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If you want to know more about HostAramda then keep reading you will learn lot of things about HostArmada hosting service provider.

About HostArmada-
Well, this is one of the most amazing web hosting provider in the world because they have most amazing team to work with them. After talking to them with my more than 10 years of experience in digital world I am sure about one thing that is they are very professional and they are sure about there mission and vision so definitely you can get their service with various benefits.

Well, I will share with you their expertise as well as services in details one by one. Yes it is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the world and very soon you will be part of it. I am sure about it because things I am going to share with you which is just amazing for any web hosting company offering.

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But, here I am going to share with you, few key things about HostArmada, it is the vision of the company
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Tolerance
  • Spread Wisdom

Pricing of HostArmada-About HostArmada

HostArmada is very good when it comes to pricing because they wanted to help people to get their business online. For any business if you will help your customers at the pain point they grow faster like the same here in the case of HostArmada they understood the customer pain point those are pricing, security support, tutorials, servers and a lot more.

So, they are providing such facilities under their hosting services, okay I am sure you are looking for knowing pricing of HostArmada right.

So, I am going to share with you pricing according the plan, here in this section I will share only starting pricing later in the upcoming section of this article you will come to know more about pricing and features of the hosting plan.
  1. Shared Hosting - $2.99 per month
  2. VPS Hosting- $54.95 per month
  3. Dedicated Hosting- $149 per month
  4. WordPress Hosting- $2.99 per month
  5. WooCommerce Hosting- $2.99 per month
  6. Development Hosting- $2.99 per month
  7. Magento Hosting- $2.99 per month
In the upcoming section of this article I am going to share with you all details about hosting they are providing so that you can learn more about their services and you will be amaze to see all the services with the price they are offering one more thing FREE Domain Name this is just superb and with all hosting plan.

WordPress Blog Hosting-

I am writing this section for my fellow bloggers those wanted to started or already started their career as a blogger.

So, if you want to get huge success then WordPress is best CMS(content management system) because maximum number of successful blogs are powered by WordPress. About 30% of the website in the world powered by WordPress.

I have been blogging from last 11 years now and in this duration one big problem I have seen among bloggers that is about hosting there are many factors may be budget problem, security, backup problem. After looking at HostArmada offers regarding WordPress hosting I am sure your requirement can be full filled at one place.

So, I am sure you wanted to know more about their WordPress hosting right. So lets go for it. Its starting price is $2.99 per month with general discount but I have shared coupon codes for getting discount so that you can save some money right.

Yeah, you have any type of question in your mind then you can ask their amazing well experienced customer support team. I am sure you will get proper answers from them.

Well, here below I am going to share with you screen shot of their features for managed WordPress hosting-
HostArmada WordPress Hosting

Managed Cloud SSD Development Hosting-

If any developer wanted to build a website then that person must required few tools which is necessary but that is depend on technology they are using.

So, here I will cover in details about tools you will get even you will get many more features including few common features like Free cPanel, Free SSL for all sites, Web Server Cache, Daily Backups, Cloud SSD Storage, Support 24/7/365.

Okay, are you looking for starting price, may be okay let me tell you its very affordable that is $2.99 even I have shared promo code on the above for getting more discount.

Let's talk about tools you will get as well as features included in this web hosting plan, here are the key features included which I will share in the below screen shot and then I will talk about tools.
Development Hosting by HostArmada

PHP Dev Tools-
  • PHP version selector
  • PHP module selector
  • Custom PHP Version Per Directory
  • PHP INI editor
  • Composer
  • PHP PEAR Packages
NodeJs Dev Tools-
  • NodeJS Selector
  • Standalone node binary
  • Apache® Mod Passenger
  • NPM
  • Grunt
  • Bower
  • Gulp
  • Yarn
Python Dev Tools-
  • Python Selector
  • Standalone python binary
  • Apache® Mod Passenger
  • Python Modules Manager
  • pip Package Manager
SQL Dev Tools-
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Database/Users Management
  • MySQL Command line
  • Remote MySQL
  • Database Replication
Other Dev Tools-
  • Code Edit/Review
  • git cPanel tool
  • File Manager
  • Less & SASS compilers
  • SSH Access
  • WP-CLI

Managed, Cloud SSD WooCommerce Hosting-

Woocommerce is very popular, well in this section I will talk about hosting provided by HostArmada for WooCommerce users, those already using or even those willing to start may be because of that you are reading this article.

