I (Ujjwal Kumar Sen: A blogger & affiliate maketer) am sure you are doing awesome today, why not because you wanted to attend one of the BIG shout internet marketing event that is India Affiliate Summit Gurugram 2018 in short IAS2018.

So, I am sure many of you are in hurry to get free passes & may be discount promo codes, so first let me share with you information for getting free passes.

How to Get Free Passes for India Affiliate Summit 2018-
There is nothing to do for getting free passes (Affiliate Street Pass), just you need to fill the form which is attached below we will get back to you with our feedback regarding free passes.

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How to Get Discount on India Affiliate Summit 2018 Pass-
We all love discounts right so, here I am going to share with coupon codes for getting discount that's you can save money and spend on desired things.

Yeah, here are coupon codes: IAS201118 for getting 20% discount, grab your seat before it will grab by someone else.
India Affiliate Summit Gurugram 2018, free passes, coupon codes

Let's Talk About This Event-
There is no doubt that this is one of the shouted and viral event of the season, so why not to attend, actually the purpose of writing this article to help you guys. Just keep reading!

Why You Need to Attend Digital Conferences- Actually, when I have started blogging back then in 2010, there was no such event in our country but now a day it is just opposite but this one is unique, so I did not habituate of attending such events till I did not attend YouTube Happy Hour, Delhi. There I figured out benefits of attending such conference till then I never stop attending such event.

Since, last 6 months. I have attended more than 12 conferences learnt lot of things. So, here I found key benefits to attend such seminars-
  1. Networking [Key asset]: Contacts.
  2. Boost up in your thinking
  3. New ideas
  4. What is trending? You will come to know.
  5. Fun & Enjoyment.
Well, IAS started in 2015, since then they achieved amazing attentions from the great community, this is sure IAS 2018 will be great.

What If You are Completely New to Digital Marketing World-
See digital marketing world is huge still there are many things needed to be unveil but yes I will share with you some basic information about affiliate marketing and why should you attend this event.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Basically, its a way to earn money & increase sales too. How?

Suppose that you are a product owner & you wanted to increase sales of your product. So, you will give commission to people those will bring sales for you, and this whole process will be done automatic, I mean even while sleeping you can make money.

Why you should attend this event?

Speakers of India Affiliate Summit 2018-
Yeah, after networking the best way to learn from speakers, so here I am going to share with all speakers of this coming event.

Yeah, I have to tell you there are lot of speakers you will have in this event, I know you wanted to see their face, profession oh I forgot you also wanted to know their name right, so here you go the screen shot is given below.
speakers, ias2018, affiliate marketers
Schedule of India Affiliate Summit 2018-
This is a event, which will be held for two days in the month of October, 2018 (11th & 12th October)., I have screen shots of both days event below.

Schedule for 11th October, 2018
IAS Schedule for 11th October, 2018
Schedule for 12th October, 2018
IAS Schedule for 12th October, 2018

How to Reach & Location of IAS2018
Reaching this place is super easy, you can use GPS for better tracking or you can get CAB from where you are coming, but if you are coming from outside Delhi then have little more time in hand that's why you can reach on time so that you will not miss any great session, here is the screen shot of the map.
How to Reach & Location of IAS2018

Few Amazing Words-
I know you need to invest time & money for attending this event, but did you think on this, what you are going to learn? Which will be life time may be it can give boost up direction to your future.

You can also get free pass for this event, you must apply for this click here. I will announce name of winners on this page only.

What do you think about this event do comment below?