Make Earn Online in India Without Investment
Today, I come to know how much people are searching about "how to make money online in India" (students, jobs people, house wife) that's why I am going to write ultimate tips to get jobs online in India, actually those tips and tricks I am going to share with you, any one can use it does not matter you're from which states of India.

If you're not Indian even then, you can read this whole article, you will definitely going to get idea and step by step guide to make money online, which is even better than Any Online Job".

Actually, I'm going to introduce to you, yes to you, about really business online!

It is much and much better than online or even any kind of office work, does not matter, which post you are going to get.

Here, you are The Boss!

But, you've to in discipline and committed to your work, because no one is going to tell you, that you have to do work for your business.

So, here are those tips to get online jobs India or even you are from any other country.

I have divided those jobs into two broad categories-

Online Jobs in India for Pocket Money

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These are good apps you can earn real money, I have earned some money from their programs but this is just pocket money.
I wanted to give an idea to earn lot of money online, one of them is blogging, which I have discussion in this article but which is required more knowledge to get success and little more patience level.
But, there is another method for earning good money consistently, which is like passive income that YouTube.
Well, I have been doing this from last few years and earning definite passive income every year and most important thing is that which is growing like charm.
I have more than 132,000 subscribers ( as of now, as I am writing this article. just I will suggest you to start with your idea I mean start creating videos in which you have interest to get quick success, just shared what you have experienced in life.
Just give 3 months and create 30 quality videos you will see result that is for sure, invest time to create quality videos, if you have any problem for doing this you can contact me on

1. Get Paid for Doing Small Jobs

It is like but there is difference, that is you can make more money from Microworkers by doing small jobs.

But this website will not offer to earn money by reading emails, but of course this website offer you to earn money by doing small jobs like Sign Up, Liking on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Writing on Blogs.
Specially, if you have a blog then you can earn very good money but your blog must have domain name, then the offer would be valid, actually each work is different, because they paid pretty much better those above jobs.

They paid around 1 to 3 $ writing per article, later I'll discuss more about it, so don't worry.

Yes so, don't worry be Happy.

This is also a legit network they paid through check as well as wire transfer through Paypal, I used Paypal to get payment, because all payments are made by US dollars. So, I think Paypal is the best possible way to get withdrawn your Dollars currency according to your own desire currency directly to your Bank account.

Which will really surprise you, when you will get payment through Paypal to your bank account, but you need to have PAN card number to get paid through Paypal.

Well , by the way that is different matter, right.

I'm telling you all these because I know, microworkers will really let you make earn good amount of money.

But you need to be dedicated, you have to give time, to do jobs provided by them
Well, I don't recommend you to do it.

Reason is this is not like any job, nothing else, even you are not going to make 200$ per month.

Then what's the use of it.

If you are willing to make earn about 20$ to 40$(about 2400 INR) per month then these ways are good to earn money.

But, beware of many scam programs available out there in the market, they promise you to give you system which will make you lot of money, but at the end you will loose your confident about making money online, you will loose money even you will loose your precise time.

I don't want any one loose these three precious things.

So, I came here with the solution for you, which worked for me, I have earned money from these programs but later I left using these programs because I wanted to make more money, that's why I switch to the next step to make money, which way I'll also share with you, but in the next sections.

Well come to the main point which will really make you money.

Actually there are two ways to make money those are best possible ways to earn money specially those are Indians.

What Bonus from

They will give you 1$ for signup with Microworkers, they have recently introduced jobs tab, that is also good to earn good amount of money. [Read Microworkers Review]

Conclusion about these two online jobs on Paisalive and Microworkers-

Hopefully above two ways are very clear to you, like what are these websites, these are legit websites, those really pay and of course any one can earn money from these websites.

Even then I know there would be many questions arising right now!

May be???

Then no need to worry about it, just give comments below or you can connect with me on socials medias.

I'm always there for you, to help you, to make you real money online.

And of course for free!

Now my dear big moment, in the next section, what I am going to share with you the way, which is the best way.

Although that way is not for every one, because need hard work but of course money is there.

