A summarizing and article rewriter tool is a well-known technology used by many bloggers and writers to compose unique content fast. However, are these tools really helpful?

As digital technology has grown so fast, blogging through freelancing has become the easiest way to earn passive income online.

This is an easy way to be successful and making money at home, this is the reason that people are getting more interested in blogging.  

But professional blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands your creativity and time to be a successful blogger. People may start it as a profession but could not carry it in long term due to inconsistency. 

You may have observed bloggers on YouTube and social websites that are successful and making thousands of dollars by just representing unique and creative content.

This is not easy to do because to reach the level of success in this field requires extensive knowledge on almost every subject matter. 

The most significant aspect of blogging is creating or writing content. You need to focus on writing something that is impressive, new, and updated so that people love it and you get organic traffic on your blog. 

The second thing that matters a lot is consistency. Your end readers are always attracted to your blog when you are frequently updating blogs especially if you are a beginner at this. Otherwise, people would lose interest and forget about your blog site and you will lose views. 

So, to keep readers engage and active, bloggers need some tips and tricks to keep the workflow going on.

There are hundreds of tools that assist in generating loads of content in no time at all. Among them, summarizing and article rewriting tools come in handy. 

Read on further to know how these tools are helping bloggers in content writing and what are the best options among hundreds of tools out there. 

What is the article rewriter tool and how it works?

The article rewriter tool changes the phrases and paragraphs without changing the original meaning of the text.

When you use the article spinner to alter a sentence, most plagiarism detection software will represent it as a hundred percent unique and quality content.

Article rewriting tools appear to be the greatest alternatives for people who don't have good writing abilities or a lot of time to spend on writing. To create fresh material, all they have to do is copy an existing blog post or article from the internet, paste it in the article rewriter tool and click on the rewriting option, that’s it.

Choose the best rewriting and summarizing tools for blogging 

Being a blogger, it is up to you to choose the most appropriate tool for rewording and summarizing an existing blog post. The important thing to consider while choosing the right tool for blogging is the tool’s specifications. 

Every time a blogger publishes an article or a blog post on his website, they must put up a summary at the end of it. It is mandatory to maintain a proper structure of a post. The use of a text summarizing tool is unquestionably beneficial to all bloggers who wish to produce an effective summary.

Creating a summary requires more than a quick glance on the blog; if you do it incorrectly, you're wasting your time. Any useless and time-consuming bustle may be saved by having an effective summary tool in hand.

As you know that bloggers are often short on time thus summarizing tools come in useful. The best way to write a summary is in your own words.

However, you can utilize a finest summarizing tool utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which guarantees that content is readable and that any contextual mistakes are avoided.

Using the right tool for rewriting/summarizing can make a huge difference between a mediocre essay and a great one. Other aspects to consider are how the tool works, how easy it is to use, and whether or not the end result is satisfactory and human-readable. So, if you're looking for one, these are the best tools for you.

1.      Check-Plagiarism (Rewriting tool)

As the name of the website shows that it is a plagiarism detecting tool but along with that it also offers its users the best article rewriting tool. The tool has an easy-to-use and simple interface that provides users fast results in form of unique articles. 

All you need to do is; 

·       Go to the website: https://www.check-plagiarism.com/article-rewriter

·       Open up the article rewriter tool 

·       copy/paste or upload your text file

·       Click on the rewriting tab. 

On a single click, the tool’s advanced algorithm will change most of the words with their appropriate synonyms and change the sentence structure where necessary. The end results come up to you as unique, new, and readable text. 

The good thing about the tool is that it is absolutely free to use and it does not alter the initial meaning of the text. Moreover, there is an option available for modifications of synonyms according to readability and your expectations. 

For your ease, the tool brings feasibility, you can insert text by uploading files in multiple formats from smartphones as well as PC. 

1.     WordAi (article rewriter)

It is one of the popular rewriting tools online that also works on advanced Artificial Intelligence to make your content look new and unique. The integrated AI technology makes this tool capable to recompose articles sensibly. 

This amazing tool comes up in five unique modes of rewriting so that you can rewrite a text according to the blog’s requirements. Whatever mode you are using, the tool first analyzes the inserted text, comprehends its meaning, and then rephrases it. 

The end result is an attractive, readable, polished, and unique piece of text that looks like written by an experienced blogger. 

The feature that makes this tool stands out among others is because the rewritten text is unparalleled as compared to other rewriting tools. 

The Word Ai rewriting tool is not providing its services for free of cost, however, you may use its 3-day free trial to see if it works for you or not. 

2.     Summarizingtool.net

Summarizingtool.net is one of the best article summarizers that uses some advance algorithms to summarize your text.

It’s completely free without any word limit while it works accurately to find the best sentences out of your original text.

You can either paste your content or upload the document from your device. Once you upload, within seconds, it will summarize it and you can copy the summarized text. 

1.     Editpad.org (summarizing tool)

Summarizing tool by editpad.org is another great option for bloggers that are searching the finest and the most concise summary producing tools. The tool works on advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to shorten your content but still be meaningful. 

The feature that appeals bloggers to use this outstating software is that it does not hurt the text initial meaning while making it concise and brief. You can generate summaries of any article you want for free of cost.

You just upload one single blog; it generates its summarized version as many time as you want that is not only unique but also easy to read and clear.  

The bloggers choose this tool as they can easily make a brief summary of one article that improves the consistency of publishing blog posts on their websites. Furthermore, the tool comes for free, so, you don’t have to worry about investing the dollars in.


This article is meant to help you make an effective decision about choosing the best article rewriting and summary generating tool. Editpad.org summary generating tool is a standout among thousands of others. But if you're still unsure about rewriting tool, go with Check plagiarism.

It's easy to use because of its user-friendly interface and quick results. Also, after rewriting, you can check your blog for plagiarism on the same website. 

You will find this tool a true game-changer, though, is built-in artificial intelligence. To put it bluntly, Check Plagiarism and editpad.org summarizing tool are the best tools available for free.