Branding is the ultimate way for success of any newly flourished business. Even the old players make effective use of marketing and branding to attract new customers and hold the old customers for long. The development of WWW (World Wide Web) has made it possible for businesses to come online and expand their scopes with productivity reaching to larger audiences at the same time.

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Email marketing is the affluent marketing strategy that is used by every business that wishes to establish its authority in the market. GetResponse & MadMimi are the two most popular online marketing products that can be used by any business to bring out successful email marketing campaigns. Let us gaze over a brief know-how of these products.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a well emerged leader in email marketing industry which had gained immense fame after satisfying thousands of customers globally with its affluent services. Businesses using this tool had become totally dependent on its service. GetResponse gives them a good way to keep their customers intact with them for longer periods and provides them fancy email templates to send their customers newsletters about product launches, fest, upgrades, and other related news. The delivery of this newsletter can be tracked without any hassle.
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GetResponse: Glimpse of Features

  • Users will be delighted to receive more than 350 templates that have an ability to attract thousands of customers worldwide. All these templates are elegantly design.
  • WYSIWYG editor makes the customization really easy for GetResponse users. They can easily drag and drop media files and content inside the template, wherever they want to.
  • If you think that adding social media at end of the newsletter will help you out then Facebook, Twitter, and other social buttons can be added at the end of newsletters.
  • Auto-Responder system is an added service that every GetResponse user gets to welcome the new customer, whenever he she registers. Welcome note can be customized according to user’s choice.
  • A big 1GB image hosting is surely bigger space as compare to its other competitors that offers 5MB-10MB image hosting space.
  • Google Analytics can be integrated with each newsletter so that you can track exact results for the performance of your newsletters.
  • Also, you can get off the worry about the spam filters of your customer’s mail boxes. Spamcop is the spam checking tool offered by GetResponse, which catches the spammy words and suggests correction for them. 

What is MadMimi?

MadMimi is another big performer in email marketing industry that needs no introduction. The name is big in itself. The major focus of this tool is to provide low cost effectual email marketing solutions to business owners and help them to establish relationship with customers for longer period of time. IT provides lots of attractive email templates to design newsletters and the customer support is also awesome. You can get the customer support of MadMimi from any part of the world, no matter where you are.
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MadMimi: Glimpse of Features-

  1. Customers opting for MadMimi will be delighted by more than 100 appealing elegant templates provided to them by this tool.
  2. WYSIWYG editor makes it really simple to customize the email template in a way user wants it to be. User can drag and drop the media files to any location in the template.
  3. If you think that you should add social media buttons to gain more customers over these networks then Facebook, Twitter and other social buttons can be added to the newsletter at desired location
  4. Auto-Responder is another added feature that is really helpful in welcoming the newly registered customer with your business. Welcome note can be customized easily with desired text.
  5. You can also integrate Google Analytics to the newsletters for getting more accurate results for the performance.
  6. It doesn’t have its own spam checker, but human readers are there to catch the spammy words that might be blocked by customer’s email filters.
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GetResponse vs MadMimi: The Fight

Templates and Design
GetResponse has more than 350 highly customizable templates in its store.
MadMimi offers more than 100 exclusive templates to its users.
Usability & Interface
It can be opted by large and small scale businesses. The user friendly interface provides easy navigation.
This service can be opted by large and small scale businesses. The user friendly interface provides easy navigation.
Spam Checking Tool
Its spam checking tool ‘SpamCop’ takes care of spammy words in the newsletter.
It has human readers to check the words that might be caught by email filters, but lacks spam checking tool.
Report Analysis
The performance of the newsletter can be tracked with ease.
You can keep a track on the performance of each and every newsletter.
Contact Management
Mailing list can be easily exported to keep a record.
Mailing list can be easily exported.
Auto-Responder System
It is there
It is there

GetResponse vs MadMimi: Pricing

$15 is the minimum amount that one needs to pay in order to buy GetResponse package. Plas can be extended as per requirements.
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$10 is the minimum price that you need to pay in order to use MadMimi services. Plan can be extended as your list grows.
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GetResponse vs MadMimi: Who is Lacking?

  • Email Templates: With more than 350 templates for the users, GetResponse is leading over MadMimi which provides just around 100 templates to the users. A user will always want to go with the service, where he/she gets more choices.
  • Spam Tool: ‘SpamCop’ spam checking tool of GetResponse makes its really easy to identify any word that might be blocked by email filters of customer’s mailbox. It even suggest the changes to those words. The lack of spam checking tool in MadMimi puts the email newsletter at risk to be blocked, though there are human readers to identify the spam words.


GetResponse handsomely takes over MadMimi when it comes to its features and price. The wide range of templates, authenticated spam checking and low price is what attracts a large numbers of users around the world to use this fabulous service. Try it now!!