neet 2020 physics
NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is an All-India Pre-Medical exam for MBBS and BDS Undergraduate Courses. It was earlier conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), but is now conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency).

A plethora of Opportunities for a Life Saver- The Second God !

NEET is conducted every year during the first week of May (Tentative to be changed )

It consists of 3 Subjects -

  • Physics       
  • Chemistry      
  • Biology

Some of the Important topics in each of these are

Physics – Mechanics, Laws of Motion, Work Energy Power, Gravitation, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Atomic Physics.

Chemistry – Basic Concepts, Structure of Atoms, Chemical Bonding, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions Inorganic, Organic.

Biology – Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology, Genetics, Human Health & Diseases, Ecology.
Prioritization of Subjects and topics is very Important
One should focus more on the subject and topics he/she is weak in. More amount of time should be invested towards such topics. One of such Subject is Physics. Most of the students find Physics uninteresting and boring. But, regular practice can make you a Master in Physics.

Regular Revision is must to stay intact
It happens with almost 90% of the aspirants that they don’t revise properly and at regular intervals. This acts as an unidentified hurdle in their preparation. They get stuck in a question because they don’t remember a particular concept due to lack of proper revision strategy & planning.

Giving Tests regularly and analyzing the performance
This is something which an aspirant should be really serious about. They should give test on regular basis and work on their loopholes/mistakes and make sure that they never repeat the same mistake again.

Build on your Approach and simplify as much as possible
A problem can be solved in different ways. Similarly a question can be solved in numerous methods. Try to solve a lot of questions and adopt the simplest and fastest method to any particular question to have time in hand.

Remain Calm and Composed during NEET exam
Everything gets ruined when the end results are not fine. Same would be the case if we don’t deal with those 3 hours of the exam and complete the paper with full focus and accuracy. Even many good candidates end up ruining their entire year of preparation in just 3 hours due to unstable mind and a worried thought.


Physics – It has certainly turned into a Nightmare for some. Some Aspirants fear it so much that they eventually leave preparing physics and end up screwing up their overall NEET performance. It has come up as the most Traumatic Subject as per the aspirants. The major problems include –
  1. Large no. of Formulae
  2. Tricky Questions & Concepts
  3. Failure to get the correct answer
  4. Improper guidance & Strategy
The dilemma definitely gets solved in the presence of a Mastermind - A Mentor, who get us addicted to the essence of Physics. One of the Mastermind – Mr Sushant Yadav has crafted a course for NEET Physics whose quality speaks for itself- Best Physics for NEET 2020 Video Course

What adds up to the essence of this course is the Teaching methodology, which is quite simple and adaptable. The course contains –
  1. Highly Relevant Content for NEET
  2. Tips, Tricks and Guidance for special cases.
  3. Short-cut method to solve a question relatively faster.
  4. This is what makes this course a Masterpiece.
Time – Time factor plays an integral role in an aspirant's preparation as well as performance in the examination. Managing time helps a candidate to handle other problems like depression, anxiety, pressure etc. which are likely to occur during Stressful condition. So, one needs to use his/her time effectively and not get casual and careless.

Time is Money - Value it!

Social Problems – Many Aspirants face several kind of social disturbances which may be-

  • Managing Social sites
  • Maintaining too much social relationship
  • Bothering and getting involved everywhere

In today’s era, students are the primary victim of this social distress. They get highly indulged in social issues and kill their time. This in turn creates a disadvantage from their side and ruins their time, especially when you are preparing for a competitive examination.
So, Stop Bothering about other’s Life and Start caring about your Life.

Real life story which can serve as a source of Motivation

Perfect Preparation Strategy = Dream College

There is a friend of mine. His name is Julu Sahu. The more extraordinary the name sounds, the more appreciable personality and mind is what he reflects.
He couldn’t make it good in his first attempt right after 12th. He then took coaching and got a perfect mentor for him. That’s why I mention that, even a mentor plays a very crucial role. A right mentor can change you and carve you into a Master. 
He didn’t do well during the initial days of his preparation and was always messed up in Physics, which is a common phenomena. He wasn’t able to follow the concepts, approach problems, Solve them correctly. This built in a frustration within him. But he always chose to talk to his mentor and take regular guidance, as it is a common problem with many aspirants. 
He could see an improvement in his performance even. He used to score more now and with correct answer and is now in a very good Medical College.

