In this article, I am going to review about Vimmy Ads Network, well in this article you will read review of this article publisher point of view, I must say that almost A to Z information you will get.

There are few factors you must see before choosing any ads network for your blog, actually I have been into blogging from last 12 years as of now.

From these many years, I got few crucial points to notice before choosing ads network for your blog or website and after looking at the Vimmy I am sure you can fulfill your requirements from this ads network, there are two best factors about Vimmy one of then is revenue share which is among the highest in the market as of now that is 85% and another is getting payment threshold and ways to get it, well I have discussed about this in details in a separate section.

Ads Format of Vimmy-

Ads format play important role now a day because those days gone when publishers used to make good money from display ads but now a day to make good money you need to have smart ads system and also smart ads format.

In case of Vimmy there are several new generation ads format which will ensure you good earning, in this section of this article I am going to share with you all ads format provided by Vimmy, here are those-

  • Popunder
  • In-page push
  • Calendar push
  • Push notifications 
This ads format giving high CTR and of course advertisers love this type of traffic, win win situation for all, here is the screens shot of it-
In-page Push-
This ads format is really good, well I know for better understanding you need screenshot, so I have shared below-
Calendar Push for iOS-
This ads format is very much new to market, which is great for advertisers as well as publishers, publishers get very good CPC rate and of course customers also see ads when they needed such products with particular time frame, for better understanding I have put the ads format screenshot-

Push Notifications- This ads format is really good for publishers for high CTR rate hence good revenue, so you can also get this ads format in this ads network, for your better understanding again I have put the screenshot below-

How to Get Paid from Vimmy Ads Network-

This is very important section for all the bloggers or publishers whether you are a big publisher or a small publisher, here I am going to share with you answer of couple of questions those usually asked by bloggers to me in last several years before joining any ads network regarding their payout system, so lets get started-

What is the Minimum Amount I can Withdraw?

How Often I can have Option to Withdraw Money?
Every weekly payment, which is really good because most of the ads network offered payment cycle every month, but here you will get option every week and that's really good.

What are Ways to Get Paid?
There are five ways you can get paid Paypal, WebMoney, Payoneer, Paxum and of course Wire Transfer.

Support Team of Vimmy-

Well, support team plays important role in case of any ads network so in case of Vimmy I have tried to figure out their support team through one of their method, I have asked them few tricky questions they have replied with proper answer always yes they have good team of support.

So, you don't need to worry about any problem you will face while using this ads network, here are the ways you can get support-
  • Chat support
  • E-mail support
  • Telegram support

Vimmy Payment Proof and Dashboard-

This section is one of the most important section because in this section I am going to share with you dashboard of Vimmy where you will see income with traffic coming from countries as well as you will also get the payment proof from Vimmy.

So, lets see the Vimmy dashboard first, which is given below in the screenshot-

Now lets see the payment proof of Vimmy-

Advantages for Publishers(Vimmy)-

Well, as a publisher it is quite tough to decide with which ads network you should continue and surely you will make money.

When it comes to Vimmy I must say that this is a good network which is having good intention to help publishers to make good money.

So, here I am going to put all the advantages of Joining Vimmy as publishers-

  • Very good support- which is required, because without support you can not resolve any problem you will face, which is very dynamic in case of Vimmy.
  • Payout- Well, most of the ads network out there they pay on monthly basis even sometimes their threshold even more than $100 which is not good for small publishers especially those make less than $100 in a month. In that case Vimmy is there for you. Threshold is only $50 and weekly payout.
  • Ways to Get Payment- There are five ways you can get paid here are those WebMoney, Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum and of course Wire Transfer.
  • CPM Rate- It is providing highest eCPM rate upto $150, which is just superb, is not it.
  • Revenue Share- Most of the ads network share less than %60 of the revenue but in case of Vimmy it is just above the world that is 85%.
  • Support for Publisher- Ads network do provide supports to advertisers very well but support to publishers is relatively less but in case of Vimmy good support for publishers as well.
  • Ads Optimization- Good ads optimization will ensure maximum revenue of publishers.
I am pretty sure you got so many strong reason to join this ads network right so and why not there are over 5000+ publishers already joined this ads network, here I am going to share steps to Join this ads network-
Step 1- Click Here

Step-2- Fill the required things as given below in the screenshot. After filling the form with proper information click on the Create account. Then you will get email with link to active your account so check your e-mail box and click there on the link.

Step- 3 After clicking on the link it will ask you to put email id and password, just fill the form and then click on Login, then you will see the dashboard.

Click on sites in the publisher section on the left side and now you need to click on Add Site, just click there and put your website. Now you need to verify your website or blog that its yours, for any help you can take from support team as well. 

Happy earning.