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Okay, let's talk about the conference in details, so that it will be awesome for all of you those are may be newbies to this kind of conference.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush, seo software
SEMrush is a software as a service company based in Boston that sells online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions. It was founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov as a SEO tool and a browser extension before adopting the SaaS model.

Here are few amazing stats & Features about SEMRush, which is going to Amaze-
  • They have started journey way back in 2008
  • There are about 4000000 marketers are using SEMrush tool worldwide
  • They offer services for PPC, SEO, Content, Social media 
  • Global alexa global rank is 5149
  • They already got lot of awards like Best SEO Software Suite by U.S. Search Awards 2019
  • Few existing customers will amaze you like- eBay, Quora, Booking.com, HP and there are so many other big brands. 

What is SEMrush Marketing Show India Conference Bangalore 2019?

This is one of the most important section of the article, I am sure you are enjoying this article so far and thank for reading this article.

I really appreciate your patience level.

Okay, let me share with you about this one of the Biggest Marketing Show of 2019 in India, the company itself behind this event is helping over 4 million marketers in the world.

That is the best thing about this event, company organizing itself into digital marketing software and other services they are providing in the world, their tools are pretty famous even big companies using their tools.

Here are quick FAQ's with answers about the event?

1. Who is organizing SEMrush conf- Marketing Show India?
Answer- SEMrush is a company, they are organizing this event

2. What is the Location of the SEMrush Marketing Show India?
Answer- Sheraton Grand Bengaluru(Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center)

3. What is the Timing of the Conference and Date
Answer- From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Date- 5th of December 2019

4. How Many Speakers will be There?
Answer- There are lot of Speakers, just keep reading you will them all.

5. I am New to Digital Marketing, Is it Useful?
Answer- Yes, of course you will learn, how they work, what are mistakes may be you are making and there are lot like networking too.

What are Benefits of Attending Digital Marketing Conference?

benefits of attending digital marketing
Well, after going to through the article you have come to know that attending conference always been useful and like SEMrush is good.

Actually, in 2013 I got lot of time to attend conference, but at that time I did not attend conference, I thought I have all things but after attending first YouTube event held in Delhi, I got power, I must say that internal power to do something different I mean than 9 to 5 job, at that time I was doing full time job and part time Digital Marketing.

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Today, I am doing all full time digital marketing, I have all freedom to travel, freedom to work and all thanks to my all supporters and those events, I have attended earlier.

This is the biggest benefits, I got for attending events in the past and even thanks to YouTube, because one of the reason I did not attend conference because pricing issue but YouTube was free and after knowing the benefits I have started investing and attending lot of events, alone in 2018 I have attended more than 30 events in Delhi from India Affiliate Summit, Blogx, SEMrush, EarnigLabs to many others.

And to be frank. I have learnt a lot.

Reality- Does not matter how many conferences you will attend, does not matter where you are travelling speakers are going to share a lot of information but it is you.

After all you are the one, who needs to understand it and implement it with new ideas for getting awesome result.

Because the same concept people are going to implement so getting great result is difficult but if you will put little EXTRA EFFORT while implementing then you are going to get great result as simple as that.

So, moral of the story is that taking action is the key thing to get success in life, may be online or offline.

All teachers said in the class room dear students study daily at home, still there is only one topper in the class why?

Because rest others don't implement it right way, yeah I can understand your feeling, exceptional cases always there.

So, please don't mind, I am giving this example here because I have been teaching since last 8 years, so I have seen very intelligent students even land with a less salary job, but average, laborious and who implements get great success in life.

Hope you get my point.

If you wanted to get single line answer from me then I must say attending conference like Semrush Conference Bangalore (Marketing Show India)one is really good.

I have seen whole list of agenda as well as speakers really happy to be part of this event.

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My Own Experience of Attending Digital Marketing Conference?

I have attended lot of events in the past and even keep attending from 2015 on wards right from marketing to motivational speeches.