During a conversation with him,

Me: Hey! Julu.

Julu: Yes Bro! How are you?

Me: I am fine. Where are you studying now?

Julu: Bhai! In MKCG college.
(I was dumbstruck. Because I had very little idea about it)

Me: Wow Bro! That calls for a treat then.

Julu: Okay fine.

Me: But first of all let me know how you did it? You always had a fear of Physics and could make it good in your test series. What strategy did you follow?

Julu: Yes Bro! Definitely a huge change and j understand it was not all by me. My teacher had a great role to play in this. He helped me during that point of time when I had almost lost hope for Physics. But, with his help, I was able to make it ultimately which fetched me a good college.

Me: Wow Bro! Definitely a motivational story it is. Would benefit a lot many aspirants who are in a dilemma and leave physics just because they don’t feel it easy. 

Julu: Yeah! The main problem is that no one is ready to learn physics by heart. Everyone just wants to know only that much which is sufficient to answer any question in NEET. But, that won’t serve the purpose always. So, in order to solve any question in physics, it’s Important to learn it by heart.

Me: That’s true though. Even I had the same problem. 

Julu: Oh!

Me: But where did you learn from? Who was the mentor who transformed you?

Julu: He is Mr Sushant Yadav. He is such a Mastermind I must say. He is really an amazing teacher. 
Me: Okay! How did he help you?

Julu: He has a very strong grasp over the concepts and has therefore crafted a very well organised crash course for students. 

Me: That sounds interesting. Could you plz tell me what does the course contain.

Julu: Yeah Bro! The course is finely designed for those students who have a difficulty in Physics and fear and leave it just because they think they can’t do it. 

The course contains-
  • Highly Relevant content apt to score a decent rank in NEET.
  • A lot many formulae which are actually necessary for NEET are discussed which examples.
  • Certain Tips, Tricks work very well and these are what actually shape you as an Aspirant.
  • Short-Cut methods to solve some questions which test your speed.
Me: I want to recommend it to my Juniors and my friends who have taken a drop. Could you help me with the source.

Julu: Sure Bro! Why not. It is actually an online course. So, I can provide the aspirants with the link and they can register for the course then.

Me: Fine! Share it to me on Whatsapp.

Julu: I have sent it.

Click Here to Get Started NEET Physics 2020 Video Course Online

Me: Thank a lot bro! It would be of great help for those aspirants who want to do well overall but fail due to lack of knowledge and practice in Physics. I hope this course will bring about a change in them.

Julu: Great! In fact a great course it is and I suggest it to everyone, even those who are good in Phyiscs. So that they could enhance their knowledge and brush up their concepts. They can identify their loopholes and work on it.

[ He then got a phone call and left suddenly but left me with a master piece in my reach- I thanked him a lot later]

From then, I have suggested this course to every serious aspirant as I have personally learnt physics by heart after studying from him. It’s surely a masterpiece. I believe that many will get a good score with the help of this course and ace their life in the best medical college.

Test series is also plays very important role for getting selected in the exam, like we have launched test series for Vizag Steel MT Test Series

There are many such untold and Unheard examples all around us. It’s definitely not possible to interact with everyone and adapt their strategy and work along. But, what could be done is selecting the best strategy out of the lot and applying it to your preparation to see results. Believe me! What seems impossible today will be done one day for sure! Just making the right plan and taking the right decision is all that matters.

Whenever you get a new idea in your mind regarding you strategy, plan well how to use the idea efficiently and strategic everything to make things clear and simpler to you. Ultimately, no doubt! Success is yours!

NEET is divide into
One should know a simple, yet effective formula to improve his score drastically. You can prepare your own process if you have any.

How many marks does one need to get into a good college?

How to achieve it?

Select a subject out of Physics or Chemistry which you are better in. Suppose Physics! 

Try to get 150+ in Physics and around 130+ in Chemistry.
( If you score more, then that’s even great! Bravo!)

Biology is something which is really mark fetching and you should take the advantage out of it. Try to score a minimum of 320+ in Biology.

Then, you will be able to get 600+ and get into a dream college.

How to handle test results?

Try to learn rather than to react. One can learn a lot from Test series that he/she gives and should make a short note of his/her mistakes, so that they don’t repeat it again and again which will make them repent later.

