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Blogger is an awesome platform to start your blogging career there are many professional bloggers even using blogger as a blogging platform, there are many reasons behind of it, I figured out most important reasons, probably you are looking for what are those?

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I know, it is really difficult for anyone who is beginner to create a blog and of course a professional blog with a .com domain name.

That's why I am giving away by offer to create a pro blog for you, you just need to sit back and enoy, Within few days you will get a professional blog means-
  1. You will get a .com domain name cost about 500 RS
  2. A pro blogger template which cost any where about 2000 RS to 5000 RS
  3. You can chat with me regarding problem you will face, if any in future
  4. And of course my e-book which worth RS 249
  5. That's not all you will also able to earn 40% to 80% commission.
I know may be you are thinking how much I am going to charge for this, at least 5000 RS, because I am giving away my five years of experience for you, all right for the ease of people I am giving all these only for 499 RS, yes I am creating a professional blog only for 1499 RS.

Remember my dear its limited time offer only for first 100 people.

Lets continue with the tutorial.

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Here are Those Reasons-
  1. Easy to Use, Almost no Technical Skills Required(Like HTML, CSS Etc)
  2. It's Free with Blogspot Subdomain Like
  3. Option to Get Your Own Domain Name Like .com, .org etc.
  4. Hosting is Free with Google Dedicated Server
  5. Millions Used this Platform Already
I think these reasons are sufficient for any one, I think so, because as a beginner blogger you need to know only about these things, but if you have already started blogging then let me share with you few of best services-
  • Fully SEO Optimized Good Traffic Traffic
  • You Can Change Blogger Template Even Design.
  • Google Adsense Integrated
  • You Can Add Up to 100 Authors for Writing Your Blog
I think these features are awesome for any one for becoming a professional blogger, ultimately I have to say this, you will be inspire to become a professional blogger, because as you will start blogging your blog will start growing.

  • How to Create an Account on

  • After creating your Gmail account just go to given below link and follow all instructions to create your blogger blog with subdomain "Blogspot".
    Personally I believe choosing topic is the 50% of success in blogging, if you are choosing right topic then I know, no one can stop to become a good blogger, I mean making money from blogging.

    Click here to Watch the Video

    Hope you like the video.
    Here almost 95% blogger did mistake, that's why they failed in blogging, here is the tips for you, that's why you will not to be in 95% of them.
    Step by Step Guide to Buy Domain Name from Big Rock, don't worry it's cheap and also awesome service, I used it that's why I am recommending you, easy to even setup your domain name on Bigrock for Blogger blog, which I have provided on my next link-
    After Buying Domain Name Set Up Your Domain Name on Blogger, again step by step guide with screen shots-
    This is Important, no Matter what you are blogging about, don't even write a single blog post before reading the below blog post, otherwise your whole effort is going to be dump-
    Here is the tips for you, to write your first article, if you like my tips then use, other wise let it go, actually there is no necessary rule for it.

    Here is the video on Most Important Basic SEO Tips and Tricks-

    Here, I have shared. what I have learned in my blogging career in almost three years, read this article it will definitely help you.
    Now add one most useful gadget to blogger, which will tremendously increase reputation of your blog, you can see even I am using this gadget for my blog.
    Now it's time to increase Traffic to Your Blog, but remember I have shared in this blog post, what I did to increase traffic to my blog, if you will use in your blog, then these tips will definitely work for you, but don't loose quality of your article, even if you are not able to write a single article per day, take time but put values in your article.
    If you have used all my tactics and tips, then I am sure till now you have learn lots of things in blogging, so here I am going to share with you, how would you take your blog to the text level.
    This is just amazing, what you must do till next six months, here is the another dashing reading for you-

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