For Search Engine Optimizations, there are great sources to make your blog completely visible for search engines, that's why all pages of your blog will get index on search engines, which will really help you to get massive traffic to blog.

In this article, I will discuss with you, how would you optimize your images for search engines, that's why your blog post images will also drive traffic.
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Here is the great tip for you- first of all I would like to tell you some basic concept, that is, give name of your image of your blog post, as you have given name to your blog post title, but you should do little variation that's why search engines will understand that, it is natural, not any spam!

Now, great tips are for you, use tag, that is alt tag, alt means alternative, may be you are thinking why alt tag, because search engines don't read images but yes search engine crawlers do read alt tags.

Now the question is that, how would you use this tag? I am using blogger platform, it is quiet easy to use in this platform, I am going to show you, exactly how you can do it for your images of your blog.

Let me give you an example of my latest blog post image, that's why you will understand the concept behind this properly.

Actually I have not create an image for this blog post, but I am going to create it now only, then I will start sharing concept behind search engine optimization for images.

Oh I did this, I have created an image for this blog and I have added, you can see on the top of the blog post.

Here is the step by step guide for you to optimize your images of your blog post- First Of all add an image to a blog post in blogspot platform.

Then just make a click on the image then you will see many options, As I can see right now, for your better understanding I have given a screen shot too-
Now, click on there, where the image is telling you to click(click on Properties), then you will see the pop up form, I have given below screen shot too-

Now, add the title of the image, title should be little bit long but alt text should be short, for your better understanding I have also given below example, how I usually optimize my blog post images for getting good massive traffic to my blog through images.

Now, hopefully you got this, now don't forget to optimize your blog post images, if you want to get good massive traffic to your blog.

Don't let it go this opportunity!

One more thing I would like to share with you, use caption(little description of the image or article), this option you can see on the second image of this blog post, just left side of properties(Add caption), don't forget to add even caption of the image, which will also increase the visibility of your blog images for search engines crawlers.

These four things will definitely give you better rank and ultimately you will derive massive traffic to your blog.

Most important thing is that images also drives traffic, you can share your blog post on Pinterest and Weheartit like website for getting more traffic.

For getting traffic, images also play important role, because there are many people, they also search images on search engines, then if you are not optimizing your blog post images, you are missing those eggs(Traffic).

Utilize this information for better traffic, better blogging, better revenue! 

Happy Blogging!!