Generally I read other blogs every day for getting new things, as I already told you that commenting on other blogs is really beneficial.

How to Give Comment on Blogspot Blog to Get Traffic

From the Same way I come to know how to get two or may be more reputations on Alexa for commenting single blogspot blog.

May be you are thinking how, because as already Alexa mention that they count only one back link for single blog or website no matter how much back links do you have.

Before going to tell you why you can get more than one reputations on Alexa let me show you, I got two reputations from the same blogspot blog.

Here you can see the same blog providing two back links for my blog, can you imagine why is it so!!

Here is the reason for this, blogspot blog redirect to domain name according to respective country domain name just like for Indian .in, for united Kingdom .uk etc.

It's been about one year ago it is happened that blogspot blog are redirecting according to their country url.

I must say it is more beneficial for commenting on blogspot blog to get more reputations on Alexa, here why I am telling you this to do.

Because my dear friend Alexa is the one of the most trusted website for providing data about the website for country wise, even city wise and of course world wide.

People search on Alexa to get the information about the website or blog, so utilize this tips to increase more reputations of your blog.

Don't waste time start commenting on other blogs best of luck, what do you think about this tactic let me know.