Search Engine Ranking Effects on Loading Speed of Your Blog
Today, I am going to share with you one more factors in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), as I have stated above "Does Search Engine Ranking Effects on Loading Speed of Your Blog", now straight come the point, many blogs having simple templates as well as heavy templates, it is obvious those blogs having simple templates their blog loading time is faster, but those blogs having too much plugins and many advertisements as well as images in blog then those blog loading time is more.

But here is the effect for search engine ranking point of view- the percentage of effect is only 1%, so always suggest to get good web hosting, you will have chance to get coupon for discount also IOZOOM Promo code

But, it is still matter a lot, suppose you are getting 1 million visitors so it will effect 10,000 and that is not less right.

Yes, but even then I will suggest you to use simple blog templates in your blog, even I am designing my blog templates as simple as possible, people like always simple templates and easy to load, because there are many countries there internet speed is not fast like USA, Canada, Germany.

Well, the main effect is really difficult to know

Here are few things you can do to decrease loading time of your blog-

#1) Number of Blog Posts on Your Blog Home Page

This is one of the best way to decrease your blog loading time, decrease number of posts you are showing on your blog home page, that's it, simple.

Probably you are thinking, how many posts you should show on your blog home page, that's why your  blog readers even not effected for that then I will suggest you to show 4 to 5 blog posts on your blog home page.

Few things to avoid-
  1. Don't put third party ads on home page.
  2. Use simple footer products promotion, great way to get conversion.

#2) Quality of the Image in Your Blog Posts

See, if you are going to use high quality images of your blog posts then again your blog post loading time will decrease even sometimes it will not load, the image will be break again it's negative impact on users, think about this before going to add large high quality image on your blog.

Just use simple image size range from 100 KB to 250 KB enough for attracting visitors!
  • Don't use blurred images
  • You can use image URL for fast loading, I mean host image somewhere else and put URL it will be better for fast loading of the page.

#3) Don't Use Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins are really eat almost all bandwidth of your internet connections to load on the web page, so don't use unnecessary plugins on your blog to make your blog load faster.

Simple use plugins those are most useful for your blog readers to discover your blog better like most popular blog posts!

Few plugins are necessary like-
  1. SEO Plugin- This is important for you blog point of view, keep it up.
  2. Email Capturing- This is also important to get e-mail addresses
  3. Social Sharing Plugin- This is also important for traffic from social media, all internet property means blogs, news websites, even social media apps websites using this trick to get traffic on their platform.
  4. Special Promotion Plugin- If you wanted to promote any product then even this is good.

#4) Don't Use Too Much Advertisements on Your Blog

This is also one of the factor, which increase loading time of your blog, here is the most simple reason for this, because whenever you will show more advertisements on your blog it will take more time to load again which will increase load time, to decrease load time use less advertisements on your blog.
  • Avoid too much pop ads
  • See CTR of the ads placement and focus on those areas only where you are getting more CTR other areas you need to avoid it will help you in long run.
  • Try to use Google Adsense, CPA and affiliate networks [From these only, I have eared over $60,000]
Bonus SEO Tips-
If you wanted to outrank your competitors even your current ranking then you need to focus on your user experience, means how much time they are spending on your blog than your competitors, this is the way to outrank your competitors and keep on the top position always.

Search Engine Optimization is really needed in this competitive world to get your blog post probably on the top of the search engine results.

But even then you can not guaranteed about your blog posts ranking on search engines, but I want to give you only one suggestions regarding this, that is write useful contents for your blog readers.