Top Blog Directories to Submit Blog
There are many websites those provide service to submit your blog on list of directories for free, that's why other bloggers and people can get blog according to their requirement.

In this way blog directories are helping both bloggers as well as people those are hunting information.

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In this article I will share with all directories which are best for you to get visitors and make money online.

Update 2020-
It's been long time I have posted this article and I am really happy to tell you that this article already got over 25,000 views so far.

So, I thought why not to update some amazing information with you so that you can get more benefits from this article.

Below you will get the whole list of blog directories, I am sure you want to submit your blog to these directories to get backlinks, traffic as well as improving your domain authority right.

But, I will tell you about three places, from those platforms you can drive unlimited traffic and rest other things also, which will leads to get better ranking on Google and which equals good branding and revenue also, it will work in long run too.

1. YouTube- This is huge, if you are looking for traffic then YouTube is the biggest platform to drive traffic to your blog as well as to the product page to get sales, let me tell you about my online test series platform, we are selling test series on that platform about 25% traffic on that platform we are getting from YouTube alone.

Steps to use YouTube Effectively- Never promote your product directly on YouTube, promote your product as solution of people problem. Other than these you need to product good quality video, audio as well as video, for best audio quality you need to use mic and there are other several tools required to get success on YouTube, I have over 190,000 subscribers on, I am running several successful YouTube channels so based on my experience I have created a best tools list for teaching online, you must go for it.

2. Quora- This is another amazing platform to drive lot of traffic, if you are just looking for good traffic, I must say that quality traffic then this is the best platform. Just you need to write good articles on the platform and then you need to put link to your blog in this way you will get good traffic. Please maintain continuity of writing articles on Quora. Because it takes time to get success in blogging, but after sometime you will see compounding effect of it.

Steps to use Quora Effectively- Well, till now I got about 50,000 views on my Quora profile, so what you should do? Follow topics related to your niche only, write only related to your blog topics so that you can improve your own branding on that platform too. I have written about 23 articles on the platform means you can understand the potential of this platform. Even I will get 10% traffic to my blog that means I got about 5000 quality traffic and I will be keep getting benefits of it. I am pretty sure you can do much better with it also.

3. Medium- It is also an amazing platform to get good traffic and rest other things also, this platform is also having great potential to make you rich which you can not even imagine, here is the tips for you to write on the platform, please write only related to your niche only. Which is the best way to get best out of it.

Steps to use Medium Effectively- It is little different than Quora and YouTube. So, I will suggest you write good length articles on this platform, always remember while writing articles that people will read it and if they will get help from your article you will get more help out of it and you will keep getting help from it. So, always give enough time to write enough informational article on this platform.

List of 85 Blog Directories to Manually Submit Your Blog-


Benefits of Submitting Blog to Directories-

Well, there is nothing wrong with this, but it will take time but I think if you will submit your blog to specific directories then it would be better to maintain, I mean active in those directories for submitting your awesome blog posts too.

Other than these you must promote your blog post on, Reditt, StumbleUpon like websites.

I can tell you there are many benefits of it but here I am going to share with you few important benefits of submitting blog to directories-
  • Back Links- Well, the number one benefits of it, you are going to get back links from popular website, well almost all directories are popular but few of them extremely popular and few are just popular.
  • More Traffic- More Back Links you have from good reputed websites more authority, traffic, revenue, value you are going to get from your blog.
  • Good Position on Search Results- Well, all come to at the end search engine traffic, because search engine traffic is much better than even paid traffic, see if back link of your blog will increase then reputation of your blog automatically increase, but that's does not mean you will get 1000's of back links in a day (It will look un-natural for search engines, don't do it, if you want to keep blogging because it is dangerous), better take time and increase back links of your blog consistently.
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Remember dear, only getting backlinks to blog is not going to help you for ranking well in search engine results, but yes you need to get high quality back links to your blog, then you will see changes in ranking.

Seeing changes in ranking is easy just you need to know about Google Web master tools, which is very useful for you to know the ranking factors and position of your article on search engine result pages.

And in that way you can help your blog post on rank pretty well in search engine result pages for driving lot of high quality traffic to your blog and which means more commission.

Update 2020 Feb for Blog Directories Issues for Bloggers-

Well, let me tell you why I am updating this blog post?

To share with you couple of things and those are really important for bloggers and I have learnt those things personally in this span of time, one of another most important matter that is hosting so if you are from India then you can choose BlueHost, because I am using their service from years, you can check out discount coupon page- BlueHost India Discount Coupon, well if you are outside India then you can choose IO Zoom hosting service, here you can check 50% Discount on IO Zoom 

Actually; I have written this blog post almost one and half years ago, so in this period I have learnt a lot, so here I am going to tell you those things, those are related to this blog post.

First of all all directories do not work the same, like I have been using which is one of the amazing directory and there are almost all bloggers from India using this directory because they are providing couple of features.

Here are directories I like the most-
  • Really too good for Indian bloggers in terms of building relationships as well as getting traffic from the directory.
  • All Top- This is also a pretty good directory.
  • Recently they made a great change in their directory and that's really pretty awesome for bloggers.
  • On Top List- This is also a cool directory for blog.
  • I am also happy with this blog directory.
I don't mean others are bad those are also good but personally I like all these five blog directories, now let me share with you an amazing blog tips, that's why I am sharing with you probably you did not notice it, actually it is a part of SEO tips, see if you want to get good rank on search engines for particular keywords then you need to follow simple steps-
  • Write Amazing Header Title of the Article
  • Good URL Structure
  • Good content length at least 1500 words in the article for ranking on the top for long time.
  • Be unique so before going to post the article check uniqueness of the article by using Small SEO Tools plagiarism checker, this is a pretty good tool I have been using from last year.
  • After clicking publish button your work starts- do promotion of your blog post- social, mouth to mouth, e-mail marketing and keep doing it.
I hope you go it.

After All Comes to Traffic of a Blog-

I was reading problems of bloggers, most of the bloggers quit blogging because they unable to drive traffic and the reason is simple blogging required lot of things like-
  1. Patience
  2. Writing skills
  3. Creative mind
  4. Research ideas
  5. Knowledge
  6. Relationships with other bloggers
  7. Eager to learn and work for long hours
  8. Don't go for short cut
  9. Be clam and keep going.
Well in the beginning nobody has such things, neither I did have, but yes slowly you can have all these things together if you will enjoy doing it, then even you will not realize after working for more than 12 hours, like the same thing is happening with me & still before going to bed I always plan what next tomorrow?

Well, I will tell you more, because I am doing more.

Okay, lets come back to the point, what about other 28 directories to get back links? Well these are not exactly directories but yes you can able to get very good back links by creating profiles- High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2020 

Submit your blog to these directories for getting better ranking on Search Engines from backlinks, Alexa Ranking, Index Pages etc, ultimately these things will help you to become a popular blogger.

Well, I know it will take time that's why I will recommend you to make a schedule for adding your blog to directory.

Is there any directory which would be helpful for bloggers?