Hi, I am really happy to share with you that I have cross over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube so today I will share with you secret sauce of it in very simple way that's why you can also implement and become a good YouTuber.

Well, becoming YouTuber is easy just need gmail address that's it, but becoming popular Youtuber is difficult because again it requires lot of things like-
  1. Patience
  2. Planning
  3. Understanding your audience
  4. Branding
  5. Continuous improvement & work and so on
But, unfortunately there are only few successful Youtuber in the world I mean those are making REAL MONEY. I mean earning more than 1 lac per month in India only in numbers.

Even I am not making that's much money from YouTube, to be frank I earned less than 10% of total income from YouTube, but still I feel this is a good way to be in the market and of course making passive income.

Well I am planning to start another YouTube channel, actually I have started but did not worked yet only one video uploaded but I will upload more and more videos related to blogging [if you wanted to start blog with WordPress then you can go with a hosting service, even I am giving 50% discount on this here you go IOZoom Coupon 2019], digital world and of course some other videos.

Because my this channel related to Mechanical Engineering, today I am really happy to say only for GATE Mechanical we are on the top in India, to be straight forward I have started mechanical engineering because of my students they were far away from me so they requested me to create video on this.

So, I have started and today its going good, now there are thousands those directly connected with me and of course there are more than 5 million views already crossed so that is a good achievement right.

What you think let me know?

Actually, I know I am working on a very narrow niche but still I am happy because if someone searching for mechanical video lectures then definitely that student watch my video, so this is the reason I am really happy because I am helping others too.

Here are Top 9 Tips for You to Become Successful YouTuber-
  1. Find Topic to Create Videos- Simply ask your friends on Facebook or even directly to know their problems and solve them through your videos.
  2. Learn Basic SEO- This is completely missing by many YouTubers
  3. Add Thumbnail- This is amazing way to increase CTR (Click Through Rate)
  4. Create Play List- Will definitely help you to your readers, thus to you
  5. Engage Audience- Always try to engage with audience ask them to comment, like and share, of course thank you them for watching your videos.
  6. Be Unique & Yourself- This is what you need to be?
  7. Listen to Audience- Always try to figure out what your audience looking for.
  8. Create WhatsApp Group & Facebook Group- Personally, I have lot of groups in different category and I am loving them a lot.
  9. Learn Any Software for Editing
Hope it will help.