First of all thank you very much for that, yes for reading this article. Now lets talk about managed cloud SSD WooCommerce hosting by HostArmada. Here below I am going to share with you few common features they are providing under this hosting plan-
  •  Free cPanel
  •  Free SSL for all sites
  •  Web Server Cache
  •  Daily Backups
  •  Cloud SSD Storage
  •  Support 24/7/365
There are few other factors those are really important for any web hosting plan those are good up-time, which they are providing up-to 99.9% which is really good, low number of websites in server for providing good experience to your users as well as amazing support team they have which is all the time because problems you may face anytime with the internet world. So they are always there to help you and I must say that to solve your problems.

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That's not all they are also providing some awesome features with WooCommerce hosting which standout HostArmada among other web hosting service providers, I am sure you are looking for those features right, I am pretty sure your answer is yes. So let me put the screen shot below so it will become easier for you to get it.
Woocommerce hosting by hostarmada

All the features they are giving with this hosting are really good including cPanel and of course never the less SSD Cloud storage for fast speed of your web page. But, being myself digital entrepreneur I would love to give good experience to my users exactly you can get here at HostArmada.

I know, you are looking for pricing it is same as you are going to get with Magento 2, I am putting the screen shot below-
Woocommerce pricing web hosting by hostarmada

Managed, Cloud SSD Magento 2 Hosting-

In this section, I am going to share with you Magento hosting providing by HostArmada in details like I have shared with you about WordPress hosting one in the previous section of this article.

There are three plans they are providing those are-
1. Start Dock
2. Web Wrap
and 3. Speed Reaper

All of their plans having some common features those I am sharing below-
  •  Free cPanel
  •  Free SSL for all sites
  •  Web Server Cache
  •  Daily Backups
  •  Cloud SSD Storage
  •  Support 24/7/365
There are 3 major benefits Magento 2 hosting, now I will share screen shot of it for your better understanding and for little bit visualization-
HostArmada Magento 2 web hosting 
One of the amazing thing for e-commerce portal is that you need to have good hosting provider so that your users will feel amazing speed of the website and exactly you will get here with this web hosting company as you can see on the benefits of their magento 2 web hosting.

That's not all you will get ton of more features with this hosting plan, are thinking about pricing, don't worry that also I will share with you.

First of all let's know all the other features you will get with this hosting plan, I have shared the below screen shot.

Okay, now I am pretty sure you are excited about this web hosting and looking for pricing so that you can start your own e-commerce website to attract clients all around the world. 


If your answer is yes then let me share with you the screen shot of it, because visualization is always good right. 
Pricing of Magento Hosting by HostArmada

Other Types of Hosting Services Provided-

There are wide of range of products they are offering according to your need, so that you can choose right one according to your business need.
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
Now we will discuss features of each and every hosting so that you can figure out which one is best for you.

Shared Hosting-
Well this is one of the hosting service you can get if you are willing to just start with low traffic, because comparatively cheap and of course the services provided by HostArmada which is just awesome.

Because starting price of this hosting is only $2.99 which is the best in comparison with other hosting providers I must say that.

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They are having three plans under shared hosting, I will share in details but first let me tell you all the plans having few common features those are-
  •  Free cPanel
  •  Free SSL for all sites
  •  Web Server Cache
  •  Daily Backups
  •  Cloud SSD Storage
  •  Support 24/7/365
Rest depend on the plan you will choose, here is the list of services they are offering, I am sharing the screen shot of it.
HostArmada Pricing, Review

Now, lets talk about another hosting service provided by HostArmada, which will really amazing if you want to handle average amount of traffic on your website.

Yes, you are right I am talking about VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting-
Well, if your requirement little more then you can choose this hosting plan, which will be suitable like if you are looking for getting traffic more than 50,000 visitors per month then this hosting is good for you. There are number of option you can choose under hosting plan like they are providing in share hosting.

Here are some common features of VPS Hosting-
  •  Free cPanel
  •  Free SSL for all sites
  •  Web Server Cache
  •  KVM Virtualization
  •  Cloud SSD Storage
  •  Support 24/7/365
Yes, I am sure you are looking details right, I can understand your feeling I totally get it, because I was in the same situation but 10 years back.

