There are many reasons to export your blogger blog, may be you want to merge to blogger blogs or may be you want to keep your blogger blog file for safety purpose or backup you can say this, well lets go to the main tutorial of this blog post.

Well, just go to<Click on Your Blog<Click on Settings(This option you can see on the left side of your blog dashboard<Now Click on "Other"(At the bottom of the all options on settings)<Now you can see three options over there but the second option is "Export your blog".

Click there, then you will see a new small popup, which would have option to "Download Blog", click on Download Blog, now after clicking on Download Blog you can see the blog .XML version will start download, if you are using chrome then you can see the file is downloading on the left side on the bottom.


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I know these steps are not that much easy right, well no problem, that's why I have created all these steps with screen shots, that's why you can do it, even you are using blogger first time.

Ok, lets go the screen shot image, just below dear-

Now hopefully, there would not have any problem to Export your blogger, I hope so, but now even you have any problem then don't hesitate to ask question, I will make it more simple for you.

Happy Blogging on Blogger!