That is true.

"Because more hard to achieve any thing, more value is that thing" Remember It

Microworker's payment proof it here-

Microworkers Payment Proof 2015

Online Jobs in India for Big Business Unbelievable

It's Blogging.

Actually there are still million of blogs out there, but every one is not making money, just like every one can not become IAS(Indian Administrative Officer), although, there are still more than million graduates.

I don't want to demoralize you at all!

But, it is the my way to tell others the concept, the truth, that's why you'll not be in dreams to become rich with out doing work!

So, let me tell you more about blogging.

May be you know what is blogging?

But this is also possible that you don't know, because I don't know about you, but I'll let know about it, if you'll give me a chance.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the way to share your thought with others in the earlier days it is known by "Weblog", but as time gone people changed it's name to blogging.

That's it.

So, there are many blogging platforms out there, but among all those only two platforms are famous in the world, those are-
  • Wordpress- Need to invest money. and for amazing hosting you get discount of 50% for IoZoom Coupon Code.
So, as a beginner start blogging with free one, even there are many famous bloggers are using Blogger, by the way let me tell you the about the founder of blogger, who is also co-founder of Twitter he is "Evan Williams", actually blogger is first introduced by Pyra Lab.

But later on 2004 search engine giant Google acquired blogger, like Youtube.

But, there is nothing to do with that!

You need to learn blogging, if you're really interest to earn unbelievable money online, but it will take time as well as hard work, because there is competition.

That's why even you have chance to get out of the crowd and to give an unique identity in the internet.

See, this is true, if any topic having competition that means there are people those wanted to learn something in the internet, but there're many to provide tips and earn commission through Advertising program, affiliate marketing etc.

May be these words are going over your mind, but no need to worry, whenever you read anything new it happens, even it happened with me.

So, come to the main point.

Actually, I'm going to give the real source to make money online from blogging, if you are interested then only.

If not interested then you can try other methods.

Don't worry it's free, but before you will go there then let me give few bonus tips those newbies need to know and of course not repeat mistakes those mistakes I did.

Okay I think you are ready to know those tips-

Don't read beyond this point- You should keep reading this page tomorrow.

I know the big question going on your mind, why?

Because no one can become knowledgeable person in a day, it's take long time, this the first mistake every beginner bloggers do.

They try hard for at most 4 weeks then quit.

Reason is blogging can not give you success in a day, it will take time at least 5 to 6 months, so if you're reading this article even I told you to not to read today, then close this page right now and keep reading this page tomorrow.

Hey, Thanks For coming to this page once again- Here I'm going to give you those short as well as important tips about blogging.

First Create Your Blog on Blogger(Click Here)- To create a blog you need only Gmail address that's it.

Then you can create your blog.

First Learn Simple SEO Tips-

The Big mistakes every blogger did, they start blogging without learning SEO, that's they unable to get traffic from search engines.

which is also known as organic traffic and one universal true is now a days in the beginning of blogging only search engines help you to get traffic, because without traffic you can not make money, that's why about 70% bloggers failed in blogging.

Read- The Complete SEO Tips for Blog

Choose Topic for Your Blog-

After learning at least basic SEO now go for choosing topic, for this I have great tips, just choose topic in which you are more experienced or eager to learn about it, that's why you can share some secret tips with the whole World.

Read- How to Choose Best Topic for Blog

Get a Domain Name-

There is nothing like, that without domain name you can not make money. Blogger allows that, but to make more money, your blog to be professional for that you must go for domain name.

Read- Buy Domain Name Cheap With Bonus

Write First Blog Post- 

First write about you, what you are going to share in the blog, then share that blog post on  your wall on Facebook. that's why your friends will come to know about your blog, send emails to your friends about your blog, but your "about me" page should more than 600 words, highlight key points those points you're going to cover in your blog, that's why people will get help from your blog, may be one of those people will be life time reader of your blog, may be many. Who Knows?

