is providing awesome opportunity for all people to create a blog for free and show their idea to the whole world!!

Actually, if you don't know about then let me tell you, this service is providing by Google Inc and on that platform you can create a blog for free and earn REAL money online, but yes it takes time to get passive income.

In this article, I will share you with some things what you must do after creating a blog on

Step 1- Install a Good Blogger Template

Install Premium Templates on your blog for free. Here I am listing the website offer free blogspot templates.

But, problem with them, you need to provide credit to them on the footer, if you want free from footer credit then just do one thing but you need to spend little money, that is one of the blog template which is this blog template upgraded version, SEO Friendly Blogger Template only for RS 99.

Reasons to Take-

  • Your blog will look like professional
  • Easy to retain users on your blog
  • Loading Speed will be good
  • Very good for search engine traffic
  • Easy to attract advertisers, sponsored posts
  • Easy to get conversion rate 

Step 2- Writing Your First Blog Post

Write first article about you and what you are going to share in your blog, that's you can make your identity which lead you to become a worth-full blogger for people.

Reasons to Write-

  1. People wanted to know about you
  2. Add your smart photo- Which is also too good
  3. Always add this page on home page of your blog
  4. Take time to write articles, because you are writing for people
  5. Always think as a reader of the blog, even I will tell you to read the article yourself and make changes according to requirement.

Step 3- Create a Facebook Page

Create a page on, create Telegram Channel, these are necessary for getting instant traffic and even these things you can do for free.

Reasons to Create-

  1. For promotion of your blog posts
  2. Good for search engine ranking
  3. Good for getting outreach 
  4. Good for getting notified by advertisers
  5. Amazing way to become influencer

Step 4- E-Mail Marketing is Huge

Install in your blog, which offer your email subscriber to get update about your post directly to their mailbox in this way your visitors get increase, later you can switch to any good service provider like GetResponse [Take 30 days free trial]

Reasons for E-mail Marketing-

  • 95% successful bloggers said that they have not started e-mail marketing earlier that is their biggest mistake, so don't repeat this mistake
  • Easy to promote any offer, affiliate offer instantly
  • Best way to get instant traffic
  • Almost every internet users check their e-mails more often than social media
  • All e-commerce giant always ask for your e-mail address for promotion, even you get e-mail from them for any kind of exciting offer.

Step 5- Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories

Submit your blog to Blog Directories in the previous article I have mention 85 blog directories to submit your blog.

Read Below Article-

Reasons for Submitting-

  1. Backlinks- Good for blog visibility on search engines
  2. To know other bloggers- Networking
  3. For getting traffic to your blog

Step 6- Lets Share with Friends

Tell your friends about your blog, in this way you can feedback and which is you should always welcome to improve your blog and also some visitors which again lead you to become a popular blogger.

You should take all feed backs as a positive point don't take it at all in negative way.

Points to Consider-

  1. Friends always can be your first readers of blog
  2. Everybody is not going to read your blog
  3. Have patience and keep improving your knowledge, skills
  4. Stay motivated

Step 7- Write for Beginners

Start giving information from beginning that's why you will get regular visitors which is really good for your blogging career.

Points to Consider-

  • Write for beginners
  • Don't think that people know about this, this is not true
  • Think like beginner while writing, don't jump, don't be in hurry

Step 8- Write Like Professional

Write your article in interesting way don't write just like time pass because people should enjoy while reading your article don't let them bore.

Points to Consider-

  • Learn how top bloggers write on their blogs
  • Note down key points to consider while writing
  • Be yourself
  • Be creative
  • Use videos, images, info-graphics in blog posts

Step 9- Visual is Winning Game

Upload photo on each article it is really good for SEO of your blog and one more which is really important that is give name of the photo as your title name.

Key Points to Consider-

  • Add Photos to Blog Post
  • Photos or Images should be SEO Optimized
  • Don't compromise with quality

Step 10- Engagements is the to Get Success

Response to comments and give answer of every question you are receiving question from comments.

Key Points to Consider-

  • Try reply each and every comments
  • Create Polls to Get New Post Ideas
  • Be ready to handle negative comment

Step 11- Learning is Very Important in Life

Read other blogs and give comments, but give comment related to topic in smart way that's if any people read your comment he or she will get impressed.

Key Points of Consider-

  • Read blogs and take action from learning
  • Always test to get best one
  • Always measure the different after taking action

Step 12- Drive Traffic to Blog for Long Run

Participate in forum and give answer of question which is really good for getting quality visitors like yahoo answers, Quora and of course Make in India (CommonQuery) etc.

Key Points to Consider-

  • Write answers and leave your blog link 
  • Write answers only related to niche of blog
  • Don't copy be unique
  • Make schedule and think long run
  • Write short and sweet

Step 13- Give Others Too

Publish all comments on your blog if the comment containing link too (Should not publish spam links), in this tactic can give to you more visitors.

Key Points to Consider-

  • Get yourself prepare for any situation
  • Always things will not go according to you
  • Enhance your way of writing and engaging in comment section

Step 14- Decide Title Smart Way

Give proper name to your article because there only and only one way to get free huge visitors that is Search Engine and for that you have to give your title name, what people are searching  that's why your result will be on top.

For more information about this thing you can read the below given link-

Key Points to Consider-

  • Write three titles for a single blog post, later use one which one is best
  • Use tools for Catchy titles 
  • Invest time to get best one

Step 15- Don't Hide, Give Everything on Your Blog

Share every thing what you know in your blog, don't keep anything that may be your identity, your home place, your knowledge to become the most popular blogger.

Tips for Consider-

  • Share your secrets to find the another one
  • Scale your knowledge up-to grand level
  • Your blog is like a shop, so respect all and give everything those coming to your shop

All steps are awesome but if you are newbie then may be you will face problem

After creating your blog, then you need to installed and edit blogger templates, because you have to add option according to you, so what you need to do is just learn how to edit blogger template, in the below video you can learn about it-

Okay, after editing your blogger template according to you, just next step need to do, that is to write your first blog post, you know writing first blog post is one of the toughest job, because you are going to do something different, so here in the below video you will discover all about it.

These are good tips what I found in my blogging more than two years journey but more important is that make your content too rich and too much as you know information that's why once people visit your blog they come your blog again and again just like any street shop.

Best Of Luck!!!