Feedburner is the big source for any blogger, but most of the beginner bloggers, just don't concentrate on these tools, I don't know why? I think every newbie blogger must sign up for Feedburner, if they really want to keep blogging, because Feedburner is the best way to keep the blog visitor for forever and for free.

Yes it's free.

Unlike the other email marketing service providers, Feedburner do it automatic, once you setup and it will work well for all blogging platform like Blogger, Wordpress etc.

 So, in this blog post I will give you complete idea about Feedburner from basics to advanced level, which even pros don't know and they are not using those features of Feed burner.

So, What Is Exactly Feedburner?

Well Feedburner is launched to manage web feed in 2004, but later in 2007 Google bought Feed burner.

Well for you, these nothing importance, you need to know, what exactly Feed burner do for you for free, well let me explain this fact from ground level.

Actually whenever you will create a new blog post, Feedburner will automatically send the blog post to your subscribers for fee, you can also set timing of sending blog post free.

About Feedburner Guide-

I know this blog post is most important for any blogger, specially those are newbie to blogging, I will strongly recommend every blogger to feedburner for your blog, because there is something big, it will make your blog.

Just use this service and see the traffic coming to your blog, which is guaranteed.