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Hello, dear I hope you are doing well today, that's why you have landed on my blog, today I am going to share with you a Propellerads Review 2021, I hope you are going to get real inside information about this ads network, see I did not know whether you are aware about this ads network or not but I do know only one thing that is this ads network can provide you a source of income for your blog that's why you can keep continue blogging and making money from blogging.

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About Propellerads-

If you are not happy from earning of your blog then I will just tell you to give a try who knows your searching end here.

Let me tell you few important things about Propellerads, Because I wanted to share with you real things that's why I am sharing with you this thing, Propellerads is having very good Alexa rank world wide its under 5K and more important this ads network getting more than 7000 back links from individual websites or blog.

Now you can understand the popularity of the ads network.

Propellerads My Own Experience-

I am from India, as since I have started blogging I did have only one great mission that is to find out best things in the internet that's why I can do the best out of it and I can share the best on my blog.

Well its not easy, but not even impossible, because if you will split Impossible itself become I am Possible.

Well, let me share with you my experience from this ads network, well first if you want to create your account then you need few requirements but this ads network does not have such type of conditions, the ads network have simple if you have traffic then you must make money, this is simple right.

And revenue its simply great up to $10 Ecpm- List of top ECPM ad networks for small publishers

How Much Money Really You Can Earn-

Frankly telling its on you.

I mean, its totally depend only on three factors and those are-
  1. Amount of traffic
  2. Traffic quality and 
  3. Location of traffic
Yes, if your blog getting traffic from English speaking countries then probability of get more Ecpm is much more than traffic from non English speaking countries.

I will suggest you to do three things to get more traffic, because these three things help me a lot for getting more traffic to my blog, may be you are waiting for knowing those three things, well without let you wait more I am going to tell you-
If you will put your concentration for long time then I am sure you will become really winner in blogging and most important you will become long time player in this game.

Positive Points of Propellerads for Publishers-

In this section of this blog post, I am going to share with you few positive points about this ads network which will help you to decide whether to join this ads network or not.

As per my concern you must join ads network those are having good reputation like this one, it will help you to find out the best one for your blog traffic.

I hope you are getting me, here are few positive points about this network-
  • Approval is very fast
  • Don't required any minimum traffic like that 
  • Very good ecpm almost $10 and which is good
  • Different ads formats for publishers flexibility
  • Easy integration process
  • Very easy to use this ads network
  • Many ways to get payment like wire transfer, EPayments, Payoneer etc
  • Referral program for earning more by referring friends to join this network

Payment Options of Propeller Ads-

There are always a big question going on publisher mind as a Publisher at least I can understand this because whenever I joined any ads network first I always see how would I get payment and of course minimum balance to withdraw into my account.

Well, that's why I have added this section in this blog post.

Here are payment options you are going to get in this ads network-
  • Wire payments in USD as well as in Euros
  • ePayments
  • Payoneer
  • EPESE and
  • Webmoney Z
Well all above options you will have for withdrawing your earning amount from this ads network, okay that's fine you come to know payments ways, but you must know another thing that is I already stated- minimum balance to withdraw cash-
  • You must have $100 in your account to withdraw cash
I hope you got satisfactory answers for your doubt about this ads network.

How to SignUp for

In know, there are many of you those are not familiar with internet world then don't worry I am here to help you that's why you will rock in blogging world, I am simply one vision behind this blog that no one else will not quit blogging because of many Stupid reasons.

Here, I am going to share with you few steps those will be helpful to Sign Up for this ads network-
1. First you need Click Here to go to official website of Propellerads
2. Now you will see a web page as I have pasted below-
Propellerads Sign Up process, Review
3. Just little scroll down and then filled all required information and then click on Start Done and then your job done.
4. Then you will get e-mail from propellerads team for activation of account and then they will review of your blog or website and then send mail you about the status.
5. If your blog is activated then you can add to blog that's why you will start earning money.

Latest Update of Propeller Ads-

Well, there is no doubt that Propeller ads is working extremely well in this area of ads networking, well I can remember when someone approached me to write about Propeller Ads in my blog, in that time I was not that much sure about the ads network. But later after using this ads network in one of my blog I have seen that this ads networking is really working well and there is no doubt that if someone looking for earning good income from blog by using one of the dynamic ads network then I can tell Propellerads will be one of the smart choice.

Actually, I have a received an e-mail from Propellerads team that they have updated their interstitial ads and see what happen after upgrading it with proof, here are two major thing happened-
  1. Click Through rate has been increased by 35% And this is amazing want to know amazing then read the next point.
  2. Revenue has been increase by 200% and that's really great.
Here, is the screen shot of it for let you know about it graphically-
Upgrade Propellerads, more revenue, proof
I hope you go it and become aware of the benefit of its changes.

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Latest Ads of Propellerads: Its for Advertisers-

See, I don't know who are you?

And what is purpose behind reading this section, but most of the time affiliate marketers read this section, okay I will talk on this topic whether you will invest money on this ad network or not, may be you are thinking about ROI (Return of Investment) after putting money on any campaign in this ad network, actually I got an idea to write this section after seeing ad on my Gmail & I thought why not to share with guys those are looking for information, what I know?

Here is the screen shot of it, that's really pretty cool-

Propellerads review, affiliate marketers traffic source
If you are looking for answers whether this ad network going to give you good ROI or not, then frankly tell you nobody can give you correct answer for this question, but yes I can give you right information which I have learnt from my own experience and whom I follow he is having more than 10 years experience in affiliate marketing, that's why I am telling you.

Okay, I will tell you to test it, I mean first create a campaign with propellerads for small budget and then test it, but don't forget to collect e-mails for building your own list.

And of course the steps you need to follow for building your own list, here are all those steps for you-
  • First get connected with professional e-mail marketing company, when anyone asked me which one to use then I suggest to use Get Response because as per my experience its just too good and still I am using it for promoting affiliate products.
  • Actually, you can try this service for next 30 days and its free- try it now click here
  • And let me share with you my latest campaign performance that's more than average industry performance.
Get Response review, statics of get response
  • I hope now you are on pick situation to understand my conversion rate and its just great.
  • Okay, I know you are new to this world, may be but I got especial offer for you, just sign up through this link Click here and get $30 credit after your first payment including first month free.
  • So, after sign up using above link you need to go to landing page and then you need to click on create, then you need to go further just following instruction, if you need help then let me know I will send you a video on this [Testing e-mail marketing is recommended and its free, of course if you will need help from me then I will be there in each and every steps], this landing page will collect e-mails for you.
  • Why needed? Does not matter any products you are promoting everybody is not going to buy product but yes still they are interested in such category products that's why they subscribed.
  • So, if you will promote same type of offer later then you will get sells and that's why commission but you can only promote them products later if you will collect e-mails and that's possible with e-mail marketing.
  • What do you think? Its Great is not it.
Update- I found there are many those claimed that they are unable to earn money even after seeing 100 views on their blogger account for them I wanted to share a little tips, dear check Google analytics always to know exact figure of visitors stats and most important thing is that try to get traffic to your blog and then think about earning.

Propellerads is an advertising network, may be you have heard about this ads network or not but I will tell you one thing to do join this ads network because no body knows what, where, How we got awesome things.

So, don't let it go this opportunity, just grab it now and enjoy this joy of blogging.

Is there anything else you wanted to know about Propellerads Review?