Reciprocal Links
What is Reciprocal Links
Couple of days ago one of my blog reader ask me about it, I knew about reciprocal links but I did not write it, after her comments I got an idea to write this article, It would be helpful for her as well as for my other blog readers. Because there are many likes her those don’t know about reciprocal links or link exchange well it’s another name of link exchange.

Okay then let me tell you about Reciprocal link- actually it is a link exchange between two websites or blog owners for their own benefits, as a blogger may be you want to get link from any other blog then you can send e-mail to that person that you want to do link exchange with his or her blog or website although everybody is not going to agree with this, but there still many those will agree but you need to find out the right blog well, I am going talk more about it in this blog post.

There is an art to write an e-mail for link exchanging, because it is all about way of presentation, way of convince others.

Here is the idea for you-

Hi, Name (Whom you are sending e-mail)
I have visited your blog, after looking at your blog I must say you are putting lots of effort for your blog 

Great Job Dear!

I have similar blog, I have a great proposal for you I have linked to your blog page (Page URL), if you will link one of my page (Your Blog URL or Page to Link You Want) then I would be glad for it.

See, dear if it is not possible then okay, I will not remove it, think about it, if possible!

I know you will do it.

Thanks in advance
Your Name
Your Blog URL

I hope it will help you or you can change it no problem in that, but it will work for you, see everybody is not going to back you link, but definitely many will link back to you, around 40% chances are there.

Now let me tell you few benefits of getting reciprocal links as well as demerits of it- I will give you real approach to it.

Benefits of Getting Reciprocal Links-

There are many benefits of getting reciprocal links like more traffic, better SEO, Buzz in the internet about your blog, better relationship with other bloggers etc. There is no doubt about it that there are benefits of getting links. I hope you all want, because all these needed to make a blog popular more important you can make money from your blog.

Demerits of Getting Reciprocal Links-

See, there is no demerit at all, if you will do it right way, well let me tell you what most probable way can hurt your blog or website because of reciprocal links, if you will get lots of links in very short period of time, if you will get links from adult sites, if you will get links from not related content of your sites, in a single sentence you can say it, links those are unnatural according to Google, then maybe you face penalty from Google which is not good at all for your blog or blogging career, because once your blog will gets penalty then it became quite difficult to get back traffic.

Well, it is possible but why should you face that situation because it is really painful for any blogger, webmaster.

Over to You-
Reciprocal links are good  but make a schedule for it then do it gradually and Google will see this as natural, I think you are getting me.

One more important point- besides this concentrate on your content, it will give more links naturally.

Is there anything else I could help you?