Icyads review 2021

About IcyAds-

This ads network is comparatively new to market so that is the reason you need to take care because if something new is coming to market you need to take care of it because it can help you to make huge profit.

So, one thing I wanted to tell you about this article I am going to share with you details review of IcyAds ads network for advertisers point of view.

My main aim is to help you understand better about this ads network so that you can get all knowledge about this ads network, so let me share with you few good facts about this ads network-

  • Different types of new age ads format like pop ads, push notifications, domain redirect and more.
  • Anti fraud protection so free from robot traffic means more ROI.
  • You can target location according to your need
  • Affordable traffic source for you.

IcyAds Advertisers Review-

IcyAds Advertisers Review

There are three important things about advertisers for this platform those are-

Self Serve Platform- You can choose your target, budget according to your convenience

Global Reach- Well, this is the most important factor when it comes to internet advertising, location freedom is very important with proper inventory of traffic, so in this ads platform you will have such platform.

Anti-Fraud Protection- Its simply means you will get 100% human traffic not robot traffic, which is an edge for you. I got lot of information from my fellow business people even I have experienced myself of robot traffic but not in the case of IcyAds.

How to Get Started with IcyAds-

In this section you will get step by step guide to get started with IcyAds popup ads network, you need to click on Signup then you will see form as I have given below screenshot-

Now you need to fill the form and then click on sign up then it will ask you to confirm your email id you will get an email in your inbox just click there to confirm, then you will see option as I have given below screenshot, after full activation of your dashboard as given below-

Now to put ads you need to add ads credit, minimum amount to add ads credit is $50, there are two ways to add money for ads those are Paypal and Credit card.

There are various ways to target your ads on this platform as I have shared with you all the ads format so that you can choose according to your requirement.

How to Setup Campaign Using IcyAds-

Well after creating account with Icyads, you need to click on Campaign to setup, let me share with you step by step guide.

After clicking there you need to click on ADD NEW. Then you need to click on RTB then you will have all the format of ads to choose.

All these formats are very hot in the market now a day, well personally I like native and video ads.

These two ads format are really amazing to get good conversion rate because through these ads you can easily educate your customer and more you will educate people about the product you get will get better conversion rate.

Ads Target- Well, ads target is very important well you want to get customer at particular place or you wanted to target any particular place.

Why You Should Try IcyAds-

Well, there are many pros of this platform like ads format, affordable, target location, inventory.

At least you can give a try.

Pros and Cons of IcyAds Platform-


  • It is having world-wide traffic, anywhere. 
  • $50 minimum ads credit
  • Affordable Traffic
  • You can put different types of ads like Pop Ads Network, domain redirect, push notifications and more.
  • Faster service
  • Very fast and responsive support. 
  • Real Time Stats. 
  • Supports automatic payments. 
  • Category based ad placement.  
  • Mobile Friendly ads, which is the must needed ads format


  • New to market
  • Only two options you have to buy ads credit Paypal & Credit card

Ads Formats on IcyAds Ads Network-

For getting success as an advertisers, one of the best thing is that ad types or ad formats, so in this ads network you will get  all latest ads format with fraud protection which really hurt advertisers when they pay money and get bot traffic.

Here are all ads format you will get-

Pop Ads-

This is a good ads format if your product required mass awareness well one of the great thing about Icyads is that they have very good inventory from all over the world so there is no problem to fulfil your demand.

Why Pop Ads is very hot there are several reasons because of this let me share with you one by one-

  • This ads format can be fit for any type of product, Pro tips for you- don't try to send traffic to sales page directly otherwise getting traffic is not profitable. So solution is that use email marketing that send traffic to squeeze page so that you can collect their e-mail address and then educate them before selling them any product. By implementing these steps following things will be helpful-
    • Increase revenue
    • Number of chance you will have to convert your traffic to customer
    • Less tension for initial conversion
    • You promote your blog post even your videos through e-mail marketing
  • People have to see the ads, if you choose pop ads format for advertisements
  • Good for re-call of the product
Cons- Anything in this world having pros and cons, so in case of pop ads format also people irritate sometimes from pop ads.

Push Notification-

This ads format is comparatively new to market. Few years it does not exist but now it is one of the best source of good quality paid traffic.

So, if you wanted to get dedicated traffic for getting sales or even leads this ads format is really good for getting leads to funnel and which is the best way to get sales of your product.

Domain Redirect-

Well this ads format is not popular but effective, you can give a try. Domain Redirect Traffic is also known as zero-click traffic or parked domain advertising, is an ad format based on redirecting users from parked domains to landing pages promoted by the advertisers.

Coming Soon Ads Format-

iOS Calendar, this is a kind of new ads format which will definitely help you to get good ROI can need to give a try.