Say no to too many sources!


📚 D.C. Pandey

📚 H.C. Verma

📚 NCERT Physics

📚 S.L. Arora


📚 D.C. Pandey

📚 NCERT Chemistry

📚 O P Tandon


📚 NCERT Biology

📚 G.R. Bathla

These are a set of books which you need in your preparation. For solving question ➡
NCERT Fingertips!

  • Be in touch with studies. Any kind of irregularity will cost you a seat. Try to study most of the time and waste less.
  • Getting motivated from other’s success and learning from other’s mistakes. Try to commit as many mistakes as you can before the actual exam in order to avoid mistakes in the main exam.
  • Solving new questions everyday you a lot. This keeps you in practice and will not let you lose your momentum.
  • Regular discussion of doubts with friends and facilities so that no flaw remains inside you. Keep clearing your doubts from others to know their point of approach.
  • Never try to cheat yourself by wasting your time and not studying. Realise what is important at this particular frame of time and keep working. The end results will be fine and sweet. Cheating yourself is equal to running away from dreams.
  • Never try to look into the solution right after you are not able to solve a question. Remember that no one became a master overnight. 
What makes someone a topper?
It does always happen than toppers were born talented or had some additional memorizing skills by birth. A very few may come in this category but most of the toppers become a topper all through out their life. 

They build themselves and guide themselves to Success!

Let me share with you some of the topper's mindset

A Topper never sees himself in a state where he gets the feeling that, Yes! I have completed completed 100% of the syllabus and I know everything. He/She  never gets a gut feeling like this. 

This is what frames a Topper !

Most of the toppers are really down to Earth. They don’t accept false praise and appreciation. They just take their share of appreciation that they deserve and feel happy.

A Topper clearly distinguishes between what is important and what is not and understand what is important for him/her at this point of time and completely focuses on his/her task and gets it completed.

A Topper makes a very clear goal which is attainable and then he/she follows the best strategy to attain success!

I understand how much interesting Physics has become for the Students. I even realise that not much has been done to improve the scenario. But, there is always a Master mantra that can give one person success in anything he/she likes.

The Mantra goes like this 

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Yes, Practice is something which is highly crucial especially when you are aiming for competitive exams. Someone just can’t read all the concepts and perform exceptionally well in the exam. It takes a lot of practice along with it. 

Physics + Practice = Mastery !

There are many formulae that you don’t have to just mug up. Try to understand how it has been derived and get the concept. In exam, you have to use the concept rather than the formulae to solve the questions. Try to identify which questions fall into this category.

Try to understand various diagrams, charts, tables and their representation of data. There are some special cases where you need to convert the given question in form of chart or diagram or table and then solve it. 

Remember what to apply where. Many aspirants have a major problem of not knowing where to apply a particular concept or formulae. They just mug it up and try to solve the questions. That should not be the case anymore.

Try to solve a question multiple times and get the best possible way to solve that particular type of question using the best possible method which proves to be the shortest, accurate, and the most quickest of all. This way, you will be able to have enough time left for other questions which require time. Such are the questions which decide your rank! So, be aware of this fact.

Don’t let your frustration overshadow your preparation. Always be confident regarding what you have studied and never ever doubt yourself. Give time to yourself to learn things properly and master it.

Trust the study material that you have. It always happens that we feel that someone else is reading a little extra that we don’t know and we need to know. So we start focusing on those topics leaving the topics which are of major weightage.

Make Quickies – What I mean by quickies is that, try to make very short quickly formula or short concepts that you might have learnt or missed and try to refer it everyday before going to bed or after getting up from bed.

Never indulge in this practice of seeing the solution to a question right after the question is unsolvable by you. Try to go back to the concept and try to identify what are your loopholes and work on them. If still you aren’t able to solve, try to gather hints to solve the question. It’s always better to adopt this method rather than simply copying or seeing the solution. You can do it anytime. So why not after trying the solution out by yourself.

Try to build a habit of doing yoga or any other practice that sharpens your concentration. This has a great role to play in your success, though no one is working on it.

The path to get success
Take the NEET syllabus and figure out the topics to be learnt. Keep the syllabus in mind and take the first step. It is the most crucial part. The Beginning!

Categorize the subjects and divide your day into three parts. Each for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology respectively. Learn all 3 subjects daily.

