Blogging Vs YouTube in 2023- Which One is Better to Earn More Money- I am doing blogging from last 11 years and doing YouTube from last 6 years now, on my YouTube Channel I have about 200,000 subscribers. you can see the below screen shot.
Blogging Vs YouTube
Blogging and YouTube are both popular ways to share information and ideas online, but they have some key differences.

  • Blogging typically involves writing articles or posts on a website or platform, and sharing them with a readership.
  • Bloggers can write about any topic they choose, and they can include text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements in their posts.
  • Blogging is a good way to establish oneself as an expert in a particular field or topic.
  • Blogging is a good way to build a long-term audience and establish an online presence.
  • Blogs are great for SEO, and for building a loyal audience.
  • YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos.
  • YouTube is a good way to share video content, such as tutorials, vlogs, and other types of video content.
  • YouTube is a great platform for building an audience and establishing a personal brand.
  • YouTube is a great way to earn money through advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise.
  • YouTube is great for visual learners and for those who want to create video content.
  • Both Blogging and YouTube can be used together to create a powerful online presence, and also to reach different types of audience. Blogging is great for text based content, while YouTube is great for video-based content. They can complement each other and increase the reach and engagement of your content.

Blogging Vs YouTube in 2023




Money Investment

Domain + Hosting [Blogger Free- Recommended for Beginner], Theme[Free for beginner] = 1000 Rs

Camera, or good camera phone, video editor = 15000 to 50,000 Rs


About 100% control

Not 100% but you can control almost all expect the platform





3.4 Billion People are using internet.

2 Billion


No limit

Per 1000 views approximately you can make about $4

No limit

Per 1000 views approximately you can make about $.7

Time Required

About 2 months

About 2 months

Tips to Get Success

Consistency may be 1 hour per day

Enjoy the process.

Don’t try hard

Write, write and write, must improve your way to writing.

Promote the articles on social media, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing all but start from one.

Put ads on your blog for quick money but not the best source to make money online

Learn affiliate marketing

Sell your own digital products may be e-books as well as video courses.

Consistency may be 1 hour per day.

Enjoy the process.

Don’t try hard. 

Focus on voice quality.

Video quality also

Learn way to do proper editing as well as adding short music but must be copy right free.

Don’t promote bad products on YouTube, it will destroy your image.

Tell viewers to like, share and subscriber your channel

Promote on Facebook and other platforms like WhatsApp, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, paid ads but not for beginner.


You can Watch This in Video Format But in Hindi

What is the Big Different Between Blogging and YouTube?

Its ranking and traffic, let me make you understand about it, people will search on YouTube to get videos may be on Google and other search engines so probability will be much more to get traffic but also loose traffic if your content is not good because suggestion videos may be do not belong to you but in case of blogging people will come to your blog which is yours only.

Which One is Better to Get Instant Traffic?

Blogging- To be frank blogging will take time to get traffic from search engines but you can get traffic on your blog instantly from social media, social groups like Facebook groups, Whatsapp Groups, your social media profile as well. But remember traffic you get from search engines is the most valuable traffic, to make a successful blog you have to create a content around your passion so that you can deliver best content and people will love it which equals more shares, more CTR(Click Through Rate) on search engines, which means better ranking on search engines of your blog which equals more traffic and more traffic means more money.

Top 5 Tips to Make A Blog Successful-

  1. Be consistent, sooner or later you will get desire result
  2. Focus on right strategies to make a blog successful
  3. Follow others, see what others are doing which makes them successful in blogging, do better than them to become better than them in future.
  4. Learn SEO, Content writing and keep improving
  5. Invest money on learning, networking, domain, theme as well as on paid marketing for branding of your blog and keep moving. For creating professional wordpress blog you need hosting I recommend SmarterAsp Coupon code as well as RoseHosting Discount.
Putting videos on YouTube with proper SEO is the best way to rank your videos on YouTube search results which means more views means more money simple calculation but it is little easier to drive traffic to your videos even you are new to video making but in blogging it takes time to rank your articles.

So, we can say that both having some advantages with disadvantages inbuilt.

Top 5 Tips to Become Successful YouTuber-

  1. Be consistent
  2. Create Videos on Your Topic Only[Most of the time no hard rule]
  3. Focus on video as well as audio quality[Just think a camera is your student and create video]
  4. Learn talking in-front of the camera, video editing, thumbnail design[You can use free version of Canva, MS Paint both are good]
  5. Promote your videos for more views and more reach

Which One is Easier to Manage?

Both having different type of features but blogging can not be done with mobile but YouTube can be done, so according me YouTube is easier but of course some disadvantages are there. One more thing there are more and more people have mobile than Laptop so YouTube is easy for them.

Which is Best for Students?

As a student, I will recommend you to start from blogging because you will face less problem or criticism which demotivates you, later on after completing your graduation you can move to YouYube as well.

Which One Can Help you to Make Money

Both can help you to make lot of money, money is by product you need to think how people will get help from it, most important my dear you need to give a reason to visit your blog or to watch your videos means you need to solve people problem, if you can do that you will make lot of money.

How Much Investment Required?

Blogging- You need to have a domain name and you can start with free theme on blogger, this is a good platform by Google to start your blogging journey, later you can move to a next professional level of blogging that is WordPress with your own hosting. As a beginner in blogging you just need to invest about $15 to start a blog. But its not about an investment its about dedication and consistent work, if you can do that you can make money, yes why not. For blogging hosting is the investment as well as domain and SSL also but I know a hosting company which is giving domain for FREE, SSL for FREE as well as daily free backup with even 75% discount I am sure you now want to know it then read my HostArmada Review.

