Blogging is the great way to make money online and enjoy the life tension free, in my last blog post I talk about Increasing Earning from Blog even I always thanks to Pyra Labs (Started Blogger Platform) for providing us a great platform, in this article I will tell you best possible PPC(Pay Per Click) Ads networks for Indian Traffic Blog Publishers to increase revenue of your blog.

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Updated 2023-
Hello, my dear I hope you are doing well.

I want to tell you something dear, see trying all these networks will not that much helpful buy yes I will recommend you to use only four ads networks those works for me, I hope those networks will work for you also.

Yes, it is true that Google Adsense is still the best ads networks for bloggers to make money, because of this there are many big blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, Yahoo and there are many big publishers (those having million's of visitors even more every day) those are still using this ads networks.

So, lets get started with Alternatives, those these ads network even I made good money.

First Ads Network I Have Earned About $1200-

Well, for any new blogger, I will show this much earning then it is obvious that they will become crazy to use this ads networks, let me share with you a small success story one of my blog readers who was worrying earning of his blog.

Because his blog getting very good traffic but even then he unable to earn good revenue from ads networks, then I recommend to use this ads networks and now a days he is earning very awesome earning about $50 per day. Is not that GREAT

So, what are you waiting, it's your turn-

Second Ads Networks I Earn About $500 & Its Your Time-

Biggest Bidvertiser payment Proof in India

The name of this ads networks is Bidvertiser, well my first online earning from Bidvertiser that's why I really thankful to this ads network, just amazing networks because it paid for conversion rate also and approval rate is very fast.

Third Ads Networks Which is Just Amazing-

My third recommend networks is Infolinks, which is just really awesome, I am recommending you this networks because of my friends who is using this ads networks and making lot of money. The most important thing is that he is using this ads networks with Google Adsense and earning extra $1000's of dollars.

Fourth Recommended Ads Networks-

I am recommending this ads networks because of my friends, I have used this ads networks and I have earn very good revenue, when I was needed.

Actually it was about two years ago in that time I needed money and I wanted to earn quick money and Chitika really help me in that time and of course its click through rate just awesome.

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Bonus Tips to Earn Money Online-
Here, I am going to share with you few pro tips, those will help you to get success in blogging, see in blogging you need to find out the best one, I mean you need to learn basics and then keep trying and implementing to find out the best.

Okay, here are few pro tips to get success-
  • You need to try affiliate marketing for BIG money [Why- So far I have earned about $55000, even there are they are making over $100,000 per month, is not that GREAT then why not to try].
  • Think of your own digital product [For creating digital products its cost is almost nothing but getting sales and scaling is amazing].
  • Have patience and have a vision for your blog [If you have patience then you can get anything in life, I know sometimes taking quick decision may be fruitful but having patience making that decision always fruitful].
  • Always think long term passive earning source [Start blog as a long run business so that you can have passive income].
I think PPC networks are great for small publishers as well as for big publishers, but if you are thinking about making money from advertising networks then you must know about highest paying networks.

Even always you are not going to get approval for every advertisement network because increase in number of applications from bloggers as well as website owners in 2019.

But don't worry I will tell you best PPC networks, among of those networks definitely one of them will accept your applications, so here are those advertising networks for your blog, that's why you can make more money from your blog.

1)- Google Adsense PPC Networks for Indian Bloggers

Every one said that Google Adsense is best to make more money from blog, here I want to ask you only and only question why Google Adsense is best?

May be you are thinking because they paid better right, okay that's true, but the real fact is they paid better than others, even USA, UK, Australia traffic(Simply you can say English speaking countries) too, which no one will pay you. Even for Indian traffic it is a good network.

Well, let me tell you, I have been using Google Adsense for long time now I have earned about $8000 from this ads network, that is why I am recommending you.

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2)- Affinity New But Good PPC Networks

I think this is the most rising network as I have analyse, but for getting approval from this advertisement network you must have good volume of visitors but revenue is quiet good that is sure.

They provide number of tools, specially I like their footer one for more CTR(Click Through Rate) and also better cost per click.

3)- Tribalfusion The Best PPC But Not for Small Publishers

Tribalfusion is using many popular bloggers even websites owner to make money from their blog or website, definitely there are some reasons right, so you can also do the same but this advertisement network also prefer for good volume of visitors.

4)- CPXinteractive- Good PPC Network

This advertising network is good, but you must have good traffic from US, UK to make more money from your blog or website.

5)- Qadabra- Best Way to Make 1$ from PPC Network

Qadabra is also a rising advertising network for high CTR(Click Through Rate) and one more amazing thing about this advertising network is their lowest pay out is $1 only.

Then it is really good for small publishers, I think this is the lowest level payout in the advertising industry.

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6)- Obeus You Try This PPC Network

This is a amazing network for high payout even I found this network recently, if you wanna make good money from blog and you have good quality traffic then I will highly recommend you to try this advertising network at least once!!

7)- Bidvertiser Fast Approval Process PPC Network

I have been using Bidvertiser since last one year, this is good advertisement network to make money online, specially their approval process is quiet fast and also I got paid about .03 to 1.4$ per click.

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8)- Adknowledge Hidden But Impressive PPC Network

Adknowledge is affiliates best choice advertising network, then definitely you can imagine that people are using this network to make money.

You can also choose this network to make money, one special thing about this advertising network is their user engagement widget, you must try this widget for your blog because it will increase your revenue and also page views.

9)- CPMfun- Good PPC for Entertainment Blog 

CPMfun is a entertaining advertising network, specially if you are a entertaining blogger then you must try, at least once and see the difference in earning.

10)- Chitika- Best CTR PPC Network for Publishers

Chitika is really good advertisement network and it works well with even Google Adsense and in US its revenue is near about same as Google Adsense but outside US like India there is difference even then it's good.

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To make money online right selection of advertisement is important, according to me try for getting approval from Google Adsense, that's why you can make good money from blogging.

See, sometimes changing placement of ads on your blog can change revenue of your blog, believe this and start trying this and see increase in revenue.

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Keep blogging, automatically right things come to you!