So, in the below screen shot I will share with you details VPS hosting plan screen shot-
HostArmada VPS Hosting Pricing
I hope this will help you to know more about the plan and choose according to their need.

Now, lets talk about one of super amazing and super power web hosting plan which is needed when you can huge traffic and one of the best thing 

So, lets talk about another hosting service provided by HostArmada.

Dedicated Hosting-
When you are running a website which will have huge traffic or even getting huge traffic then this is the hosting for you, well HostArmada is also providing different category of hosting under this hosting plan, which I will share in details so you can select quite easily according to your own requirement.

Common Features of this hosting you will get-
  •  Free cPanel
  •  Free SSL for all sites
  •  Web Server Cache
  •  Daily Backups
  •  SSD Storage
  •  Support 24/7/365
Well, there are many more features you will get according to plan you will choose, pricing plan starting with $149/month.

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I am sure you are looking for details information right, so here I am going to share with you details screen shot of it.
HostArmada VPS Hosting Plan

Another important factor for all the online business owner that is location of the users, because if you will choose a hosting service provider which is having users in USA and they have servers in Australia then users will not get amazing user experience on the website.

So, for this data centers of the web hosting provider for this case HostArmada is doing amazing because they are providing server all around the world.

Well, I will talk in details about it in the coming section of this article, I am sure you are going to love the screen shot of it.

Top 14 Amazing Facts About HostArmada-

Here, in this section I am going to share with you most amazing facts about HostArmada, those I am sure you wanted to know, so without further delay let me share with you.
  1. They have amazing customer support team.
  2. Pricing of this web hosting service is reasonable starting with $2.99, even I have shared amazing coupon codes on the above for getting more discount.
  3. Wide range of services so according to your need you can choose the service you want even you can upgrade later, when you want.
  4. FREE Domain Name
  5. FREE SSL which is needed to rank better on search engines like Google, Bing.
  6. Loading speed of the website is really good and again which is one of the important factor to rank better for getting organic traffic from search engines.
  7. Secure- Being hosting your data on other sever is really matter, so they are good in security wise also.
  8. Money Back Guarantee- Yes they are providing upto 45 days money back guarantee which is decent enough to decide whether to go with them or not.
  9. Not happy with current hosting service- This is also normal that you are already using hosting service but you are not happy and wanted to change without loosing anything so you can use their service that is FREE Website Migration, for better information you can chat with their amazing support team.
  10. They have total 9 data centers, which is really good.
  11. Knowledge- Many of you wanted to learn more about new technology and yes they are providing many tutorials for free for learning about particular technology like cPanel Tutorials, WordPress Tutorials, WooCommerce Tutorials, Magento Tutorials, Prestashop Tutorials.
  12. FREE daily backups- to be honest I am using many web hosting service providers for my different blogs, so I have able data backup service. So, dear maximum of them charge some money every month for data backup but for the case of HostArmada you will get it for free.
  13. Experienced people- Their whole team having huge experience in the field of hosting, which is really great for getting good service.
  14. SSD Hosting- They also offered you to get SSD shared hosting on cloud

List of Data Centers Provided by HostArmada-

As I said data centers plays important role to provide amazing user experience to your customers, so you will get lot of servers under this hosting service provider, I am sure you are looking for screen shot of it, because it will become easier for you to see it.

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Here is the screen shot of the list of data centers of this web hosting provider-
HostArmada Data Centers

Customer Support by HostArmada-

Which is most important part of any web hosting company, because after all you will face problem at that time you need amazing customer support to resolve your problem.

As, I am writing this part of this article I am chatting to one of their representative, many questions I have asked to them they are really cool while answering your questions, which is really good.

After chatting with their representative I am sure they will take care of your queries also, I am sure you are looking for rating right. So, I will rate their customer support 9.5/10.

And dear which is pretty good.

Yes, they have amazing support team I am repeating it again because their support team having amazing experience as I came to know he is having master degree and having 5+ years of experience in web hosting industry and which is really good.

