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Need to Contact
Price per Month
14 days free trial
14 days free trial
14 days free trial
14 days free trial
Trial Offer
25000 monthly visits
5 GB disk
50 GB Bandwidth

And other features like site cloning, blueprints, 24/7 support system, plugin updates, security, performance insights, simple SSL certificates and CDN

100,000 monthly visits
20 GB disk
200 GB Bandwidth

All Starter features along with features like White Label, Third Party SSL certificates, multi site.
500,000 monthly visits
5 GB disk
50 GB Bandwidth

All Freelance features plus Dedicated Account Manager, Migration Dashboard, Phone Support and so on.

Million+ visits
Multiple sites- 30+

All Agencies features plus

Dedicated Clusters

Quarterly Business reviews

other custom features. 

The offer is in details-
From now until December 4th, we’re offering:

  1. 40% off new, annual Starter plans
  2. 25% off new, annual Freelance and Agency plans
  3. 25% off new, annual Add-ons subscriptions (White Label, Plugin Updates, and/or Performance Insights)
Are you here to know about Managed WordPress Hosting? Let me first tell you Managed WordPress hosting typically provides a better quality of things if compared to that of shared hosting. So now one of the question arises here is -

Which is the best Managed Hosting Service Provider?

You want to know more about Flywheel, don't worry here I will discuss each and every points regrading Flywheel. This is because there are many people who want to know more about this managed WordPress hosting. Just you have to do is to read out, in course of having patience and going through the things. I am very much sure you will be happy after knowing all the features and advantages about Flywheel. I will also share the reason why you should recommend Flywheel.

Things You Will Get To Know About Flywheel

flywheel deals
Flywheel Black Friday Offer
Let me first list out all the topic names that I am going to discuss about Flywheel. The topics are-
  1. About Flywheel
  2. Important Things About Flywheel
  3. Best Thing About Flywheel
  4. Features of Flywheel
  5. Why You Should Choose Flywheel
  6. Pricing and Plans of Flywheel.
  7. Conclusion

About Flywheel

Flywheel, one of the best in WordPress, has been in business since many years and now have enough experience in hosting platform. It is offering customers with a variety of plenty of hosting things. As I have earlier mentioned Flywheel is mainly focused on WordPress Platform. Flywheel will going to help on various arenas.

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It doesn't matter whether you’re making a site just for your kith and kin, it doesn't matter whether you are trying for a launch of a large business page, Flywheel is having the sufficient resources to help you. Apart from web web hosting, they are also offering quite a few variety of creativity tools namely-
  1.  ROI calculators, 
  2. design publications, 
  3. video help and so on and so forth.
about, flywheel
About Flywheel
Flywheel is one of the best and the most popular WordPress Managed Hosting Service Providers. They are having quality of features for the users and other big institutions. Since 2012, Flywheel is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Interesting thing is that It has doubled its staff in 2016. Flywheel is employing software developers, designers, various Engineers and Specialists in order to ensure best hosting experiences. This is what Flywheel is best at. Here are some of the points about Flywheel.
  • Flywheel has been started in 2012.
  • The main motive of the company is to help the web designers and developers all over the world who build sites on WordPress.
  • They are dedicated and determined to help the designers. 
  • This is a company that focuses mainly on the needs of customers. 
  • Since 2012 they are doing quite well, helping people and thus has become the popular WordPress hosting service provider company.
  • Last year that is 2018 they created Flywheel Cloud Platform as well. 
  • There is an excellent support team of of Flywheel who is available 24/7/365.

Important Things About Flywheel


Here You will get to know very important things about Flywheel. I am going to tell not one, but 12 important things about Flywheel. 
  1. Flywheel is serving the services all over the world.
  2. They are very serious on the ground of performance. Performance is fast as well as stable.
  3. This company provides quality products and plans.
  4. Customers will going to get awesome support staff that are ready to resolve the issues. The support system provided by Flywheel is quite good. This is one of the reason they are getting heavy traction. 
  5. They are offering varieties of multiple features not only for freelancers but also agencies. 
  6. Flywheel provides fascinating managed hosting experience, this all is at near budget price. In other word it can be said that the price is quite affordable. 
  7. You will also get good security option. Flywheel always cares for their customers and are concerned about the security and privacy of people.
  8. For WordPress sites you will get neat and clean dashboard with classy design.
  9. They are providing back ups features very interestingly i.e you will get to access nightly back ups. 
  10. Flywheel protects your site from different attacks including malware. 
  11. There is no hidden fess unlike most of the others, you will not going to get "surprising things".
  12. You can create a 14-day demo site for free.