Read Before Hitting Publish Button-

The biggest mistake many does, even I did, I usually go behind quick improvement, then I realise after reading my one blog post that I must have to proof read my blog post before going to my readers, that's why they will not laugh on it, like I and may be you, when found out any error in book and may be in news paper.

Make a List of Blogs Those Already Established on Your Niche-

As a blogger you have to keep learning that's why you'll share with your readers something new and different. So the best way to do it, I mean to keep you updated i.e. read other blogs but top blogs and then start reading and write points on your diary those points are new and important for you as well as for your blog readers.

Comment on Other Blogs- 

Reading top blogs also useful to get traffic.

Through commenting, yes whenever you'll comment on other blog, you'll get back links, which is the best practice to improve your blog ranking on Alexa even.

Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories-

Blog directories are keys in the ancient days, when search engines was not that much popular, but now a days it is not that much useful for every bloggers, but of course those blogs are related to Education, Web Designing, Internet, Technology, Blogging they have good chance to get good traffic, those readers are much better than even search engine traffic, this is my personal experience.

Read- List of Top Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog

Make a Proper Plan-

Planning is important, even when you go for doing any new project, or may be for preparation for semester examination to get good scores.

Here is the same, you've to plan for your next steps. This is also true for proper planning you need information, here whatever information I am providing is enough to earn more $1000 per month, if you'll study it and go through it.

Read- Proper 6 Months Planning for Blogging

Write Lengthy Article at least 2000 words-

One of the biggest mistakes beginners do that is they start seeing no of post, don't go behind this, just go behind how much time people are going to spend to read that blog post, how much people will get value from the article.

You know, what those are business people they think how much value they are providing in their product, each and every blog post you have to think like your own product, even many professionals bloggers they admitted this mistake, that they also did this mistake, but you'll not, because you know.

See my dear you need to build proper business, see on quality not quality, even your one blog post having capability to drive 100 to 5000 page views per day, but that is depend on what type of content you're writing and of course how many people wanted to learn about, what exactly you're writing, like Facebook Tips, Google Plus Tips, Twitter Tips almost all are familiar with it.

If you'll write about most popular topics then definitely you'll get more traffic but you've to concentrate on your content because it is also true there are many trying to get traffic from these topics, but you don't need to worry about it, you have to just worry, what you're best value going to give to your readers that's why they will be thankful for your help.

Create Page on Facebook-

Well, I've already share with you, how would you drive more traffic from Search engines, how to write good content, but  have not share with you till now the new age traffic source, which I missed to because of limited time, but I don't want you'll missed this opportunity, from beginning of the blogging you need to create a Facebook page and add to your blog, of course you need to get likes then ask friends to get more likes, they will definitely help you, I hope so you're having good friends.

Read- Create Facebook Page(With Images)

Get Google Plus Authorship-

As you are going to blog on, then I've very good news for you, you don't need to put extra effort to get Google authorship, may be you are not aware of it, then let me tell you what is in short possible way, actually whenever you'll search on Google then you'll see some results having photos, that means that person got authorship that's why you're seeing his photo on the search results for the query.

Well It is having many benefits. so you just need to click on the tab which you'll see on the right side of your dashboard on blogger, then you'll be able see your photo on search results but may be it will take two to three days but normally not more than 3 days.

Tell Friends about your blog-

Whenever you'll start to share your blog posts, you'll share with Friends right, I did!

I hope so you also do the same, so in this case also tells your friends about your blog and also ask them where is the problem, it'll help you to improve your blog, it'll also improve your skills, it'll also increase social present also traffic of your blog, exactly what is needed for blog, who knows probably some one will be your permanent reader, I think which is great. Don't get demotivated rather work hard to improve it.

Deliver Seminar About Your Blog in College-

 If you're a technical student then it is obvious that you'll get lots of opportunity for seminars in your Colleges or University and of course you'll have opportunity to deliver seminars on other institutions then don't miss the opportunity

Just grab it, it'll improve your presentation skills as well as it'll helps you to get more traffic to your blog, but be well prepared before going to present a seminars, because this is may be possible some one already blogger who is going to listen to your seminars.

