Increase Earning of a Blog

Make money online is only possible from blogging it is not true because there are many ways to make money online.
But blogging can make you more money from any other else, yes this is true. so do you still want to create a blog then get the complete guide to create a blog for free.

In this article I will share with you some real tips which will really improving your blog earning, yes this will happen so what I am going to tell those things you should read with proper concentration, if you are really interested to make money online.

1)- Apply for Google Adsense

This is one of the best earning source for blog in beginning but your earning will totally depend on your ads placement on your blog as well as traffic and of course quality traffic you are getting on your blog.

So, never stop trying different different place to show your ads on your blog, if you are still not having an adsense account then try for new one.

Never Never stop trying to get approval from Google Adsense.

Tips to Get Approval from Google Adsense-

  • Write 20 high quality articles
  • Write about me, privacy policy, contact us and disclaimer pages must on home page
  • Don't use any other ads network
  • Give proper information while filling form

2)- Use Buysellads Platform to Monetize Your Blog Space

This is a service provider to make people earn exact revenue from their blog, there are many professional bloggers use this service provider service to make money from their blog.

You can use this too.

But you need good traffic then only they will accept your blog to show ads on your blog.

3)- Promote Affiliate Products 

If you are really thinking that you have good quality contents then I will strongly recommend you to  promote affiliate products.

You can promote instantly yes, read articles why I like to promote Clickbank Affiliate products
Let me tell you about Clickbank most important thing as a promoter that is they share commission upto 75%.

And this is amazing I never heard that any one can share commission more than this.

Tips to Start Affiliate Marketing-

  • Write review of products those you used personally, related to your niche
  • Don't sell product, sell solution of people problems
  • Cross link articles in other blog posts

4)- Write about Digital Products

See now a days every one is clever on the internet even newbies they do search before buying any product, there are very few people those buy product through advertisements.

Then what to do to sell your product, write about the product that's why those want to buy the product they will read your article.

And do the last step that left link which contain an affiliate link of that product and see money coming to your account.

Tips to Write About Digital Products-
  • Write from beginning, like why you purchased that product, how that product help you, how that product is different
  • Join affiliate program of that product
  • Contact them for special discount for your readers, it will increase conversion rate hence earning.
  • Always write honest review.

5)- Create Your Own Product

Creating a product is not a big deal but the big deal is that after creating a product promoting the product and get sells too and then scale

But once you will become successful in this job then you can make as much money as much you wanted to.

For creating a product you must keep two things in your mind those are:- who are your customers and where you will promote your product.

This thing will lead you to become king of make money blogging.

6)- Review Products Those You Used

If you are new to this then let me tell you this is the platform which providing us as an opportunity to review a product for money.

How much money you want to review a product that is depend on how much traffic do you have.

Remember traffic is most important you must have good traffic to make money blogging for getting traffic you have to write often on your blog.

Why this? Because whenever your readers will come to your blog then they must get some thing new from your blog.

This is the best mantra for successful blogging!!!

7)- Getting Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts is a great way to make money online for bloggers there are people making very good money from this way.

Even there are celebrities, bloggers those have used this technique to make more money.

What are you looking to get started today.

Tips to Get Sponsored Posts-

  • Select one niche to write blog posts
  • Write in Details About Products and of course share your experience
  • Share on social media, you can boost the post on Facebook
  • Keep focus on search engine optimization and user experience, after all you will get traffic as well as sponsored offers from search engines ranking.

8)- Use Open in Next Window Link

This is biggest mistake in blogging as bloggers do, yes how because if any body come to your blog then definitely the visitors will make click on the external link if you have provided.

If you will not provide this open in next window code then the visitor will left your website,  because their only few internet users those do this.

Right Click and click on Open in New Tab.

Here is the code to use:-
<a href="" target = "_blank">SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Tips For Beginner Bloggers</a>

Replace the above link with your link and use this code for your better ranking of your blog that's why your earning will gets increased.

9)- Make Readers to Stay More Time

Yes, this is really going to work because the page rank depend on how much time readers spending on your blog.

Then you have to write more quality content on your blog that's why people will read contents and they will stay more time.

But don't write any which will make your readers bored that will kill your blog even ranking of your blog.

Tips to Keep Your Visitors on Your Blog-

  • Focus on quality not quantity
  • Write details article
  • Follow someone expert related to your niche
  • Insert video related the blog post

10)- Start Services on Your Blog

Yes, this is new trend to make money from blog even may be you have seen many bloggers are doing this you can do the same to make more money from the blog.

But for this you have to do little hard work, you have to create a new attractive page on your blog and write something interesting about services.

But remember this thing will only work if you will write great high quality content for your blog then no one can stop you to make money online.

Tips to Start Providing Services on Blog Successful-

  • Be expert in single thing
  • Learn, implement, write result on blog
  • Leverage YouTube and social media
  • Send proposal to targeting customers through mail, LinkedIn, Facebook

Don't Think About Money Now, Think About Quality of Articles, Money Will Automatically Come.