User Interface of HostArmada-

There are maximum of the people non techie so all of them always looking for cool I must say simple user interface. So, in the case of this web hosting provider, their user interface is quite simple so that you can easily do your task on the platform.

How to Make Payment for Hosting Service by HostArmada-

Well, once you will choose your domain name it will ask you to choose plan, there are three plans for you, those are- Annually, Biennially &  Triennially, all the plans having free domain name. Yes while choosing domain or purchasing hosting if you will face any problem you can contact their support team, they are good in this.

Then they will ask you to choose data centers, here you need to choose data centers according to your user base presence like your users belong to India then choose India(Mumbai data center), all data centers information I am putting on the below screen shot.
Data centers by hostarmada
Then you need to promo code for getting discount, although I have shared such step on the above. Yes coming to the answer of the main question that is how you can you make payment for hosting service. Currently they are providing two ways to make payment those are-
  • VISA and
  • Paypal

What I Love About HostArmada-

When, I write about any hosting or any other service provider I always put this section because many of my readers wanted to know my point of view regarding the service provider whether it is hosting company or even email marketing company.

Okay, lets come back to the point. What I love about this hosting service provider let me share with you so that it will be helpful for you.
  • Customer Service- This is my first priority because after all if you will face any problem then only support team can let you feel relax and after chatting with their support I am sure you will get amazing experience with them.
  • Price- Price plays very important role so that you will not face any type of budget problem, as you come to know pricing starting from $2.99 per month even I have shared coupons for you.
  • Wide Range of Products- Yes being a customer I always start from shared web hosting service if I like the service then I went to other services, even if you will start from a basic plan and you see your online business is growing then you need VPS or even dedicated server for that case you need a hosting company which provides all round products so that switching will become super easy and hassle free and as I said on the above I just love their support team. Personal experience.
  • Premium Services for FREE- Everybody love to get free services but when it is paid everywhere if you get such service for free like domain name, yes you will get domain name for free that's not all my dear you will get few more free services those are really good like daily backup which is just superb, Free SSL
  • Upto 45 days money back guarantee- that is the confidence level I usually see so that people can easily trust on the product because you will get upto 45 days full money back guarantee so all risk they are taking you can get full money back if you don't like their services.

How to Choose Web Hosting for Your Online Business-

Okay, before sharing tips to choose good web hosting let me share little bit about me, I am sure you are here to know more about web hosting plan provided by HostArmada. But little brief introduction will give you more confidence that what I am talking here which is purely based on my about 11 years of experience in online business.

Let me tell you presently I am using more than 8 web hosting services hosting over 2 dozen blogs, handling lot of websites for different businesses.

So, here are few factors you need to see while choosing better web hosting for you-
1. Your need- This is one of the most important aspects before choosing web hosting plan, about your own business, what you wanted to get from online presence, first you need to know about it. I mean think about it and then decide. If you are just starting then you need start with shared web hosting plan.
2. Your Budget- This is also a very important aspects, I know there are many of the people those just starting out they choose hosting plan probably expensive plan which is out of their budget. So always choose hosting after looking at your budget also.
3. Your Customer Location- Your customer locations as well as servers locations play very important role, because it will give your user better amazing experience like fast loading, better ranking on search engines.
4. Your Future Plan- As I said on the above if you are starting out then you can choose shared hosting but there is limit of traffic it can handle properly. So your web hosting provider must have different type of services so that you can upgrade without hassle, that is why you also need future plan for this.
5. Security- I remember when first time my website was hacked at that time I was like in dark room for a while, then I talk to my developer he told me to be safe from such incident you need to keep your website backup on daily basis but when I have seen the service provider service I have to pay for it and dear let me tell you HostArmada is providing this service for free, that is why I like this web hosting even recommend you to go for it.
6. Support- Does not matter whether you are just starting or you are experienced you need support from hosting company for better experience or any kind help, so I choose always hosting company which is providing good customer support like HostArmada is providing.

After looking at the all the requirements I must say that HostArmada is one of the good choice for you does not matter in which location you are living in the world even you users location because they are providing multiple server locations in the entire world so that you can  start new business online smoothly.

After looking at all aspects of this company, I am sure this is going to take care of your business for providing online presence so that you can focus on your product. At the end I must tell few words about this hosting company those are reliable, affordable as well as Stable.