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2021 Updated- the great year for making money online from blogging, well I am not saying blogging is the only way to make money online, but I have to say blogging is the secure way to make money online, I mean if you want constant income from online then blogging is the best.

Things You Need to Learn to Become Successful Blogger-

  • Writing articles for your blog.
  • Getting more knowledge on the topic you are writing
  • Do experiments
  • Try different channels for promotion
  • Learn editing software like PhotoShop, Video editing software for Vlogging
  • Basics of Search engine optimization
  • Networking 
  • Promotion on social media and so on.
What I believe, experience in last three years.

Well, I was just like you, did not have any idea to make money online, browse thousands of website, wasted money as well as time.

But did not make even dime.

Finally, I found many ways to make money online and finally I am making money online a constant income, still I am a student, I know, you have to learn many more things and blah blah blah..........

If want to know more about me then you can read here.

Well, that is not needed now because, you could not get anything till now about money making online systems, but I am pretty you will need after reading this article.

Okay then let me tell about blogging.

Blogging is not old not even people making money online from blogging is old, I talk lot about blogging, even I have started providing free guide to blogging.

Here is the Link to- Create a Blog and Make Money.

In the above given link you can get each and everything to create your own blog even to make money ideas.

But today, I am going to share few different tips other than those traditional odd ways to earn money online since 2003, when Google Adsense introduced.

I am not saying Google Adsense is not good, it is a good ads network to earn money online from blog, but their income is limited.

Here, I am going to tell you unlimited income from blog.

Yes, unlimited.

But for this you need to have good ideas, few tips, knowledge about the topic you are blogging about, no matter in which field you are going to choose to blog or you have already choose.

Start providing service through your blog, if you want to really make lot of money online, actually let me tell the whole idea in steps by steps.

Well, this is not possible now a days to get lots of visitors to your blog is a month or even two months and without lots of traffic you are not going to make money from Adsense programs.

The solution is service, yes own service.

Yes, if you will provide service then if only 1% of your blog readers will use your service you can make much more money online from your blog than Adsense.

I hope you got it.

Probably, you have seen I do not provide any service through my blog, then how am I making money online.

Actually I have many blogs, I have lot of visitors other than these I am a affiliate marketer so I don't need to provide any service to any one to make money online.

But in future I can start service through my blog.

Well, one more tips I would like to share with you, that is selling your digital products, no matter in which country you are living, if you have knowledge about any topic then you can sell your knowledge to the world of people.


It's easy.

You just need to convert it into PDF format and then upload and sell through Paypal, Instamojo for Indian market as well, well it is not just like that, I am just providing you an idea to do it.

Because I am working on this, later I will post details post on this for your better understanding.

If you would like to start affiliate marketing then you need to understand the whole concept of it, actually as a beginner it is little difficult to start making money as an Affiliate.

I hope you liked it.

One more thing you would like you to read that is building email list here is that- Build Huge Email List

I am writing this part of this article on 29th of May 2020, when I have started blogging it was long back today as right now I can share with you.

Four working ways to earn money from blog, all these are working way, because all these ways are working for me currently.

Yes, you are right I am not going to tell you ads network, because that you all know but to be frank that is not the best way to earn money from blog especially if you don't have lot of traffic. Ways, I will share with you, you can make money with even little traffic.

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Sponsored Post
3. Selling Your Own Digital Products
4. Selling Your Own Services.

All these ways are just amazing way to earn money from blog, but don't try to implement all at a time. First implement affiliate marketing then 3rd and 4th one the 2nd one that is sponsored post you will get automatically from companies, if you will work on your blog properly. 

I hope you got idea about blogging, at least little idea but if you will read links I have provided then I am sure you are going to get lots of information regarding blogging and make money online.

See, dear online is the biggest market place in the world, that's why competition is more but you can beat competition easily just you need to deliver quality things, may be product, may be information etc.

Then you will definitely succeed but you need to have patience, because true business always need time to build.

Is there anything would you like to know?