Best Thing About Flywheel

best, thing, about, flywheel
Best Thing About Flywheel
In the previous section, I have mentioned a lot of important aspects  of Flywheel, so if you want to know 12 most important things about Flywheel, just go the the above section and have a look. I am very sure that you will get an idea why I am recommending you this. Now coming to the point, here I will tell you the best thing about Flywheel.

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The best thing is ease of use, its a perfect and deadly combination of brain and beauty. The Dashboard is simple and fantastic. It doesn't matter what your work environment is, the platform provided by Flywheel in fact removes all the hassles of hosting. Therefore Flywheel streamlines your work processes thus let you people to get back to doing your best work.

Features of Flywheel

There are endless characteristics that are being served by flywheel. If I started talking about the features of Flywheel the there will be evening from morning but the discussion will never end. Let me here mention some of the hot features of Flywheel first. Some of the best top features offered by Flywheel are following:
  1. Flywheel provides free site migration. This is one of the best thing unlike most of the other hosting platforms. You can migrate your sites to Flywheel without any transactions fees or any type of hidden charges. 
  2. You will get speedy work flow tools that are specially designed for the developers as well as agencies.
  3. Blueprint
  4. Staging
  5. Site Cloning
  6. Services are available worldwide.
  7. Security 
  8. Blazing fast speed.
  9. Nightly backups
  10. This hosting platform is specially tuned for WordPress. 
  11. Cool and easy SFTP access.
  12. Free SSL certificates.
  13. Collaboration Tools
  14. One can easily become am agency partner and
  15. Impressive up time & Plugin updates.
These are some of the key characteristics of Flywheel. I will discuss each thing in detail in the below section. Just go through this if  you want to know more in detail. Or if you want coupon discount then go above in this page, on the very first section where I have shared discount offer which is available for limited time. So hurry up dear. Now without wasting time let me come on the point one by one.

Local By Flywheel

It simplifies WordPress Development workflows in Local environments, including fascinating amount of features here. You can try it for free. Its an easy WordPress LOcal Development Tool. This tool is absolute free.
local, flywheel
Local by Flywheel
The fact is that Local by Flywheel is one of the fastest as well as growing world' application. This has been successful in attaining the traction of public.

Speed And Simplicity

  • Local by Flywheel is manly created for ease of use, simplicity and most importantly speed factor. 
  • Flywheel has dedicated a long period of time just and just to give this very local tool and these all efforts has been made to make building, testing and deploying WordPress sites a breeze. 

Site Services

  • Site services are here before you guys and they are included in the field of Local tool by Flywheel having fantastic things. 
  • It includes- 1) Native, 2) OS level PHP, 3) MYSQL, 4) Web Server Services


This is one of the real gem in feature aspect. 
  • As the word says it means the same. everything will be cloned.
  • Everything includes all files, databases, and configurations.
  • Also local settings will be cloned.
  • Further on url of the site will be automatically changed, most importantly it will be safe.


Management of site is another feature that is very interesting being offered by Local by Flywheel.
  • Changing of site url and its just by typing in the new domain.
  • There includes hot swaps between PHP versions and also swap between Apache or NGINX.

PHP availability

  • 5.6 and 7.3 versions are available.
  • There is inclusion of Xdebug.


  • Powered by ngrok.
  • Another thing here is that people can access their site on phones, tablet, and multiple type of computers just in the presence of internet availability. 


Support system is just brilliant. They are real people from the real world. They are available to resolve your issues. 



After Local by Flywheel here is another one i.e Blueprints. It is unique in its own regards. 
  • It is nothing but a complete package of themes and plugins.
  • Blueprints is going to save you time in course of whipping up WordPress sites. 
  • The themes and plugins of site will be saved as a custom configuration while creating a blueprint of the very site. This is what you can use for building out future projects. In other word when you are going to create a new site, you will have an option of starting from one of your existing Blueprints with the click of a button.
Thus in this very way you are going to save your valuable time.  Apart from Blueprints there are another various features that are being offered by Flywheel.

Staging Sites

This another areas and one of the reason you should use and recommend Flywheel hosting platform. You can test your work on staging sites before yo go to publish. In this way you can get to know the detail overview. The staging site helps you to do various kind of experiment you want to do. You can keep all the experiments aside of the real creative business professional platform.

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You can keep away every experiments away from Production sites. This is what they are offering to enhance the quality of services. That is why in the earlier section I have told you about their dedication for the customers.
Staging, Flywheel
Staging by Flywheel
  • The first essential thing about this platform is that people can keep their experiments away from the production site as their is the provision of staging by Flywheel. 
  • Customers can test out new ideas and things for experiment in a sandbox environment.
  • For the very environment as mentioned above, there is no requirements of  plugins.
  • Also there is no need of separate server.
  • Just you need to do is to push your changes into production when you are confident and ready and this all be done with a single click.