YouTube- Almost ZERO, I remember when I started at that time I had only a simple under rated so called smart phone as my channel got about 5,000 subscribers then I move to get next another good smartphone worth about 16,000 Rs in 2016 then in 2017 I got my DSLR then in 2019 another expensive DSLR in 2020 I got two more DSLR's for my team. This is how I have started, today we have running half dozens YouTube channels in different categories and its really feeling good because I have started and keep doing and of course keep improving. So that's my YouTube journey.

Who Earns More Blogger or Youtuber?

Yeah, that is a good question I must say that because most of beginners those just wanted to start they have asked this question only, so my answer to them it is depend on person, views, subscribers, content quality, topics as well as what type of people watching such videos, let me give you an example if one person will watch a video from India and only person from USA the earning will be far far different whether it is a blog or YouTube channel. I hope you got my point. 

So, if you are thinking I am a beginner which one I should choose to start then I will recommend you start with your blog, which is better for students but if you are someone who is already have good knowledge or have some skills to share with the world then of course you can start YouTube channel too and one more thing at the end of this article you will come to know another system that is HYBRID system which I am using from last 5 years which is just next level.

Which is Better Blog or YouTube?

In one sentence, I wanted to answer this question that is it's on you. 

What is the difference between a Blogger and a YouTuber?

There is huge difference but three big differences I will share with you here-
Blogging- Its your own, text based, little time taking
YouTube- You don't have 100% control, Video based, easy to rank on search

Is YouTube Considered a Blog?

No, YouTube is not a blog, blog is a text based which is like a website like this one is a blog which you are reading and is a YouTube channel.

Type of Content Perform Better- Blogging Vs YouTube-

Blogging- Statistics, Facts Based, Researched, Detail Guide, Information
YouTube- Information, How to Guide, Travel Guide, Travelling

Blogging Vs YouTube- [The Hybrid System]

As I told earlier of this blog post, I am going to share with you hybrid system to earn money, for growth, for scaling as well as to build a super profitable business based on your passion, knowledge as well as experience.

That is- Start with blog + YouTube

Yes, both have  amazing demand.

Let me tell you what difference it can make-

Traffic is very important part of online business so if you have opportunity to drive traffic from any source then don't miss that opportunity always try to grab it, for blog and YouTube both have amazing opportunity to get traffic if you want fast traffic then YouTube always win. Personal experience of generating over 15 M views.

To put Google Ads on YouTube it takes little time that is you need to get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers and for blog you need good content and several few pages but from blog you have other lot of options to earn money like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling your own products as well. the same thing can happen with YouTube as well. but if you are running both then it can generate double revenue.

Conversion- If you are trying to sell anything through blog post or YouTube, then this is my personal experience YouTube converts much better than blog post, in case of blog posts typical conversion rate is about .5 to 3% but in case of YouTube its conversion rate is even sometimes I have seen 20%. So here YouTube is the winner but if you combined both then it will help you to add some extra advantages for more conversion means integrate the video in the article at the end as well as you can put the blog post link in the description as well as in the first comment and tell views to check the blog so more traffic will come to your blog from YouTube.

Ranking on Google-
If you will write good articles on your blog then definitely it can rank better on Google which means more traffic that means more revenue, but if you will add the video at the end of the article it will help users to stay on the blog post for more time which means even much better ranking of your blog post can get on search engines.

Blogging Vs YouTube Ads, Passion-
Blogging- If you love writing then blogging is best for you, I can remember I have written my first ever article away from home in Railway station and that blog post make me over $800 so far, so if you are passionate about writing then blogging is just awesome for you, you can also put any other ads network code on blog for making more money from blog.

YouTube- If you love talking, I must say love talking in front of the camera then YouTube is just superb choice for you, but you can not put others ads with like blogging flexibility on your YouTube videos because it will be there for forever only one good option other than selling own digital products, sponsored post and affiliate marketing that is Google Ads which is good.

Requirements to Monetize Blog and YouTube Channel-

Let's talk about what are requirements to monetize your blog, for bloggers there are only few good ads networks, but only one is the best that is Google Adsense in India as well as in any other country.

But, putting ads on blog and earn money is not the only way to earn money, there are many other ways to earn money, like affiliate marketing, selling own digital products as well as from sponsored. These three are big ways to earn money from blog or YouTube both. For making money from these 3 ways you don't need any specific requirement its like direct business.

But for making money or even applying for Google Adsense you need certain requirement so, lets learn those things about blogging as well as for YouTube.

Blogging- Before applying for Google Adsense you must have certain pages like About Me, Contact Me, Disclaimer, Privacy and Policy as well as your blog must have 20 good blog posts and of course you need some traffic on your blog, these things will be helpful to get approved Google Adsense and then you can earn money from ads also. If your blog 6 months old then it is an advantage but not hard rule because many blogs get approval even 1 month old.

YouTube- When I have started, there were no such requirement. but now you need to have 4000 hours watch time as well as 1000 subscribers to get approval, yes few things I wanted to share with you 4000 hours watch time videos should be available on the channel as well as should not get from YouTube ads because such watch time should be natural to get approval otherwise they will not approved this information I got information from many fellow YouTubers.

Remember one simple sentence to get success in the internet as a business person you should not try hard to earn money act smart but don't try to make fool because there is no space for copy paste in the internet world, you need to be creative so that people will like it, if you will do so you can get success and become another successful blogger.

Some Earning Proof of Indian Blogger, Inspiration for New bloggers-
Blogging Vs YouTube, Earning Proof

Last Few Words for More Help-
Both having good opportunity, just you need to start with right mindset that is business mindset and think long term goal then definitely you will get success in this internet world. Just remember two things those are learn and implement rest other things leave on nature.