There have been very many technological advancements when it comes to gaming. You cannot really compare the kind of technology available now and the kind that was there 10 years ago. If you have been following these trends very well you will find out that so much has happened.
Some of these changes especially in the gaming world are on virtual reality. There has been multiple gadgets and systems developed to offer gamers and other people better experience in the entertainment sector. One of them is the HTC Vive headset.

What is HTC Vive Headset?
The HTC Vive headset as the name suggests is a virtual reality headset that is made by the HTC and Valve Corporation. This can be considered the latest technology in the virtual reality world providing enough and most amazing experience.

This type of headset makes use of “room scale” technology that is used in tracking moves in the 3D space. They also use controllers which are handheld and motion-tracked to enable them interact with the environment.

The HTC Vive headset has been used by millions of people as a result of its great performance.

HTC Vive Headset Accessories
Vive headset is created to compete in the market with other gadgets in its category by offering better services. As a result, there are other accessories that come with the HTC Vive to make sure you get maximum experience.

The headset itself is made with the following features.
      A very fast refresh time of 90Hz
      Up to 110-degree field of view
      It is fitted with high quality 2 OLED panels. There is one on each eye and comes with a resolution of 1080*1200 pixels
      To ensure safety of the user, the headset has a front camera that is designed to allow the user see the surrounding without taking off the headset. Through this camera, you can be able to see objects in the room and avoid them.
      In addition, the HTC Vive headset makes use of the “Chaperone” technology. This is where the system is able to automatically create a virtual wall which acts as a barrier to guard the users from real obstacles in the room.
      The inside of the headset itself is made up of several high-quality sensors that play a very important role in detecting important pulses when in operation.

HTC Vive and Games
If you are a gaming lover, then this is the type of gadget that you should be seriously looking for. If you have used the headset you will agree with me that it is made for the gamers. The best experience you can ever imagine in the virtual reality comes from using this type of headset.

To look at 2016, over 107 games were coming in the virtual reality format.

You can also expect a 3 AAA VR IPs from this same company.

To help gamers experience gaming in the best way possible and from one source without thinking about other gadgets, the company has developed a program called Revive. This is a system that is allowing Oculus Rift games to be played in the HTC Vive.

Why Is HTC Vive Better than Oculus Rift

You will only get the HTC Vive if you really understand how good it is. To help you understand the best qualities of HTC Vive, then you need to know why it is better than its rival Oculus rift.  

1. Design and Comfort
Although both of these headsets are designed to bring you to a very comfortable virtual world, they have some notable differences. Both the HTC Vive and the Oculus are made with good face padding and lightweight construction to give you better entertainment.
However, the HTC Vive is better with 37 sensors that allow you to have safe and high-speed functionality.

2. Hardware
One thing that stands out for the HTC Vive when it comes to the hardware is its camera. Unlike the Oculus, the HTC Vive takes safety to another level by using Chaperone safety system. This ensures that you can avoid interruption from objects in the room.

The camera can enable you see such objects and even create virtual wall through the Chaperone system to keep you safe.

3. HTC Vive Wireless Adapter
TPCAST is another very unique feature or you can call it accessory that will provide all HTC Vive with better and much more amazing experience. It is a feature that also makes HTC Vive better than Oculus as it allows wireless connection.

The HTC adapter makes use of Intel’s WiGig technology. This type of technology will operate in 60Ghz band. This will help in avoiding any interferences and prevent low latency.

Through the wireless adapter system, TPCAST allows gamers to enjoy HTC Vive without any problems as you have seen in many systems using HDMI cables.