Bigrock is an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited web service provider for web hosting, domain name, email marketing, web designing too. In this post I will provide you step by step guide to register a domain name on Bigrock.

There are many benefits of getting domain name, like better ranking on search engines, more sponsored, easy to get approval from advertising networks and many more!

So here are those steps you need to follow to buy a domain name successfully from Bigrock

#1) Go to or [Want extra discount use Coupon Code BRUKS get 10 to 20% discount]

#2) Now you can see the box to search your domain name, for your better understanding I have given also a screen shot, just below-

#3) Now write your own desire domain name, which you want to use in your blog or website, just like I have written below

#4) Now click on .biz, to select domain name like .com, .net, .in, co. in any one or more according to your desire-

#5) As you can see, I have select "Search All", you can also do it for doing it faster than one by one, get it!

Now click on "Go", then you will get redirect to another page, as I have given below screen shot-

#6) Now probably you are seeing your page as I have given above screen shot, but on the right side, you can see cross sign, ok! Now click on cross those domains you don't want to buy then click on "Checkout".

Now you will see the new page as I have given below, here I am choosing

#7) Now click on No Thanks, proceed to checkout, I will recommend you to use Bigrock other services too, but later, first register your domain before some one buy your domain name, now you will see the new page, as I have given below screen shot-

#8) Now I will recommend you to get connect your Facebook account to Bigrock to get 10% discount, I think you want this right, so just click on Facebook or twitter then you will get 10% discount(Here are steps you need to do, to get discount click on Facebook or twitter then a popup menu will open on the same website, now click on connect on Facebook then a new window will open on the same page, now you can see the page is telling you to share information about Bigrock on your Facebook profile, click share that's it)

Now click on Create an account, then you will see new information to fill, as I have given below screen shot-

#9) After filling all options now click on Create an account, then you will see the new page, as I have given below screen shot-

Select your payment method for payment for the domain name.

Congrats, now you have owned a domain name.

Hopefully you did it, if you are having problem then comment below, Thanks

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Why Bigrock is my Recommended Domain Registrar-

It was 2012, I bought my first domain name for my blog and I was feeling too good in that time after buying domain name and till now I have bought more than 50 domain names for my blogs and for my client blogs also. [Things to Know Before Choosing Domain Name]

So, in that time there are was almost no tutorial and in that time I was completely new and I did not know how to step up Domain Name with blogger, so I have contact Bigrock support team and they help me to set it properly and it was great time for me, after seeing my domain name live.

So, this is the main reason I choose Bigrock and other than Bigrock I also use Godaddy to buy domain names, okay I hope after looking at the tutorial you can easily buy domain name for your blog.

Many times people think which domain name is best for their blog?

If you also thinking about it then let me tell you, I will suggest you to get only two type of domain either country level like if your majority traffic will be from India then you can choose .in, otherwise choose .com because it is comparatively easy to remember.