Blogging Vs Day Job
In this article I will tell you some different lifestyle about your life, probably which you are going to miss in your life.

First let me tell you about day job, this is the way in which you can only survive yes this is true, now a days the time is changing.

Only doing job you are not going to enjoy your life, because the cost of every thing is increasing day by day only the thing which is not increasing that is job.

Here come to play blogging, this is my favourite which can make your life more flexible to enjoy, no matter what is your background, you need only patience to become a great money maker blogger.

There are many people change their life from blogging only, still if you don't have a blog then create a blog today for FREE!!- Complete Blogging Guide for Beginners

Still, I have many things to share with you, like if you are doing day job then you have to go to the work place right.

Time waste! Yes this is true! The biggest time waste source is traffic jam!!

In blogging you can do blog from home, park or from any where in the world, you just need internet connection and a laptop or PC or may be tab.

That's it! yes.

Because in blogging we must follow three process those are learn, implementation and share, you don't need to do any thing else.

Is your day job ever can give this much flexibility, never!!!

One more thing this is big, really big, in blogging each day your earning will increase even you can not imagine.

But in day job you will get increment after a particular interval of time.

In blogging you are building a real empire for your family, but in day job only you are giving necessary needed to your family.

At the last I wanna said to you one most important thing, which may be you don't like in your job, many got frustrated too.

You can not do job according to you, because you have been instructed how to do.

In blogging this will never happen because you are the boss, MD, CEO almost everything and anything, it is up to you, what you want?

which life you want:- Tension free more enjoying life or traditional life!

Think about it???

I hope till now, you have enjoy the blog post, but I wanted to update this blog post, that's why I am little bit more to this blog to improve its quality as well as to put more value to this blog post for you, yes for you.

5 Best Points to Consider for Becoming Successful Blogger-

Actually, its not about five points its about lot of points, I mean to become a successful blogger (long time) then you need to learn many more things, even more than chemical elements you have remembered in 10th class.

But, I know you will enjoy this, because money will flow into your pocket slowly.

So, here are those most important points-
  1. Learn SEO Tips and Tricks- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are thousands those are just playing with SEO, I am also one of them, well there is nothing wrong with this, because of this I have learn lot more about SEO, more important I have learn what work and what does not work, see if you want to become a successful blogger for long time then these 5 points are most important and SEO is the top most one, because this is going to open a gate for traffic and absolutely zero cost, but not only SEO is going to open this real gold mine gate for but you also need to know keyword research, for getting more and more traffic keyword research also play important role.
  2. Learn to Become a Good Writer- It all comes to how you will write, I mean people will read your article right, then only driving traffic is not good enough you need to have skills as well as knowledge to keep them on your blog or I can also say that to make them come to your blog again and again, here if you want to improve knowledge then you need to keep experimenting as well as don't forget to read other blogs, for knowing news things just like my blog, see writing skills, its a skills- you cannot get in one day not even one week, you need to keep improving, if you want to be a long time blogger.
  3. Don't Treat Your Blog Readers Like Machine- Many bloggers think, even at the beginning I was also thinking that getting traffic is everything but I was wrong to make more money from blog, you need to keep them on your blog for long, which will not only increase your earning as well as it will also help your blog to improve search engine ranking, because users spend time on the blog is also one of the factor on which Google shows result. Okay may be you are thinking this is theoretical concept, I agree, then what you need to do? nothing you need to first consider yourself reader of you blog and after just publishing and before publishing read the article but don't like as a owner of the blog, but like as a reader of the blog, you will automatically come to know the real gap.
  4. Lets Catch Them for Long Time- Its a technique which almost all top bloggers said that they did this mistake, but they believe bloggers must use this technique, which is e-mail marketing, but I believe social medias also play important role, but you must concentrate one thing at a time, to make is effectively, but more preferable is e-mail marketing.
  5. Don't Waste Time- I still know even analyse every beginner bloggers waste lot of time, but most of the time wasting activity checking blog rank again and again, try to redesign the blog even they don't have any knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript etc, my recommendation is not to involve in such activity, but yes you need to check your blog rank but once in week is good enough and give your rest time to your content, see more time you will spend to write a blog post, people will also spend more and more time on your blog, see always try to write a master piece of content, which is needed. At least I have experienced this, that's why sometimes I update my blog post to maintain as well as improve quality of my blog post.

Blogging Could be Very Good for Part Time Income-

Over time, I have seen many blogs even big companies crash suddenly like Orkut, which was the most popular social network in India as well as in Brazil but its been totally dead, even I used Orkut more than 4 hours a day in 2008 but later everybody moves to Facebook.

Like the same, you don't know what will happen, may be your blog traffic will drop suddenly, of course there would be a reason for this, but even then its your life you can not take risk, so my recommendation is to take it as a part time job, which will help you to live a better life and you can quit your job when you want, but you can not get back your job, when you want.

You have to struggle for this.

Well, if you are earning very good money then you may be quit your job, but take decision very wisely.

How to Leverage Sources of Earning from Blogging-

Many beginner bloggers think that even 99.5% bloggers think that they will write few articles and then they will put ad network code to their blog and they will become rich, but the bitter truth is that almost all of them quit blogging within one of it.

Do you know why?

Because ad network can not make you rich, that's like impossible, yes you can earn good part time income if you are having good traffic on your blog and to get good traffic you have keep writing, its not like that write one blog post and sit back for the traffic this is not going to happen, there are more than thousands those are starting blogging everyday and they have only one dream to become professional blogger, but they don't look at the hard work required for it, I mean you have to put double effort then may be you will become professional blogger.

Okay, in this heading you will learn how you can leverage your income source from blogging, one thing is universal, but many niche bloggers don't do it, just look at John Chow, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse and there are many others.

They don't put ad network code, do you know why?

Because they are most popular and trusted blogger, they are having lot of followers so they many things to leverage their income, but major part of their earning come from-

Which One is My Favorite to Leverage my Earning-
Like all beginner bloggers choose Ad network to earn from blog, even I did the same, I have started a blog [Now this blog does not exist], that blog attract over two million visitors in two years, that one was my first blog.

But, I have earn only few thousand dollars because I was new to it, so only traffic is not going to increase your earning you have to know the way to earn more money.

The same thing I am doing with this blog, I have a simple target in this year that is 2016, in 2016 I will teach more than 100 people to start blogging and I know this number for me is simple.

And it will add another few thousand dollars in few year, may be you are thinking why I am doing this, because I know those are beginner bloggers, or those want to earn part time income or those want to start blog, they need proper guidance and without step by step proper guidance it is really difficult to get success in blogging, so here I am to help you, I have been blogging from last five years and I have seen both sides winning and quitting.

So, if you also want to start blog then you can contact me I will help you 

I hope the article provided you the idea, which one to give more preference?

But, final choice should be yours,  because its yours life, but remember, always remember if you want to do something, then do it but only in the case of study or job, but not in other cases, what will happen if you will not succeed. At least you will not regret later.

But, quitting job for blogging is not a good idea until or unless you are very strong in something or your background is very strong.

Otherwise keep blogging and also doing jobs, but don't mixed both and also don't deal with quality.

And of course have faith, confident as well as believe in GOD.

What you want to do Job or blogging or both?