Push and Pull 

This says that there is no need of manually copying themes and plugins from a test server to production anymore. As I have mentioned above customers can  move changes with a single click, Changes include from live site to staging or from staging to live site, both. This is what most of you are looking for. Isn't that? Now lets move to the another thing.


Here is intelligent merging for you guys. Do you want to know what extra is here for you in Staging. The customers of Flywheel will decide whether they want to move just the themes and plugins or if they also want to add the database in moving list. Both the ways, Flywheel is here to  merge your uploads, and they will going to make sure that the customers never lose any of their things, changes and settings. 

Safe WordPress Update

Let me tell you a fact here. The fact is that the latest versions of WordPress have a tendency to break sites. You don’t have to worry regarding this concern. This is because here is staging site offered by Flywheel and this let you test out latest versions without any hurdles and commitments.

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You just need to upgrade to the new version. With the upgrading of the latest version you can verify  each and everything and if things seem awesome to you, you can apply for changes to production site from staging.  Isn't this very awesome for you guys. This is because you can now do every secondary things and experiments or anything you want to check or do something trial, you can do on the staging site. If that looks good to you then you can just apply for the changes and these very changes can be done with one click. 

New Plugins Testing

You people can check out the new plugins here i.e on the staging sites. You can test the new plugins with staging site. 

Agency Partner Program by Flywheel

This is one of the best reseller hosting program. Let me tell you here some special things about Agency Partner Program by Flywheel. Here are the things if you join Flywheel Agency Partner Program;
  • You’ll get a dedicated account manager and the manager will be available to help you price your services and structure your business in order to get the most out of reselling hosting. 
  • Flywheel will going to provide you a dedicated account management if you join the program.
  • There will be free hosting for your site.
You can become a partner of Agency Partner Program by filling a form. Let me here provide you screenshot of the form.
agency partner program
Agency Partner Program

Site Cloning

Site Cloning is one of the interesting feature, and also the one most of you are looking for. Flywheel has introduced this feature first time in 2015. Now the question is what actually Site Cloning is? Let me share an overview about site cloning first.
Site Cloning actually permits people to take a copy of a production site. People can recreate the copied production site as a new site. Also they can add it to an existing bulk plan. Cloning is one of the interesting thing here and it contains many helpful benefits for the customers. It is useful in many ways. Let me share you some of the ways;
  • It will help you in the condition of having one site and adapting a theme on which you have worked in the past and you want to clone into a bulk plan.
  • Also Flywheel helps you when you are having themes as well as plugins on which you have worked for client, and don't want to install the same themes and plugins again and again.

Why Flywheel

Till now I have mentioned many things about Flywheel. It includes overview and description of Flywheel. Also I have shared 12 important things about Flywheel after then there is the best thing about Flywheel. Apart from important and best thing I have discuss about the features of Flywheel in detail in the previous section. So if you left that section or you missed that unfortunately just go the previous section and have a look. I am very much sure that you will be pleased after going through all the important features being offered by Flywheel.

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If you are looking for the offer and want to grab the opportunity of black Friday offer then go the very beginning of this page you will find the "Click Here" button. You will get the best deal with amazing discount. Here I will give some authentic and real reason why you should recommend Flywheel. So if you guys are in confusion then this is the time to end your worry. Here are the reasons.

Uptime And Reliability

One of the best thing! The fact is Flywheel use very high quality of hardware that is why the customers are not facing any hurdles or any type of issues. This is because of the reason that quality hardware enhances the overall experience of the customers. There is malware monitoring and other important aspects that actually help to ensure that the site of the customer is up and always available for visitors. Uptime Guarantee and the use and reliability is very important for all no matter the user is starter or its an agency or Freelancer, its very essential for all. Flywheel is one of the best managed hosting service provider platform and it is very good if it comes the matter of reliability.  Here is 100% uptime.

Demo Sites by Flywheel

Here is another reason of using Flywheel platform. They are providing free demo sites. This is what most of you are looking for. You can try Flywheel for 14 days. In other words they are providing 14 days free trial. You can start working right from the first day.
Free Demo Flywheel
Demo Sites

  • You can set up demo sites for free here that is on Flywheel platform.
  • The free demo sites are production ready type.
  • All are password protected. 

User Friendly 

Its is very easy to use and everything you will going to find is simple and great. The Services are great and user friendly. Flywheel have introduced their each and every features thinking about their customers. Features are very fascinating. Due to the quality services there are traction of people day by day its increasing. All this is possible due to the way they are working on the complete great stable performance. Features are easy to understand no matter you are a beginner or expert. They have laid out everything very neatly and nicely. 