Motivate Your Friends to Do it- 

It'll help you to know more about blogging, because in this world no body knows everything after all we all are human beings.

It'll helps you to know more and more in blogging, also you can discover new things in blogging.

Don't Try Hard, Let it Grow Gradually-

Try hard for getting more traffic will decrease your passion which is bad, what I believe because when you'll try hard you'll be depressed, if you'll not achieve the target, so no need to try hard just keep learning and let it grow which would be the best.

Help Others Through Your Blog- 

More you'll help people more you'll be famous in your society because people'll talk about you everywhere for good cause.

But in the internet people talk then it'll spread like virus, you can do it then it'll make you that much famous which could think about it, but to see that day you have to hard work buddy but use your brain.

Identify Problems of People on Your Niche-

Best way to become famous,help people genuinely means, those problems no one solved till now, like Facebook solved connectivity problem, Google solve searching problem, Twitter solve microblogging problem, Blogger solved blogging problem, Youtube solved videos sharing problem etc, there are thousands examples.

But the question may be clicking on your mind, how would you find out people problems, I'm going to share with best possible two ways put source for people to ask you more questions and another way is browse forums like digital forums, warrior forums and question answers websites like Yahoo answers,, Ask etc.

If you're Indian Join

Indiblogger is the one of the best community for Indians to meet other bloggers and make connection with them, you can also promote your blog post there, I think which is the best way to drive traffic to your blog in the beginning days other than search engines.

If you're a student then don't indulge in it more, first study then blogging, because their is no alternative to education- 

This tip is only students, I'll suggest you don't indulge in this too much take it like a part time job and learn and blogging in the free time rather than wasting time on social medias, rather use those medias to promote your blog.

Concentrate on Quality not Quantity-

I know when you'll start blogging, you'll see number of blog post your blog have and then you'll also start writing useless articles and click on publish.

But don't do it, if you don't have time then write even one article in a week, but quality, remember if you'll write from your own real experience it'll help you more to build real blog for readers as well as for you to make more money from your blog.

Set a Target to Not Think about earning money about first six months- 

First write list of blog posts, you are going to write for your blog, then start doing little research on those topics, see what other people are writing about then write better content and see growth of your blog.

Start Using Feedburner-

Feedburner is also one of the Google product, may be you know, but there is nothing to know about it, the important thing is that it will help you connect with your readers for free and automatically.


Well Feedburner will send emails to your blog feedburner subscribers automatically, whenever you'll create new blog post on your blog.

Read- How to Create Feed Burner Account Complete Guide

Learn from Best Bloggers on Your Niche-

After choosing your blog topic or topics, first find top bloggers on your blog topics, and then start reading their blogs and at the end comment on their blogs, but don't spend more time on there blogs rather learn and do few experiments and then write fresh content on your blog, which is great, because "Content is King".

Do Lots of Experiments and then share-

Online or offline only those people got attention, those do different works those people like, here the same you have to little different work those people will like, if you want to earn extraordinary income.

Become Self Motivator-

 This is amazing, but for this you have to give time to your self to understand your self, if you can do it, you can achieve any thing in your life.

Start Reading Inspiration Books-

One of the best way to become self motivator is to write inspirational books, you can also read success stories, which will lead you make your thinking towards to be positive."Of course it's not your Blood Group".

Set Target for Your Blog-

Target is needed, but for setting target you need to know what should be your target towards driving traffic which will make you money from your blog.

So, you have to set target at least driving 1000 visitors per day to your blog within six months, I shared with you all those tips to drive at least 1000 visitors per day to your blog, if you will follow those tips you'll definitely drive more than 1000 visitors per day to your blog, this is my Guarantee, yes my Guarantee!

Start Guest Blogging-

The biggest mistakes and also a biggest barrier for blog, not able to attract unlimited traffic.

Actually whenever you'll write an article for any other blog you'll get back links, which would be do follow one and people will come to your blog, because it is simple that if you'll write good article then it is obvious that readers will eager to know about you, here I have very good tips for you, write your best known article on other blogs, if you want to see certain improvement in traffic in your blog.

