by Spiral Hosting-
  • This inlcudes incredible customization options and the ability to cater for a wide range of clients, these plans are built for web developers, designers and IT consultants who want to host and support their own clients directly. 
  • Spiral Hosting offer the world's leading web hosting control panel software cPanel.
  • Spiral hosting solutions are white-label; there's no branding and you all are free to create your own hosting plan specifications and set your own pricing. 
  • Their competitive pricing make reselling a profitable business opportunity.
Reseller, Spiral Hosting

Here is the screenshot of the another plan of Reseller Hosting-
Reseller, Hosting, Plans.

What People are Talking About Spiral Hosting 

This is the section many of you may be looking for, this is the reason as many of us get confirmed and thus relaxed after listening the good things about any products, so here is what I am sharing with you. As a matter of fact people are really happy with Spiral Hosting.
People are satisfied with the products and the prices of the Spiral Hosting and the following features of the Spiral Hosting-
  1. People are enjoying the support service of Spiral Hosting as there is superior supports services, they are providing client-focused support with staff across the globe from Ireland to Australia. They are one of the few Irish companies to provide truly round the clock support 365 days a year. 
  2. Client satisfaction is their top priority, and that is the reason many of their clients happily recommend Spiral Hosting to their friends and work colleagues.
  3. Spiral Hosting build relationships with their clients as their businesses expand and they listen and learn from you too. 91% of clients feel Spiral Hosting have been ‘very responsive’ or ‘extremely responsive’ to their needs (Dev Survey 2014).