Google Keyword Planner is one of the top most useful tools for bloggers, marketers, SEO specialist, internet entrepreneur as well as for all those wanted to be part of fastest growing business that is based on internet. See, if any body wanted to last for long time in the internet business, I mean for long time business plan you must have knowledge about such type of tool like Google Keyword Planner.

Well, I am not saying this is difficult to use or paid product just like that, but I am saying it is the most useful tool for people those are addicted to internet for business- the real business.

In this blog post, I will share with you details about this tool and an info-graphic on how to use this tool and how you can use it properly for long lasting business.

What is Google Keyword Planner-

Keyword planner was known as Google keywords tool, anybody could used it externally, I mean there was no need for sign in to Google account but couple of months ago, Google make it internal features, but its free, you can easily access to this tool, but you must have Google Adwords account, well you don't need to pay for this, but you need to have Google Account that's it.

Lets come back to the answer of the question, actually this is a tool which will give you an idea about search volume for particular keywords, I mean you will come to know which term searching the most.

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With exact match data!

There are are lots of features Keyword planner is having and all of them are free, well I have discussed all those things below.

How to Search Keywords on Keyword Planner-

Big Question!

If you know how to search keywords then it is very useful, okay I don't want to repeat this step, because I have given full details info-graphic on this.

Everything, from beginning to the download of keyword ideas.

But, here I could like to share with you an idea, which is about search keywords, actually its not about that you will search anything, I will suggest you to search root keywords then you will automatically get Long tail keywords, because it helps me lot for driving traffic to my blog, people searches more on Long tail based keywords.

Difference Between Ad Group Ideas and Keywords Ideas-

Well, you are going to see these two options there after searching keywords on this tool, so what are differences between these two, see if you are looking for advertisements on Google then Ad Group Ideas are needed but if you are looking for keywords which will drive you traffic then go for Keywords Ideas.

In this tool, automatically you will see Ad Group Ideas after searching any keywords but click on Keywords Ideas you will see exact search volume for particular terms.

This is tool generally shows around 800 keyword ideas for keywords search and you can also download them, all those steps you can see on the info-graphic.

Key Features of Keyword Planner-

There are lots of features provided by this tool, I am just listing those ideas-
  • Keywords Ideas- Just Amazing for bloggers, content writer, SEO service providers
  • Ad Group Ideas- Those Wanted to Advertise on Google 
  • Search Volume Trends- You can see how many people are searching from mobile, PC including many other features 
  • Locations- You have option to know search volume according to locations.
  • Date Range- You can select any date range but keywords will search volume on monthly basis s well as daily basis also, by default it is been set one year analysis.
  • Keywords Filter- Use of this feature is extremely useful for advertisers.
  • Keyword Options- There are three things, but most important is broad related keywords you must check it out for better experience of keyword research tool.
  • Include and Exclude- Most of the time this feature used by Advertisers
I hope these features will help you lot to become a better blogger, better marketer and finally you will make more money to enjoy your life.

How to Download All Keyword Ideas From Keyword Planner-

When people new to this tool, they usually open note and then start copy pasting to keep those keywords with them, even I did in the beginning, but think about this the option to download all keywords, yes this tool having this feature.

This tool usually shows search volume about 800 keywords, yes up to 800 keywords that's lot of keyword, but it is true and you can download all those keywords in different different format, here are those format option you have-
  • Segment Statistics by Month- This statistics you will see by search volume on monthly basis
  • Adwords Editor CSV- This is little similar to Excel CSV
  • Excel CSV- Choose this option, if you have install MS Office

Search Volume Trends in Keyword Planner-

There are four options, actually this is a new feature has been introduced by this tool, I liked it and I hope many will like this too.

Well, let me tell you about those four search volume trends, there are four options to see the traffic on the basis of location, device, monthly, volume-
  • Search Volume Trends- Search Volume Trends shows search volume monthly wise, it will  show a statistics with fantastic color.
  • Mobile Trends- This option will help you to know traffic volume comes from mobile.
  • Breakdown by Device- Actually on the info-graphic you will see three sources of traffic those are mobile devices with browsers (around 26%), PC Traffic or desktop traffic (about 60% traffic), Tablets with browsers (about 13% traffic) but this volume of traffic I got for searching "car".
  • Breakdown by Location- This feature will help you to know search volume traffic from different different location.

Know Search Volume For Specific Country, Place in Keyword Planner-

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tool it helps you to know also search volume country wise, multiple countries, place wise (not every place is available but still there are many like New Delhi, Mumbai, New York, London) I mean major cities.

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This is not that much useful for bloggers but of course it is useful for marketers those wanted to do marketing for local people, then advertiser use geo-tagging option for showing ads.

How to Use Date Range for Searching Event Based Keyword-

In general this tool having date range for one year, okay if you want to write evergreen content then it is the perfect date range by default, but if you want to get target traffic for particular month, may be date then you need to use it's Date Range, which allows you to know search volume monthly traffic, even in the search volume trends you can see daily search traffic also.

This feature can help you to know traffic potential will have for the particular keyword, which is just amazing what I think?

An Exclusive Info-Graphic to Use Keywords Planner-

Well, I am going to share with you something amazing, which probably no body share with you in the whole internet world, yes in the whole internet world.

It is an info-graphic for using Google Keywords Planner properly or you can say effectively with step by step definite guide.

Here is the Video Tutorial to Learn About Google Keyword Planner-

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I have spent more than 5 hours for writing this article as well as about 2 hours for the info-ghraphic, I hope it helps you lot.

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