Add Image or images to Your Blog Posts-

Image tells thousands words than words, but ultimately people are going to read your words later, first attraction of your blog posts would be images, if you have short time then you can find image from FlickR but give the source, where you got the image and of course you've to optimise your image for Search Engines, reason is pretty simple people also search images on search engines.

No.1 Recommended for You-
Are you looking for an opportunity which will help you to quick start your online earning journey, I mean you can able to get step by step guide from me, actually I have very good experience in it, just search about me on Google you will find lot of things to know.

Well, that is different matter.

Actually, I am offering a course which is not just like you usually study in school or college, this is different this is all about earning money online and of course you will get platform too, that's why you can get started with it quickly.

That is, you can get your ready made blog for RS 499 only, Click here and Get Your Pro blog, there you will find out all things what I am providing you under this package. [This price may be goes up without any notice]

This is How I used to earn some pocket money in my college days.

Hey, my dear there is rumor that Paisalive does not pay exact amount, that's not true at all, just couple of days ago, I got my 5th number checks from

The check is not that much amount but still it is a legit network, which really paid users to click on advertisements.

But the problem claim by many Paisalive users that's true that their money has been decreased by some amount as they can see on their earning tab.

If you are new to this website, I mean, if this website is not known for you then you will not see this problem.
Because there is a reason behind of this, I don't think any one in the internet shared the solution of this problem.

Even, I was not that much confident about the solution of this problem, but after getting 5th number check I'm quiet confident now.

So, the solution is that whenever you are reading emails then let the page load completely then wait for few seconds then after you can go for another one, till that time you have to let the page load properly, then you are going to get exact money.
  • Here, I have quick tips for you to increase your earning from
Actually they also shared these tips, but I have tried little different as they have shared on their website.
  • Go for Signup programs those paid more as compare to other just browsing website.
  • Go for Special Promotion programs those also offered more price.
Send Emails about this to your friend, if they will signup through your referral link(Which link you are going to get from Paisalive account) to then each member will signup, you will earn 2 INR, specially I got all my checks through referral(friends and my blogs readers) income.
  • Share link with your Social Media Profile- as an Indian Facebook is the quiet easy to get connected with friends also many acquainted that's why you can tell them about it and you will make money.
  • Share the referral link with groups on Facebook you have joined.
Shared referral link with your Facebook page, if you have any page then share this link there and also do one more thing to get more signups, just add the URL name on the cover image of your Facebook page, but don't use that URL directly first convert referral URL into short URL then put it on the cover photo of your Facebook page, you can use tinyurl, to short URL link.

So, that is about

Hopefully you are going to enjoy it and finally you are going to earn more online and of course you will get check through post at your home.

May be you are thinking I'm kidding.

But I'm not at all, then let me tell you!

What exactly I'm talking about? actually I'm talking about that you'll get check at your home through and of course in Indian Rupee.

I think that Cool about

What do you think let me know?

But there is still one information left about, they will pay you once you will cross limit 500 INR, remember that, but it's to get it there, if you will once use my all above tips, you'll easily earn more than 500 INR per month.

What Bonus from

You'll get bonus for signup it's about 2$(100INR), that's pretty good right, so your target is to earn 400 INR to get your first check through to right at your home.

Here is the list of cheques I got from them, Kamal Chand Sen is my father, because few cheques I send to my native place that's why I have changed my name-
paisalive payment proof, I got 4 cheques from them

In this blog post you got ideas about how to make some pocket money as well as how to make lot of money online.

Hopefully you liked it and these tips are valuable for you.

See, dear if you want to earn money online then that is good at least you want, but for this you have to do work, that's why people will appreciate for your work, I mean that's why people will like you means your blog or your work.

Which is really needed in the professional work and at the last I want to give an ultimate tips, which will not only work online also in your daily life.

i.e. don't stop learning, just keep learning and improving continuously.

Please share with article link on Facebook! Thank You Very Much, I appreciate it.

Is there any thing about making money Online I could help you?