Note- Well after working more than 10 years in this field I can tell you one most important thing about internet marketing.

If you are looking for diamond this field then you need to keep trying there only and only one method can help you to get greatest success in this field that is hit and trial method.

You will fail in many cases but definitely you will get success in many trials so never stop taking initiative.

Good Luck for Your Future.

Quick Short Answers and Questions About Popads.Net-

There are hundred of advertisers and publishers asked me, well today I am going to share with you answers of all questions asked about ads network but in this article you will get details about IcyAds-

Are you ready, I am sure you are-

1. What is the Rate of IcyAds for different ads format?
PPC start at 0.0005 for pops, 0.01 for push and 0.001 for Domain redirect

2. Is IcyAds Legit or Scam?
It is a 100% legit network.

3. Is IcyAds a Good Ads Network for Indian Advertisers
Yes, of course it is a good ads network for Indian Advertisers

4. What is the Minimum Deposit of Paypal?
It is $50 for Paypal and Credit Card

5. IcyAds Kya Hai
This question asked my many of my hindi friends, well for them the answer is this is an ads network which enable to show ads on website in this advertisers get customers and publishers means website owner earn money.

6. How is IcyAds Support
Of course they are good in this, because I have experienced an incident so that I had to contact them and I came to know about this from that incidents.

7. How is IcyAds Traffic Quality?
This question is asked by advertisers, yes it is different for different categories most of the marketer I know they promote digital products and they are getting good ROI from this ads network.

8. Total Ads Inventory of IcyAds Worldwide per Month?

10 Billion impressions.

After doing all things means all forms of making money online from ads network to building own affiliate networks and after earning lot of money which can not even imagine in my life.

Because as a mechanical engineering from an average college you can imagine to earn in lakhs per month, but I crossed that target long time ago.

so, using this ads network is good but you need to do research find out something better one and never end searching for better if you want to grow.

Remember dear live your life by growing not by spending.

I am sure, you will like it.

See, there are several questions asked by readers, I know you are also one of them, I have tried to provide answers of all questions, even if you have any question left then don't forget to ask through comment below.

Top 5 Tips Being an Advertiser?
Its been more than half decade I am promoting my products through different ads format from ads network to influencer marketing even I used affiliate marketing for promoting my products.

Well all formats having different benefits so you need to try all and ultimate goal is to achieve your revenue target and having stable income.

So, in this section I am going to share with you top 5 tips from my personal experience so that you can able to utilize internet advertising right way.

1. Hit and Trial Method
Note- Read & Watch Other advertisers result and implement their strategy as test and use your psychology make advertiser tricky for getting more conversion.

2. Platforms to Try
Well I have started with my experience in putting ads on different platform on Facebook in 2015 but today in 2021 I have used for far influencer marketing, YouTube Ads, Quora Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Even Pop Ads format also.

After using almost all type of ads format I realized we never know which ads format will work best for you.

3. Budget for Ads
Budget is most important please take care of it many businesses failed because of shortage of cash. So you need to take care about finance right way.

I will suggest you to test with small budget and then go for bigger budget. Let me tell you how much I have tried first.

I have first tried Facebook ads for driving traffic to my blog, but that is not a good approach to get profit out of it.

But, I am talking about amount it was 100 Rs per day only.

Let me tell you about driving traffic to blog post for only traffic not a good idea there are two ideas I will share with you those I have implemented in my all campaigns first send your traffic to to page where you can get details of the each and every traffic.

Then you can send your traffic to anywhere you want so that you can promote your products in future also.

This is the best way to save money and good conversion rate also.

4. Long Term Plan
Many failed to get real butter of internet world because they are in hurry to get best out of it but believe me there is no such formula exist.

So, what you should do.

You should first build patience level so that you can able to get best out of it slowly learn and implement. See what is working for you and what is not.

And keep doing experiment to get best out it because you will not find out best in book not even on any video tutorials for getting best you need to just implement and starting using your own brain.

And keep doing it for long time then you will understand the main thing is patience, hard work and innovation according to market demand is the way to get success in internet world.

5. Your Effective Network is Your Real Asset
Getting best out of internet marketing- the best way to get it that is through your own network.

It takes time to build your network we there are several ways to build your network, here are the follow ways-
  • Attend conferences in your city as well as outside city
  • Join forum and FB groups and participate don't just joined add value to people life
  • Start your own group on FB or even on WhatsApp or any other platform which you like the most I use mostly now FB & Telegram these two platforms I like according to my niche.
  • Invite big bloggers for interview or even podcast on your YouTube channel this is the best way to build relationship with them.
Note- Putting Ads and getting outcome from this is a never ending process so keep trying and keep using different strategy to get best out of it always.
Thank you
Good Luck