first earning from blogging, first $10 from blogging

I know $10 is nothing, you can not even have a great lunch in USA for $10, but yes in other countries you can have very good lunch in a good hotel, well here I am not to going to explain about lunch cost in USA or in any where in the world, I am here to tell you, how any one can earn $10 from blogging in a little time.

Well, its actually the way to earn money from blogging, once you will come to know how to earn money online then it will becomes easier for you to do the same and earning money again and again from the same method and later you can learn other methods to earn more money online, but first you need to earn first $10 from blogging.

I hope you are having a blog, if you don't have your own blog (Great News ) then I will suggest you to go through my details guide to blogging for beginner's.

That list of blog posts has been read by more than 15000 eager readers and almost all of them get help, which is one of the amazing blog post of my blog.

Well, I want to help more people will read this blog and finally they will also get help this is my mission at least 500 to 1000 new bloggers will be educated from that single blog post of my blog per month, its not a difficult for me, as these days I am seeing there are more than 70 to 80 readers are reading the same blog post that means it is really easy to achievable target for me, even I am achieving, but I want to expand it more to others those are completely new to blogging concept.

But, I am seeing and I got statistics about successful blogger those are making money from their blog, that their are only 60% bloggers even can not earn $1 and they quit blogging, do you know why?

Because, they enable to attract traffic and monetize their blog, it is happening and repeating thousands of times every month because of lack of awareness, first of all now a days people think that they can easily earn money online from blogging, but in real it is not an easy it takes lot of time as well as bloggers need to learn unlimited things over time, I can assume myself there, I took more than 1 year to earn my first $1, well I got my first ever income from Bidvertiser it was $10, here is the payment proof and Bidvertiser Review (I Have Earn More than $260), this blog post has been read by my many bloggers, I want you also to read the blog post as well as leave your comment that's why I can help you too, that's why you can also earn money from this ads network.

Here, I am going to share with you few steps those are going to help you to earn your very first $10 from blogging that is 100% sure, if you will follow my steps then I am sure you can easily earn $10 from blogging, here are those steps to follow for you-

Write List of Blog Posts-

There are lot of problems or I must say misconception that they (top bloggers) can only earn money if they will write articles as other bloggers are writing but in real you can also make money from blogging more important you can easily get traffic to your blog to earn money, if you will write articles those are searching everyday in the internet, you can easily come to know about it from a wonderful tool which is provided by Google, I have written a details blog post regarding it in my blog, here is that blog post- Details Guide to Google Keywords Planner

After deciding niche for your blog, start writing list of blog posts you are going to write in your blog, at least there would be 50 blog posts you are going to write in your blog in first two months.

One more but most important thing that is blog post length as well as time you are spending, the blog post must be in details, I mean you need to cover each and everything about the topic, that's why readers of that blog post will get answers for each and every questions about that topic as simple as that.

And don't forget to add a good quality image, if you are writing about any service provider then you can add screen shot of that website it would be great quality image.

Action Before Hitting Publish Button-

There are some important action you need to take before click on the publish button here are few things, you need to check keyword density of the blog post, total words in the blog post, image optimization for the blog post and most important you need to read the blog post as a reader of the post.

See, don't read your blog as an author rather read your blog post as a reader of the blog, that's why you can correct things, if you found any incorrect things in blog post, may be grammatical mistakes, sentence mistakes, spelling, mistakes.

These mistakes you need to remove from your blog post, if you want your readers will give attention while reading article as well as your readers will like your blog post and they will become full time reader of your blog.

See, only getting traffic from search engines, social media, e-mail marketing is not going to help you at all, if you are not giving time in your content, see I have read and me itself give more than 4 hours to write a blog post, even  now a days I am giving more than 6 hours in a single blog post before getting it live on my blog.

The reason is simple, more time I will give more details, ideal it would be for my blog readers, that's why my blog readers will not feel that there is something missing.

Dear, if you want to become a famous blogger more important, if you want you will make money from blogging then you need to work on it, otherwise you know what will happen?

You have to quit blogging and seriously I don't want that, at least my blog readers must not quit blogging, quitting blogging means missing a great option in the world to earn money.

Action After Hitting Publish Button-

Just after hitting publish button of the blog posts, you need to make the blog post to reach to the right audience that's why they will read the blog post and then you will get feedback, comments, likes, shares on social media also, which will help you to get more back links to your blog posts and what not?

Then what you have to do?

To make it happen for your blog posts, you need to promote your blog posts, here are my favorite place to promote blog posts- Facebook, Twitter,, StumbleUpon, Reddit.

Alone each of these social media having lot of traffic potential to Make you loving it, because you can get lot of traffic from these medias.

I mean, you need to spend at least 1 hour for promoting each and every blog posts, if you can do it, then I am sure you will get very good result from blogging and even your single may be your first blog posts you can make you first $10.

This is my mission behind writing this blog posts, that's why you can make your first $10 quite easily.

Monetize Your Blog Posts-

I have written a full length complete details blog posts for monetize your blog right way that's why any one can make maximum earning from his blog or her blog.

I recommend only three ads network those were just amazing for me, I am really happy from these three ads network, I would recommend to any one to use these three networks here are those-
1. Bidvertiser- I Earn My First $10 (My Total Earning More Than $260)
2. Chitika - Its really a awesome ads network
3. Infolinks- My Total Earning More Than $100 in a short period of time

Other than these, if you want to monetize your blog right way then you must read the blog post, here is the link- Monetize Your Blog

I hope the blog post is going to help you to let you earn more from your blog, if you want more help for monetizing your blog then let me know?

How to Be a Leader in Your Niche-

Becoming leader in your own niche is not an easy task but yes you can do it quite easily if you will focus, observe, invest time, motivated, concentrated and keep going.

Then becoming leader is not a difficult task itself, but again it takes time to build trust of people and again it takes very less time to loose task to don't do anything that's why you will loose task of people, which is not good for a professional blogging life.

Here are few amazing steps to follow to become leader for tomorrow-
1. Passion to Help Others- Have one thing always in your mind, no matter what will happen you must need to help others without loosing any BIG thing from your side.
2. Be Kind and Helpful- Many bloggers and even it happens with anyone, they just don't want to reply their readers query may be message on Facebook, an E-mail and may be comments, but I will suggest you try to reply them as soon as possible that's why they will be happy and worth of reading your blog as well as contacting you directly.
3. Money Should be Secondary- I was reading one of the famous blogger blog, his name is Pat Flynn blog, in a blog post he told that he did not get a sponsored ads on his podcast because he does not want his pod cast listener will get bother from that ads, so always give priority to your readers, the reason is simple, if your readers will be happy then you can earn money anytime as simple as that concept.
4. Believe in Quality- Quality always win in business and blogging is a perfect business, because its a online business once you will become famous you can print money but don't loose your popularity rather keep your popularity keep increasing, that can only possible if you will maintain quality. 

First earning from blogging is an amazing moment for any newbie bloggers because earning money from internet is like dream for any one, even 50% of internet user's don't know how internet market is making money even lot of money.

Just look at company like Flipkart, SnapDeal, ShopClues, Amazon, Paytm and there are many those are making lot of money online because they are making easier for us to do shopping, so for you if you can make easier for people to get information online then it would be easier to earn money online, what exactly I am doing and I am happy to say I am making money online.

Is there anything you would like to know about blogging?