Rich in India


Who does not wanted to become RICH, everybody right, but actually there are only few percentage of people are rich.

Rich- Money, Bank Balance, Property, Education etc

These are just great source, which shows you are rich.

But, today I am going to tell you "How to Become Rich in India Through Blogging Being a Student", it is really looks little ODD, may be you are not aware of it, but having a good blog is like a good money making machine, yes I mean it.

But, it is true that you can easily become rich, see I don't know who you are? what you are doing and of course what you want to become or do?

But, I know. what I am going to show you?

Through this blog post, that would be just awesome, because information I am going to share with you, those I as well as others got from years of experiments.

Well, its a little lengthy blog post. SO have patience and keep reading.

Becoming Rich from ZERO level is not an easy job, but if you will use the fastest source in the WORLD for this, then it will become easier.

Just like, it is really difficult to reach MARS with a simple ROCKET, but with using the latest technology rocket, it is really become easier.

Okay, lets come back to the main point that is about Blogging, yes these days blogging is the best way to earn money online.

And the fastest way to become rich is doing online business.

That may be a

  • Blog
  • E-commerce website
  • Web development
  •  Application there are so many others too.

I am a blogger and I am making money online, well I am not a millionaire but I am happy because I am making money online and this is one of the biggest earning source of mine now a day.

So, how a blogger can make money online- there are many ways to make money from blogging, but I will tell you only three most important ways.


May be you are thinking about creating your own blog first right, okay here is full basic tutorial from beginning to end- How to Start Blogging Right Way

OKAY, lets come back to the point, there are three important ways to make money online, those I have used among all others-

Advertisement Networks Plays Important in Beginning-

I have been blogging from long time years.

So, I have lot of experience with advertisement networks, I have also added few blog posts those are completely based own my experience and I have also put there my own payment proof, some of them work just great and some of them work moderate, but I recommend only three ads network for any bloggers, those are Popads, Chitika and Bidvetiser, I made more than $20000 from ads networks.

And keep going.

I think I am going to make lot in next couple of months, well I will upload all those proof also in my blog.

NOTE- From Ads networks I have earned over $20,000 in very less period of time and that is just awesome is not it.

Affiliate Marketing is a Big Fish for Bloggers-

I know how to start affiliate marketing, but my most favorite affiliate marketing hub is Clickbank because I got check from them, well other than this.

There is no body who is providing complete guide to affiliate marketing in the whole internet world, so I did.

I have started writing series of blog posts for starting affiliate marketing right way, you must read those series of blog posts.

NOTE- From affiliate marketing, I have earned over $40,000 in very less period of time, which may be like impossible to achieve with my day job, which I have achieved through blogging.

Own Product Just Awesome-

I don't recommend beginners to try this, because in the beginning of blogging, no one is going to believe on your words.

That's why.

You need to write articles to get reputation, trust, readers, authority in the internet world, once you will achieve this then forget about other two methods just start selling your own digital products, but remember your product must put value in people life.

Here is about my own products, I have couple of products those are selling by me as well as couple of my affiliates those promotes my products and of course it is really positive response for me and for them also because I am offering 40 to 80% commission for each sell.

These days, I am really putting effort to increase its numbers surely it will be more soon.

Actually, There are many products those I am selling but one of the product which is really good for many those wanted to start blogging and earn money from their blog, actually its a step by step guide to earn money from blog.

And you know there are amazing opportunity, I am offering for Indians only the price is 1499 RS, yes means you will get your pro blog in this price, here are brief details about the product-
  1. A .com domain name
  2. Footer credit free SEO friendly template
  3. My guidance and of course basic SEO settings for your blog.

5 Qualities You Need to Develop to Become Successful in Internet World

  1. Patience- Wanted to do something BIG, then it is very common that you will fail, if you are failing that means you are on the way to get huge success, just you need to have patience while following that path, if you get destructed read stories of grand successful people they too failed, so it is just a common thing happening with you or will happen, nothing to worry.
  2. Take Decision Wisely- Decision is always a game changer in life does not matter in which situation you are, so always take decision, now come to the point. How to take right decision? Yes this is very important, for taking right decision you need to have right information so before taking decision do your research to gather good information so that it will be fruitful.
  3. Learning- This is the key for getting success and enjoy life, you need to keep learning, does not matter what you are getting on your way, once in your life definitely going to help you.
  4. Transparent- If you are in online business you need to be transparent 
  5. Mind Set- One of the big factor, most of the people thinking about living amazing life but actually they can not because of their mind set, so try to have a good mind set for better future of yourself as well as for others. I mean to say plan your mind in that way that's why you will not get confused while following path to get success.
I hope you got my words.

Well, see only knowing things is not everything until or unless you will not apply or I must say you will not start, you need start blogging to see the beautiful side of blogging.

Is there any other way can you become rich in India?