Even being a Teacher, Blogger, Youtuber(153,000+ Subscribers- https://www.youtube.com/ujjwalkumarsen)Motivational speaker, I have delivered 10,000's of session till now in last 8 years, yeah I have been in this field since last 8 years, so being part of this kind of events always helpful to learn, to get inspiration, to know something different.

So, lets back to the point, here are key benefits I got after attending those seminars-
  • I got very good connections 
  • I came to know even 12th class guy making lakhs of money per month from digital marketing
  • All people in the events are very calm and helpful in nature
  • Even speakers belong very average education background but they are doing extraordinary and so on.
See, dear I know there are many events held in India related to digital marketing but event like this one only few may be 2 to 3.

So, you got great opportunity join, before pricing will increase you can get your ticket and even I am providing 30% Flat discount on ticket what else you want.

Who are the Speakers in the Conference?

Almost all around field you will get speakers from blogging, affiliate marketing as well as in different other business so it will great to listen to them, their journey as well as their schedule of being successful in the field.
SEMrush speaker in the conference

Even there are many guest speakers so you can get lot of information from them, again in the next section I will share most important things you will get 

What are Most of Important Things you can Do in Digital Marketing Conference?

Get your photo fully charged, take your camera with full charged these things are important.

Now, how to get best out of it, following tips you can follow-
  • Write down what is important for you, it will help you to remember key points to take action later on.
  • Take lots of photos, selfies it will help you to use later
  • Meet lot of people to know what they are doing
  • Interview few people, which you can upload on YouTube for more revenue, more branding.
  • Create introduction video with friends.

How to Register Ticket for SEMrush Conference 2019[30% Discount Inside]

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Types of tickets in the event-
From the above screen shot, you can get the pricing structure right, does not matter which one you want to get, you can save here by registering for the event before 15th November that is the key point.

Well, every ticket having different features and different benefits, according to me people need to get ticket according to requirement as well as budget.

Few Amazing Memory of SEMrush 2018 Event-

SEMrush already conducted lot of events in India earlier, I have attended Gurugram one, you can read and get more information about the event- SEMrush GuruGram Event 2018.

Here is the highlight fact about that event, hope you will live it- So, here you go, actually I traveled there from Delhi and it was a rainy day so face little difficulty to reach there okay I will share couple of photos those I took there but I missed something that wanted to interview few of the speakers there but did not because first I wanted to do something in my new channel well good news for you.

If you are just starting out then really good news for you, actually I am starting a new channel on YouTube after getting success on my education YouTube channel that is crossing over 50,000 subscribers.

Well, I will write another post on that here so here you go I have reached there about 4:50 PM the event supposed to start at 5:00 PM but because of rain it started little late but that's okay.

Yeah its a paid event, ticket for the event was 200 RS but I definitely suggest the organizer to have little higher ticket like 500 RS or even 1000 RS and provide good dinner where I was not happy at all.

Okay lets come back to the speakers, starting from the company spoke person Rohan Ayyar shared some insight information about recent trend.

Okay may be you are getting bored let me share couple of pictures I took there, then I will continue sharing things with you-

List of Speakers in SemRush Gurgaon MeetUp 2018-
There are four speakers starting from Rohan Ayyar.
2. Roshni Dhal
3. Navneet Kaushal
& $4. Kulwant Nagi.

Well, here are couple of things I would like to share there are two speakers those audience like the most those are (Kulwant & Navneet).

Even I have captured amazing scene from Metro Station, hope you will love it, that is provided in the above link.

Hope you have enjoy the article, specially the video at the bottom of the article is awesome is not it.

Here is the coupon code or promo code for getting discount on SEMrush conference ticket 2019-
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Okay, let's talk about the conference in details, so that it will be awesome for all of you those are may be newbies to this kind of conference.

✅May be reading is boring for you, so here is the video for you-

Over to You-
Attending events in your interest and working field, always be helpful to build new networks, to know new things as well as for new fresh dynamic environment.

Hope you will be in the event to do something different, amazing, admirable in life.

Share your thought in the comment section.