Support System

Support system is great. If you are going through any type of issue then in that situation you will get access to the real technical staffs that are experts in resolving your issues. The technical support system is available 24/7/365 for your help.

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Flywheel is offering fully managed hosting, This means that they are not going to compromise with the quality of hardware as well as software. You will get access to quite a few PDFs, documents and other stuffs. In fact there will be plenty of documents, videos and other information on the official site of Flywheel as well. From there you can get any type of information you want or you can also ask any queries. All the documents, videos and other info will help you and keep you informed about how to do things and so on.

A good suite of WordPress-specific options

This is the last but I think not the least reason for you. Flywheel will be your best pick if you are having WordPress Platform. Everything dedicated for the customers are available with the best services. Flywheel, one of the best managed WordPress hosting service provider delivers the fast speeds, solid performance as well as awesome support needed to keep your WordPress site running smoothly.

Pricing And Plans of Flywheel

Flywheel is good in pricing and plans. They are giving pay per site plans as well as bulk plans. Now the question is what is bulk plan? Let me give you some brief introduction about bulk plans.
Earlier people used to pay individually for all the Flywheel sites. That is why Flywheel launched this plans so that people can now pay at one for all the sites. Flywheel Bulk Plans are best for those who are having multiple sites or for agencies or resellers.

As we know Flywheel is the best in terms of quality services, we have talked a lot of things till now, here I will tell pricing of Flywheel. Flywheel is offering options for supporting multiple sites. This is one of the great thing for those who are associated to resellers and creative agencies. Also there is separate plan for Freelance. This in short Flywheel has created the plan list with very care of their customers. 
Here comes the plan and pricing of Flywheel. There are  following types of plans for the customers. They are namely;
  1. Starter Plan by Flywheel
  2. Freelance by Flywheel
  3. Agency by Flywheel
  4. Custom plan by Flywheel
Here it is-
flywheel, pricing, plans
Pricing and Plans by Flywheel

Starter Plan by Flywheel

It includes features like following-
  • SSL certificates
  • Globalization
  • Auto healing technology
  • Blueprints
  • Plugin updates
  • Performance insights
  • Collaboration
  • Security insights and many others

Freelance Plan by Flywheel

It includes all the starter features along with following- 
  • Multi site is here for you.
  • You will get third party SSL certificates.
  • White label
  • You will get more in the field of storage, bandwidths and additional sites. 

Agency Plan by Flywheel

This plan is for agencies. Here are more features if compared to that of previous one that is freelance and starter plans. Let me share some of the things. Actually this contain all the features of Freelance plan along with following;
  • Migration Dashboard 
  • Support on phone
  • Dedicated Account Manager

White Label 

White Label is a feature that is provided by Flywheel if you are preferring Freelance or agency or Custom Plan. White Label offers you a sleek and modern white labeled billing experience under your own brilliant brand. Other thing is that white label is built as an add-on to their world-renowned WordPress hosting platform. As a result you can resell not only their services but also your own. This all be available to your clients at whatever price you’d decide or like. Flywheel offers you following;
  • Create your own recurring revenue stream,
  • Deliver a streamlined client experience
  • You don't need to worry about any hassle, just you have to leave all the technical details to them.
As you can see the more costly the plan, the more characteristics, monthly visits, bandwidth you will get.  One interesting thing is that if you go for annual plan you will get one month free on annual billing.
Flywheel Black Promo Code 2021
Starter Freelance Agencies Custom
Need to Contact
Price per Month
14 days free trial
14 days free trial
14 days free trial
14 days free trial
Trial Offer
Click  Here to Get Instant Offer
25000 monthly visits
5GB disk
50GB Bandwidth

And other features like site cloning, blueprints, 24/7 support system, plugin updates, security, performance insights, simple SSL certificates and CDN

100,000 monthly visits
20GB disk
200GB Bandwidth

All Starter features along with features like White Label, Third Party SSL certificates, multisite.
500,000 monthly visits
5GB disk
50GB Bandwidth

All Freelance features plus Dedicated Account Manager, Migration Dashboard, Phone Support and so on.

Million+ visits
Multiple sites- 30+

All Agencies features plus

Dedicated Clusters

Quarterly Business reviews

other custom features. 


Whether it is matter of features or ease of use, whether it performance or pricing, whether it is reliability or Discount offer, everything is good. Flywheel is providing a top notch managed hosting experience at good prices. No one is in front of Flywheel if we look at the overall quality of service in the whole hosting world.

Bottom line?

If you guys are WordPress users and you are having a little room in your budget, it is the best choice for you. No one can match the standard of Flywheel if its WordPress. Flywheel is definitely a worth choice considering.