Become a Better Blogger, successful blogger
As a newbie to blogging world, if you are thinking to make money only in a single day that is not possible yes it would be possible if you will follow five steps you can even see 10,000 visitors per day even more than this stats.

Actually, it's not only 5 tips even more than but I will tell only 5 tips that's why you can find in your way other steps.

One of the most important factor is choosing hosting plan according to your budget see for VPS hosting I tell people to get professional one, even I suggest with discount IOZoom Promo Code .

Why I am telling this actually when I was studying in 6th semester in B.Tech in that time I have studied about A, B, C analysis it is like that only.

If you wanna make money online from blogging then you must have to be serious and you have to learn every day about this some thing new that's why you can share with your readers every day some thing new.

Here, I am going to tell you those steps-

Step 1 for a Better Bloggers-

Be consistent-
Write your post often whether you have any visitor or not remember may be you will become famous in a single month for that you should have some good article those are really helpful for people in this way a single visitor will read multiple page this will increase your page rank.

If you are new then write article at least one in a 5 days and write quality wise do not see others what other are doing see your self what you wanna do. I am just giving you an idea which you may follow to become to the last steps very easily.

Tips to Be Consistent-

  • Follow popular bloggers plan
  • Don't motivate by money
  • Follow pattern to help people
  • Leverage video platform like YouTube to get more traffic
  • You can leverage CommonQuery as well as Quora these are question and answer websites.

Step 2 for a Better Bloggers-

Share Best Things You Know-
Share the best things you know to get consistent visitors. Think about this you read news paper daily why? because you can get daily news that's why you read news paper.
Just like the same your blog, only your each post or article different and thought worthy things you are writing then your visitors will visit your often.

Step 3 for a Better Bloggers-

Choose Topic from Your Self-
Probably you may see on advertisement that this blogger making $50,000 per month may be they are making but you can make more than that blogger.

If you are getting tips from any blogger then that means you can earn more that blogger.for example if whom you taught in your schooling time you are making more than your teacher right !!!
the same case here you can make more money than them.

But for that you have to hard work.

Tips to Choose Right Topic-

  • Analyse problems you have solve in your life
  • Try to learn the concept from a micro topic
  • Earn some money and then go for bigger niche

Step 4 for a Better Bloggers-

Read other blogs and comments- This is the most effective way to improve your blog visitors because comments can give you quality back links and also you can enhance your knowledge too.

Step 5 for a Better Bloggers-

Use Google 3 Products to increase your visitors and know them better, select proper keywords before giving your title name (what people are searching) and use

Google having numerous products but may be you don't know about these three products those are really useful for all bloggers to get visitors and create brand.

Google Trends-

Google Trends, traffic source

This product is really useful to get unbelievable traffic to your blog you can not even imagine this much traffic you may be thinking that I am kidding but I am not kidding at all it's real because from this product you can get information about hot search on the Google of that particular time that means if you will write about that hot search then definitely you can get unbelievable visitors this is one of the hidden means not too much popular product Google which professional blogger usually use to get too much traffic, Now it's your time to get too much visitors.

Google Analytics-

Google Analytic Tool, Webmaster Tool

This is also one of the great product provided by Google and this product is also not too much popular may be probably for you also, but may not be but many know about this product but they are not using. Let me tell you dear it can change the whole blogging world thinking because through this tool you can get information about your blog refers and also keywords are referring to your blog. I mean this is magic to get every internal information about your blog, those are really important which can change the future of your blog.

Google Keyword Tools-

Google Keywords Tool, keywords Planner

This tool usually use by professional internet marketer to promote their products, but you can also use to give title name of your article. Why I am telling you this because by using this tool you can come to know for which title people are searching the most that means if you will give the same title which people are searching more then definitely Google will show your article on top of their results. What does that!!!! I think don't need to tell you right!!! That much Understanding capability do you have what I believe.

Answer- Unbelievable visitors.

Other than these you must understand the concept of Google Auto suggest keywords, which is very crucial to get very good traffic to your blog from search engines.

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That means you are just getting late to become a popular or famous blogger.

So use these tips and become a popular blogger.

Best Of Luck!!!