As you’ve come up to this article, I am guessing that you belong to content creating industry. If it’s true then you can’t deny the fact that writing or creating content in online business is not a piece of cake. Researching different topics, constructing content could take a lot of time just to write a simple article. It also takes a proper SEO strategy in order to get keywords which can help your website to be ranked on top.

Well, there are many SEO tools available in the market that helps you to survive in the online content marketing field. Here we are going to talk about Frase which is one of the versatile SEO tools out there.

In this Frase review, we will go deeper into every aspect that an ideal SEO tool should have so you can make a fair decision.

Let’s briefly list down the functions that can be done using Frase-

  • Researching SEO Keywords
  • Identifying the best topics for your targeted keywords and getting relevant questions for the same
  • Scanning your existing content and bench-marking it against top ranked websites
  • Getting quick and automatic content summaries
  • Identifying the content gaps

What is Frase?

Frase is an amazing content marketing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence which makes job of a content creator much easier.

Before writing any new article to your site, you firstly need go and Google different topics and questions  asked related to particular topic.

This process may require separate tools one for collecting different questions related to your topic and another one for searching sub-topics for your blog post.

Well, Frase can offer you all in one place which includes two major things:

Content and Answers

Frase identifies the questions related to your particular keywords which your targeted audience is asking. It automatically generates content brief in just a few seconds. In fact, also offers suggestions of the other best topics you should be writing about so that you can further optimize your blog.

Frase can help you with your existing content since Frase can offer you important terms and keyword that are being used by your competitors. To do so, Frase will benchmark your article against top 20 websites related to your topic so that you can identify the missing terms which should be included to rank you higher.

Till here, I hope you have pretty clear idea about

Now lets see the key functions that Frase is offering-

Core Features of

Topic Idea And Question Idea Generation

Generating content topic ideas with Frase is so easy. You can just simply do it in several ways using Frase.

When it comes to researching questions, It can be time consuming. Like you have to go to Quora, enter your keyword and collect the most famous questions by analyzing the search result. This isn’t even a google search which is a whole different level of time sucking process.

Well, Frase will be there to do this tedious task for you. You can search a broad keyword term under “Question Ideas” feature. That will get you a long list of most commonly asked question- related to your chosen keyword.

This is extremely useful feature as it helps you get clear idea about what your audience is searching for.

AI Created Content Brief

As a content marketer, working with a content brief is important. Frase will automatically create your search based content brief in under few seconds.

You’ll get below details in your brief

  1. Top 10 processed sources
  2. Avg. source length
  3. Avg. links per source

Along with the SEO keywords and blog post overview, you’ll also get other details like headings, important subsections and summaries of top search results.

So basically it helps you to analyze your competitor’s post much easier.

Frase Answer Engine

Frase answer engine which is an AI powered chatbot is a feature helps your visitors to get answers and engage with your site in most effective way.This chatbot is user friendly and super easy to install.

 Frase will convert the content of your website into related answers. This tool crawls your whole website and creates a knowledgebase by breaking your site into various sections to answer your visitor’s questions.

Frase’s answer assistant can deliver answers 24/7 so whenever a web user asks a question, he will be quickly replied.

Since your website is re crawled by Frase every week, your visitors will definitely  get genuine and up- to-date answers.

That’s not all.

You can follow your visitors by analyzing important data such as their click through rates and ratings. Even there is live chat option too so that you can chat with your readers directly.

Frase Concept Map

A concept map can easily be generated from a topic chosen using Frase. This concept map feature extracts topic of content from Wikipedia and then connects all related topics together and will provide you a summary of content of Wikipedia.

Although, this feature of concept map may require some exploring before finding a topic to write about. Still this excellent feature comes handy when you’re running out of topics to write on.

Especially if you are good in keyword researching, Frase will help you boost your ranking 100%.

Researching And Creating Content

As mentioned earlier, Frase helps you reducing time that you’ve been spending on content creation by generating you a content brief that has been used by your competitors which is called “Documents” in the Frase.

With the help of Document feature, one can add, remove or modify content very easily. Frase will also help you getting idea about your competitor’s blog since it will briefly analyze their content which includes topic they’ve covered, summary of topic and frequently asked questions in their articles.

There is a tab for browsing statistics related to average link and word count. You can analyze all these from the content of top results.


Content Optimization

Besides saving your valuable research time, another attractive feature of Frase is a content optimization tool that really helps you optimize the existing content of your very easily and smoothly.

As you enter your preferred keyword, Frase will provide you the best suggestions by analyzing your competitor’s content articles. Frase extracts the most used terms being used in their articles and counts the same.

These most used terms which are suggested keywords by Frase is so powerful since Google is already set with their mind with what should be on their first page. If you’re able to optimize these keywords properly, then you can surely defeat your competitors and rank higher.