Start reading the introduction carefully and understand the purpose of learning that chapter. Go through all the topics on a superficial level in one go, but not in great depth. In the second go, try to learn the concepts by heart and understand where and how to apply.

After a particular topic is covered by you, try to gather as many questions from as many sources as you can, provided they are relevant to your context of preparation. Start solving those questions to get a better understanding of the utilization of the concept that you have already read.

Albert Einstein! Yeah! Who doesn’t know him?

This visionary person was only able to become a Master of science because he had an interest. An interest to at least understand and make ideas and thoughts come into reality!
They were the scientists who invented it !

We are just reading the already existing data and even find problem doing that also. So, this doesn’t sound to be a healthy and innovative mindset.

They didn’t blame physics to be boring and cumbersome. Rather they realised how beautiful it is. 
Look around yourself and you will find physics and its principle to be applied everywhere. From a pin to the entire Universe we live in. Physics describes them all.

Many think that Physics has nothing to do if they are preparing for Medical. But it’s not. We should always look how interdisciplinary our system is. Everything around is combination of Physics with applied theories to it.

A True Mentor is one who allows you to see the hope in yourself!

Often what we are in search of is a good Mentor! But, not everyone serves as a good mentor. The one who connects the dots and makes things more clearer and acceptable serves as a Mentor, who guides us in each & every possible manner in every possible step of our preparation in life.

Just like Sushant Yadav sir, whom I mentioned earlier is a mentor himself who knows how to guide and what methods to use to make a student understand and make the best use of his/her knowledge. He is a gem!

The way he has explained physics to his students in a student friendly manner is truly remarkable. What else can we expect from a true mentor like him!

There are certain stages in our life when we fall and don’t know how to back up and continue. It is a mentor who comes to our rescue in the best possible manner. He is like a candle who consumes himself to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom!

We all know about the greatest mentor of all time- Dronacharya and the values he added to his student-Karna


The most respected word in the society- Doctor! 

Definitely looks very classy to be called as a doctor and being praised for being the noblest of all. A life- saver is what we call them and consider them to be second to god. 
But, how many us do really understand the efforts and the countless hours they have spent in this noble profession? One needs to be committed, determined towards learning medicine & Surgery, afterall it is a life that is at stake. 

The preparation for NEET is not everything that makes you a doctor, it’s the feeling from day 1 to serve for mankind that made you a doctor, A selfless human being. He, who values life more than money. Definitely, it’s not easy to be called as a life saver or a second god. Isn’t it? NEET is the gateway for you to enter into the world of service towards mankind. So, it is advised to take it seriously or not to take it at all! Afterall it’s someone’s life which will be in your hand. The days after this struggle for NEET is going to shine and soar you towards satisfaction. This is what you can see in the eyes of a Doctor- The noblest of all!

As a matter of fact, what responsibilities you carry as a doctor is much more than solving physics questions. So, it’s better not to fear a subject as you are in the journey of achieving even bigger challenges. So, just a simple subject should not be a hurdle !

Be Bold when you are in a journey for being the Noblest!


Fear of Unknown – We fear our competitors. It’s natural to occur but shouldn’t reside much in you. Also, having some fear doesn’t make you overconfident in some cases. So, try finding out the perfect balance within you.

Don’t fear any subject but that is what you need the most to succeed. Not reading any particular subject can cost you a lot of marks and ultimately lead to your failure.

Never kill time! It’s the most previous resource you have now. And the one who makes the complete utilization of this limited resource, succeeds in every field.

Never get ego to reside in you. Discuss topics with your friends and teachers. This will help you to expand your Horizon of knowledge. At the same time, don’t have an inferiority complex even. Be balanced.

Physics is cool!  What you need is a correct attitude to understand and grab it. It is you who has to create interest in this domain. Believe me! There is no other way out!

Be consistent throughout your preparation. It is you who needs to maintain this consistency as it is you who needs to succeed. This should be very clear in your mind from day one. Don’t divert yourself and don’t waste time.

Clear Vision – This is what you need the most. A clear and definite vision always helps one because he knows well what is the need of the hour and what he needs to focus on primarily.

Be humble – Even if you succeed, try to be humble and grounded, because as it is said, Just like Failure is not permanent, so is success. Value it! And preach it. Work hard to maintain it and never let  affect your success.