As you start optimizing your content, you’ll be showed a proprietary scoring system of Frase called “Topic score” where your article is scored against your competitors. Your aim should be to increase your topic score against your competitors. Higher your score, the more chances of you ranking higher. You can add more and more suggested keywords in order to increase your score.

If you’re thinking about the best ways to increase the topic score, Frase is here to provide you below three features.

  1. SERP mentions
  2. Co-Occurences
  3. Related topics

SERP Mentions

As you start writing new content, you may not know the arrangement of some targeted keywords. In this SERP mentions tab, you will get to know about the stuffing of specific keywords by your competitors.

This feature gives you proper idea about how you’re supposed to use specific keyword in such a way that you can defeat your competitors.


Next comes Frase Co-Occurrences feature. This tab will show you other terms which have been added with the specific keyword in the same sentence.

As this feature indicates you that what you’re supposed to do with your article, you can make your content “more relatable” to Google’s eyes.

This is again, one of the powerful key features of Frase.


Related Topics

Under the Related topics tab, Frase will draw all related (similar) topics from Wikipedia knowledge graph.

Although this feature is most likely to help in content optimization, it can also help you researching any specific topics.

Suppose you want to optimize your content for the keyword “how to write article from scratch”, you will need to get more information about it. Here, this feature will provide you with a list that can help you deep researching on specific topic.

Content Curation

Another cool feature of Frase is Content curation. As you create a new document and select Content curation tab, you’re needed to type search terms on search bar. After that it will start showing you content ideas and related questions to your topic.

From this page, you can analyze content of top 10 ranking pages, view the brief summary of each article or can automatically add an overview by clicking on “Add to Document”.

Also, it provides you a platform to write your article here and you can directly export it to other platforms like WordPress, HubSpot and many others. Actually I am going to write about it in the right next key feature of Frase that is Frase integration.

Frase Integration

According to Frase website, Frase provides you integration with WordPress, Google drive, HubSpot COS, HubSpot HRM, MailChimp and Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Integration

GSC is quite interesting. Here, you are able check which one of your articles is ranking for exactly which queries.

Frase will extract the keyword you’re ranking for and then cluster them by topics. According to its positions, clicks and impressions, it is then ranked.

Based on this data information, Frase will recommend you an action to be taken in order to increase organic search traffic. It allows you to create new document, optimize or track a current one.

HubSpot Integration

With HubSpot CRM integration, you can send leading information extracted from answer engine directly to HubSpot.

FAQ Schema Of Frase

You are not required to manually add FAQ schema into your content anymore!

The FAQ schema feature of Frase automatically identifies the questions on your site and inserts JSON-LD snippet into your website page.

You’re just needed to insert a script line into a header of your theme and everything will be done for you. Installing this is quite easy if you know installing Google Analytics.

This schema can be a huge time saver for all the SEOs who used to use manual FAQs generator online.


Media Monitoring With Frase

Like most other monitoring tools, Frase also makes it very easy to analyze any topic on the web and get a brief summery feed of fresh content. It sets up the topics you want to follow. For more specific results, you can apply conditions such as ‘and’/ ‘or’ to topics.

And the best part is this feature lets you apply filters so that you can get much more related articles. In fact you can get rid of noise from unwanted publishers since you can set up your preferred sources.

Finally you can even receive regular email with summarized sources and share the same with your other team members.

Customer Support Of Frase

Although support is not a technical feature of Frase, but it’s worth mentioning in this Frase review. Tommy Rgo- the founder of Frase is pretty active inside the private Facebook group of Frase and tries to respond all the queries, fix bugs quickly. You may get your query resolved within 24 hours.

Sometimes some questions are found to be asked frequently in the Facebook group but the founder never fails to reply politely and patiently.

They also consider your recommendations. Even many have been added as their additional features.

However, the improvement seems to be done on their knowledgebase explaining how to use a tool. Since this SEO tool is not so newbie friendly. Many users are required to ask for help from other group members.

Frase Plans And Pricing

After get to know about the core features of lets jump into the plans and pricing of the tool.

Frase comes with four plans

  1. Basic
  2. Team
  3. Growth
  4. Enterprise










Custom pricing

Document credits

30 documents/mo.

Unlimited documents

Unlimited documents

Unlimited documents

Number of users

1 user

3 user ($25/mo. Extra)

3 user ($25/mo. Extra)

3 user ($25/mo. Extra)

Automated content briefs










Support for 6+ languages





Advance topic scoring





30 days answer analytics





Automated support answers





Live chat handoff





Crawl multiples sites





CDP  integration





The basic and team plans are recommended for the content creators who just want to use Frase for content creation. These plans won’t include ‘answer engine feature’.

The most basic plan starting from $44.99 per month includes unlimited exporting and sharing, single user seat and 30 document credits. Next team plan additionally includes 3 user seats, unlimited documents and custom templates.

Besides this, you can also avail the free trial of this tool where you’re able to create upto 5 documents into your account. Other features included in free demo are single crowling through Google search console, unlimited question research and trial period of 30 days of their answer engine.

You can make payment in either monthly or yearly basis. However, longer term contract will get you some discount on your purchase.

Although their cancellation policy is good. You can cancel your Frase subscription anytime with just a click. 

As I have already mentioned earlier that getting started with can be quite confusing for the newbie. So I thought why not note down the procedure with explanation so that many people can find it useful.

How To Use Frase: Step by Step Guide

Enter the keywords into search bar of Frase

Jumping of point of Frase is quite simple. You’ll have very simple interface presented on your screen that is asking you whether you want to opt for create new content or existing content. For instance, let us create a new content. Lets search “How to write article from scratch” for this example.

After searching this, the column on the right hand side will appear showing top performing articles for your chosen keywords.

“Top result” section shows you top ranked results with average word count, links, headers and images. Right here you can start building an outline for your content. You can hit small icons (h1, h2, links, stats) and paste it on the left to create your outline.

Going to the “Questions” tab will show you most popular articles on your topic.

 These result articles are obviously doing something right. Your job is to get the most out of what they serve and improve your content. Observe what they haven’t included in their content. Do you have another more helpful answer to include? Can you add images to improve your content quality?

Construct the new content

Well Frase can help you with suggestions and keywords but you shouldn’t create your content using what is already there. This won’t help you get your website rank higher. Remember, Frase is a topic and content research tool, designed mainly to cut off countless number of hours in manually researching with the additional facility where you can direct paste texts for rewriting.

Below are some tips while creating your own content

  • Use 100% original content
  • Use any program to ensure that your content is plagiarism free
  • Try to reach highest/second highest word count for your article
  • Try to get topic score of or as close as 100%

Use the optimize feature

This optimize tool will allow you to copy and paste your draft content written in the Frase editor thus you can check what improvements should be done. This way, you can grade your content.

This optimize feature can also be used to improve and edit an already published article.

Below are some tips to try to create a better ranking content.

  • Make sure you write more content on a subject matter
  • Try to build more external links
  • Use search console to improve poor performing pages
  • Try to attach more links to most important pages

Publish from Frase

Lastly, it’s time for you to publish your content. Before that, track your article performance, ranking of keyword using any reliable measuring tool.

Besides the text editor, Frase provides another export function containing various options listed below:

Read only share link: This will export only content brief and users will be prohibited to be able to edit content.

Editable share link: This will export both content brief and my content tab. Also, the research Frase is generated for your query purpose.

Select all and copy: You can select all the content from your document and paste it anywhere like in MS Word, in Google docs etc.

Publish to WordPress: You can directly publish your content to WordPress.

So yeah, this was a short guideline for the people out there facing silly problems while using Frase. Even the newbie can go through this.

In this Frase Review article, we have covered almost all possible aspect of an SEO tool Frase. Now let’s dig deeper into it and have a look at advantages and disadvantages of Frase.

Advantages of Frase:

  • Quite a pocket friendly and feature loaded SEO tool
  • Included many SEO optimization features compared to other tools in the market
  • Saves a lot of time of yours researching and creating the content briefs
  • Frase AI chatbot not only provides you a best way to engage but converts your visitors into potential customers
  • Easily creates topic briefs and lets you share it with outsources members of your team
  • Includes excellent user interface that is user friendly and simple
  • Continuous improvement and addition of new suggested feature by the audience. By the time you reach to this article, there may be new features are added
  • Fantastic friendly customer service from the founder Tommy himself and his team
  • Seems to have a lot of growth potential especially working as keyword research and on-page optimization tool

Disadvantages of Frase

  • Since Frase is pretty new tool, it can cause you bugs sometimes
  • Some features are not that accurate and good enough compared to other tools available out there
  • It would good to have some nice workflow
  • Being a versatile can take you some time to learn
  • Pricing of plans is decent but can be a bit costly if one doesn’t need 30 documents per month
  • There is a lack of training tutorials and materials provided

Having said all of that, let’s come to the summary of this Frase Review Article.

Frase Review Article: Final Thoughts

I hope you have liked this article about Frase Review and got to know some more about this SEO tool Frase.

But should you get your hands on Frase?

Well Frase works wonderful in creating content briefs. It can cut your content creation time of at least 50%. Frase gives you all the important information in one place with a few clicks.

It also works great when it comes to updating your existing content.

So, if you’re content strategist having a team of freelance content writers and wants automated researching, this SEO tool can definitely make your life pretty easier.

Although we have mentioned features here still you can just go through their site, checkout the features you really need and make a fair decision.